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Whether it's the cheerful, bouncy music of summer, or the serious tunes of battle, the music is definitely all good here. Being a Konami game, naturally it is fully voice acted, and voice acted brilliantly.

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Every character sounds distinct and you get a 'feel' of them immediately even if you don't understand much Japanese. From Joan's bastard laugh to Sophia's sweet voice, you shouldn't have much difficulty in finding your favourite girl. Your three years in Dolphan are split into weeks, where you have to plan a schedule on what you wish to do for each week. You can choose to build your stats like Intelligence or Charm, and eventually take on parttime jobs to build multiple stats.

And on weekends, you can go on a date with any girl you already know or choose to visit the church Mitsumete Knight's equivalent to Tokimeki's Yoshio to check on how much progress you're making with the girls. Periodically, you would be called upon to fight, be it to defend Dolphan or to fight a bear that has run amok. It is during these fights where your stats will really count.

While fights to defend Dolphan initially start off with a very rock-scissors-paper styled battalion fight, the main meat of all your fights are one-on-one duels. The better your stats, the better you fight and if you've been diligant, you'd even have a special move.

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If you still can't tell, I really like the gameplay. The dating bits are simple but involving with the usual one question that will determine the quality of the outcome, and the RPG styled battles add alot of story and keep you on your toes as well. Aside from being able to win with other girls and completing their picture galleries, they're also mini games to unlock. From simple games like 'Blackjack' to even a full fledged puzzle game aptly called Puzzle de Knight , to even a secret shop you can unlock to help give you an advantage the next time you play, Mitsumete Knight has alot of substance.

Even in a genre that has not received much credit or exposure outside of Japan, Mitsumete Knight is a relatively neglected and unknown game, constantly overshadowed by Tokimeki Memorial, which baffles me constantly.

Mitsumete Knight is an awesome game with a good story, decent graphics, wonderful soundtrack and some of the most beautiful character developments you may ever see. Many a times, I ended up really feeling for the girls I'd won with, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I can really love them too if they were real.

If you love a nice love story, but also want more adventure than the average Dating Sim, do not miss out on Mitsumete Knight. Submit a review and let your voice be heard. Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Login to Your Account. Results 1 to 12 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version.

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Well, anyone has this kind of games in where you try to fall in love a girl in japanese words? Can you help me? Thousand Arms I think Thousand Arms is similar to this, although i think it also has a pretty cool story to boot..

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It's pretty well-known, well-created dating sims. Lived since 17th November !! We need to pass the torch And let our children read our messy and sad historys by its light We have all magic of the digital age to do that with Building the future and keeping the past alive are one and the same thing.

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I think I have a couple uncommon ones, but can anybody actually read Japanese? If yes then I have a price to upload, one of them doesn't have English title. Which I'd need to upload it.

A Dating Sim [1] Let's Play Sentimental Graffiti [Gameplay]

I can scan a cover if anyone is game to translate.