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Let us take the confusion, frustration and overwhelm out of the dating process. The relationship of your dreams is closer than you think And although I had a great job, amazing friends and I had just purchased my first home, something was missing. That is when Traci came into my life. I trusted Traci with my love life because she is passionate about what she does and she genuinely cares about the people she works with.

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First, Traci got to know me and find out what I was all about. Next, she set out to find my perfect match… He is amazing and my life changed two years ago when Traci introduced me to him. A matchmaker, dating and relationship coach, entrepreneur, and eternal optimist dedicated to helping you find the love of your life! YOU landed here for a reason. Are you are sick and tired of the dating scene?

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Are you constantly experiencing frustration in finding quality, like-minded people to date? Are you lacking the time needed to search through endless online profiles and find that rare person who piques your interest?

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And, teach women how to do that. So getting into just one specific area of how guys are different than women, are how they think about dates. Guys go into dates, think about dates differently, and what they are thinking ON the date is usually quite different than what women are thinking too! Boys will be boys. You must know that guys are attracted physically first, and you must make a guy feel sexually attracted to you, right from the first moment he sees you.

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Aside from a feeling of sexual attraction to you, they are either feeling GOOD in your presence, or not good or neutral. They are either having FUN with you, and feeling comfortable with you, and genuinely enjoying being with you and talking to you…. Or they are feeling bored or uncomfortable. Or has the date been difficult — difficult to get engaging conversations going, difficult for you to warm up to him, etc. Most girls do not realize this, and they mistakenly believe that the guy will take the time to get to know her, and give her a few dates, and see if she has the potential and qualities to be long-term girlfriend material.

They are just pulled to keep seeing her based on their feelings. Or, not, if neutral or negative feelings were created. Remember that now, even more so than before, there is so much competition now, unfortunately for us women.

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Because of new advances like Tinder and online dating sites, guys have so many options now, and you can bet that any guy you are talking to, is probably also talking to two or three other girls at the moment too. If a guy is feeling it with a girl and attracted to her, he will be contacting her within 3 days of the date, max!

And he will want to see her again as soon as possible. I am so thri lled and honored that my friends over at DatingAdvice. What a great feature they wrote that goes in-depth into my unique methods of coaching and how I got into this work years ago.

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Check out the full article here , and feel free to share it with your friends! But the show, as silly and dramatic as it can be sometimes, does help to illuminate some very real patterns, issues and challenges that pop up for people when they are dating and entering relationships. The fact that the show is so fast-paced and intense magnifies the sub-conscious issues that lie beneath the surface of so many single people that keep them sabotaging their relationships.

Sorry to be the bearer of the brutally honest truth, but its true… For a number of both emotional and logical reasons, they are: