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  • Things I Should’ve Said About Interracial Dating.

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A majority of the individuals who had this perspective believed that this was the norm within interracial relationships because black men date white women with features that are commonly seen on black women, most black men do not feel that they could date a black women because of their temperament, and because of the popular trends and the structure of our society. Black men are most commonly seen in relationships with white women because of the popular trends in the media that centers toward a more negative view of black female features and traits but are found attractive on a white woman.

The discussion also went on to talk about how culture and socioeconomics had to do with interracial relationships. Culture and perspective plays a huge role in this because different places may value or see these mixed race relationships as a good thing, while other places may disapprove of mixing races and not dating within the same race.

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  • Things I Should’ve Said About Interracial Dating?
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