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The plane's engines provide thrust and electrical power while in flight, but all passenger planes have a small jet engine which generates electricity when the plane is parked -- an Auxiliary Power Unit, or APU. The APU is in the tail cone, and the pilots start it up to feed power to the plane's systems.

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But an APU uses costly fuel from the jet's tanks, so many airports provide a ground power system, or there's a generator cart parked at the gate. Once the plane's access panel is opened and the connection is made with a heavy-duty cable and plug, the source of power is switched, and the engines are shut down.

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The APU also energizes the plane's climate control systems, hopefully keeping the cabin at a nice temperature while parked. Like ground power, some airports provide conditioned air through large-diameter flexible ducts that plug into a port on the belly of the plane. Or you might see a truck-mounted unit doing the job, with a duct snaking to the plane. Large, wide-body aircraft need two air connections to keep the cabin comfortable.

The passengers inside the plane have jumped up, and they're waiting impatiently in the aisle to get off -- right now. If the gate is equipped, a passenger boarding bridge is positioned by the forward left-side doors. Otherwise, truck- or cart-mounted stairs roll up, and passengers experience the excitement of walking down the stairs and onto the ramp, being able to look back at their aircraft.

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Smaller regional jets and turboprops sit close to the ground, and have stairs built into the inside of the plane's doors, with just a couple of steps to the ramp. Pods filled with passengers' bags are handled by a purpose-built machine. On the right side of the plane, the ramp team has swung into action. After opening the doors to the baggage and cargo holds, a belt-loader or a pod-loader is positioned, depending on the aircraft.

The rampie inside the belly of a single-aisle plane places each piece of luggage onto the belt, and their partner takes it off the belt and puts it into a baggage cart. The carts head to the baggage room, and the luggage is dropped onto a conveyor, hopefully showing up on a carousel soon after you've arrived. Wide-body planes carrying hundreds of passengers needed an efficient way of handling luggage and cargo, so baggage and cargo pods were developed back when jumbo jets first appeared. Pods are filled with passengers' bags, and handled by a purpose-built machine.

One rampie can operate it, and make the pods dance on the loader's platform or in a plane's holds by activating powered wheels. Catering trucks join the crowd outside the plane's fuselage. Rising on a scissor lift, the truck's box matches the height of the plane's galley doors.

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The catering crew replaces used galley carts with newly stocked ones, each cart coded for a specific location in the galleys. To service the double-deck Airbus A mega-jet, catering trucks reach way up, to the upper galley doors. Perhaps it's not the most desirable ramp job, but somebody's got to empty the plane's lavatory holding tanks, and refill the fresh water system. Just like a recreational vehicle, this doesn't happen during every stop. Rampies position a truck- or cart-mounted tank and pump unit, and connect hoses to do the work. With viral fame constantly on the line, it doesn't take much for someone to take their phone out to document the intimate details of someone else's personal life — even if that person is a complete stranger.

Exciting update in mystery couple’s mid-air love story

Especially when an entire genre of internet content has emerged around the practice of mining the dramatic stories of others to rack up internet points social media engagement, blog post clicks, video views, etc. The first instance of this sort of widely-lauded breach of public trust might have been this breakup of a New York couple on a rooftop documented by their neighbor, a comedian , and then aggregated by BuzzFeed.

More recently, the internet — including Digg!

The wild stories about people interacting with one another in both ordinary and unusual ways can be some of the most fun and rewarding parts of the internet. And that's especially true when the subjects are involved in the tellings of their own stories, like that time two University of Wisconsin-Madison students found out they have mutual crushes on each other over Snapchat, and their love story played out for the entire campus and internet to see.

But with a third party in the driver's seat and the protagonists unknowingly being brought along for a ride with potentially millions of spectators, things cross into an ethical gray area. Especially when some of the content can dip into murky territory like this:.

Add in the fact that Rosey Blair had sizable Instagram and Twitter audiences before a single snap of the planebae saga went live, and suddenly things seem about as cute as "The Truman Show. Was Blair wrong to post about a cute couple she saw and maybe even accidentally helped set up on an airplane? Was she wrong to post photos of various parts of their bodies 2 without their consent?

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All of a sudden the entire story looks like a lapse in responsibility. Two people were lucky enough to get paired with a seatmate they got along with on a long flight. Hopefully, if they choose to maintain any sort of relationship or publicly clarify the one they already have, they can do so on their own terms. Jul 6 , 8: Please continue to respect my privacy, and my desire to remain anonymous. Here's the post that kicked off her thread, which has since gone mega-viral: Prolonged exposure to the New Yorker writer's anti-Trump "satire" might turn you into a Republican.

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