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What to Expect when Dating a Korean Guy

Between differences in Korean dating culture and Korean social norms from those of other cultures, there are definitely some things you need to be aware of to ensure your success. Of course, all men are different, and while these tips will help you with a majority of the Korean gentlemen you meet abroad, make sure you use your gut, too. You know your situation better than we do! Dating culture in Korea is a little bit different than many other countries when it comes to the early stages of dating. There is no stigma against approaching a cute guy and making the first move.

Most Korean guys are big fans of constant communication via text message and instant messaging apps on their smart phones. Unlike dating cultures where there is a stigma against texting a romantic interest too soon for fear of seeming too interested or clingy, the norm in Korea is to be updating your significant other as often as possible. So, the day we met, he treated me so well and pay all the bills I wanna pay some because he came from korea to my country just to see me but he refused.

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Then, he said he liked me and wanted to have relationship with me. It was a bit overwhelming to me too at first, but it was also kind of refreshing for me to know exactly where I stood in our relationship.

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  5. I hope this helped! I have met a Korean through a language app and we have been taking few week now , he all ready said that he loves me but we have never met , he is planning to come in December to UK. I was really surprised by that and I dont think is a bad thing.. I wish you luck when you two meet! I feel happy about it though coz i do love him so much. Two months does seem a bit early to talk about marriage, but I think he wants to feel connected to you in your-long distance relationship. The right guy will understand!

    Dating South Korean Men Showed Me I Have to Be Free…from Myself.

    Please may i have an answer: Do u think he wants a serious relationship? And should i confess my feelings to him btw he left korea after the age of 15 and lived abroad in different countries for 11years Thks for answer. Your email address will not be published.

    But the same guys would get angry when their own girlfriends tried to drink more than one can of beer. They wanted to date a girl who was smart and independent enough to handle her own life, but also dependent enough to respect their choices, rely on them to make decisions, and get advice from them when faced with difficulties.

    You can see this contradictory expectation in female heroines of many K-dramas.

    2. You can’t hold your liquor.

    She should be resilient but needs to be rescued when hardship arises. I thought it more a fantasy of men who craved unequal power relations with their girlfriends than a reality.

    Dating South Korean Men Showed Me I Have to Be Freefrom Myself. | KOREA EXPOSÉ

    As a young woman, I kept wondering about how I should act, and how much of myself I should show men. In struggling, I sometimes found myself trying to do naesung and aegyo.

    Aegyo and naesung are two modes of behavior young women are expected to engage in when dealing with men. Naesung on the other hand is acting coy, not being outright honest. Both terms are rarely used to prescribe how men should behave. Then in my late 20s, I met someone. He was in finance, in his first job after college. I had already been working for several years by then. We dated over a year. For a long time, he never commented on my social gatherings or asked me to see him as my sole source of emotional support.

    He gave me space — and he gave himself space.

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    He was considerate, and accepting. Then a miracle happened. I found myself voluntarily doing the so-called girlish actions, especially aegyo.