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Basic game knowledge, that's where he's getting it from. Lots of juggling in french text, sometimes translator in trouble with that. If you do not understand what I write, tell me. Community Forum Software by IP.

Search Advanced Search section: I won't be recommending the purchase of this tank any longer Rarefication 3 Posted 16 January - Mine seems to be working fine. Play it on Xbox Sparrowhawk 6 Posted 16 January - Same as the others, I had some great games in it earlier today AKA, being played soo much that the weaknesses are well known. MaxChaos24 9 Posted 16 January - Da ku ichi 10 Posted 16 January - What about it feels different? Maybe you are not playing it right?

Maybe the reds finally figured out how to beat it since many have owned it and know how to utilize its weaknesses. LevelStream18 15 Posted 16 January - WG does not nerf tanks without us being notified in patch notes. Also, they don't nerf premiums. I think it is just bad luck on your part tonight with RNG. Another possibility is powercreep; new tanks have been added and old ones have been buffed, meaning that unchanged tanks can feel less powerful after several years of being in the game despite never receiving changes.

But there have been no nerfs to the Churchill 3 at all, either recently or in the past.

Weak points of Churchill III

And as for the statement " RNG added against it to bounce and miss way more often than normal," the idea that some tanks get better or worse RNG than others or that WG messes with a tank's RNG is merely a forum myth and is not at all true. Nerfing without being added to patch notes SightlessRogue0 18 Posted 16 January - It can be the avalanche of light in games that causes you problem.

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  • WOTINFO - Weak points of Churchill III.

Since the last update many tanks have become downright obsolete because of that. The fact that other forum member found it unchanged by having played it today and yesterday makes me lean towards this conclusion because of the tank bowl which makes the light are a little less played now but it's temporary, the problem will come back. Seriously though, the Church III isn't perfect.

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Its turret front is relatively thin, and it is pretty slow, and it only has 6 degrees of gun depression. You'll still die if you try to YOLO into half the enemy team, or if you try to solo a KV, but that is true of any tier 5. Community Forum Software by IP. Search Advanced Search section: Why is the Churchill III so trash?

Started by michaeItsoon , May 18 - Wait, trash is an adjective now?

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FrozenKemp 3 Posted May 18 - It must be trash! TommyBuns 5 Posted May 18 - Knagar 6 Posted May 18 - I love mine, one of the few low tiers I'll play for fun. Flarvin 8 Posted May 18 - I find the Churchill III quite capable.