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So I did go for dinner with that Lawyer last Thursday and surprise, surprise was thoroughly disappointed. Things looked promising, nice house, nice wine, and a reservation at an actually decent and very expensive restaurant.

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I thought for sure if I played my cards right I would be able to turn this guy into a legit SD. That was until I actually met him for dinner. He was somewhat boring and one of those guys who thinks that young women actually want to be seen with him and sleep with him based on his personality alone.

Or at the very least they should want to do those things for free. I wanted to keep my wits about me.

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At this point I was annoyed. He then started to get too touchy for my liking. He kept trying to grab my hand despite me obviously pulling it away several times. Then he moved to touching my knee and trying to travel his hands up my skirt.


He then started asking if I was coming home with him. I politely declined and said I had other plans and thanked him for dinner and tried to expedite the process of getting the check and leaving. When we did get the check and he paid and we were getting up to leave, he kept trying to grab my ass very obviously as we walked out which was completely embarrassing. Another one bites the dust.

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I was just kind of grossed out by his behaviour, there was no obvious connection and yet he kept pushing for one simply because he thought I would just give in and sleep with him. It also creeps me out when guys, whether pots or vanilla, try to get you drunk in a pretty obvious manner. Just so every SD knows, Sugar Babies are constantly thinking one step ahead of you, sometimes more.

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My moves are calculated and planned so if you want to best me you should probably think like ten steps ahead of me. The whole night was thoroughly exhausting and I was happy to get home, take my heels off and actually enjoy a glass of wine lying on my bed with my cat, completely alone and with no entitled older douche bag pawing at me. I hope everyone is doing well! Scams are everywhere but it seems like they hit sugar dating sites the most.

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Scammers recognize that money exchanges hands frequently which makes these sites a target for scams. There are also girls who sign up for sugar dating sites that are in desperate need. They need cash and quick.

They become vulnerable to scams and start to believe anything. Can you have sex without getting in your feelings? Being able to have a successful and healthy friends and benefit situation is it possible? You can also submit your idea to me.

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This review will be as objective as I can but will also based on my personal feelings. I wanna start sugaring so I was wondering if you could give a low down on all terms like POT and what to expect? One way to find out more about a sugar daddy is by doing a username search.