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Nigeria women in London cry themselves to sleep every night as no Man white or black want them, go to all the internet dating site in England and you will see Nigeria Black women putting her shameless profile there as SINGLE and searching, other countries Black women like South Africa, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Angola, Congo, Togo, Sudan and even Somali ladies have been able to hook guys and get married. Nigeria Black women and her evil reputation are shameless and are now known the world over, nobody want them and ever one avoid them, Nigeria men now get married to British, Spanish, Dutch, German, French, Portuguese, Americana, Ghana, Zimbabwe, South Africa and other countries women, Nigeria black women is money conscious, most are unfaithful, steals, bad parents, family problem, greedy, stingy, unholy, lies, Voodoo, Witchcraft and lots more.

Am so sorry but this is the sad, sad truth of the situation of most Nigeria women in London, We Black Nigeria Brother need to do something fast as this disease is now in other countries like Italy, France, Germany, Spain, America, Austria, and even back home in Nigeria our men now avoide our Black women and marry foreign women.

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Because sorry arse Nigerian men go to the Uk and even America, and change up on them. That is why they are single. You guys act like being with us foreign girls is something special but fail to realize we are no different.

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I hate with a passion when men blame women for their own flaws. If Nigerian women are so bad why are the Men returning home to marry them? You are lucky you have been able to hook a Nigeria man we the Best , you know you fellow America nigger Brother wont give a hopot about you, as all he cares about is getting all the pavement fellow black girls pregnant, you thanks your starts you hook a Nigeria man,ok. So Nigerian men won't get a chick pregnant and leave her?

I see the suckers ain't answering my last question concerning the marriage aboard and returning home to marry a Nigerian sister. Mobo This certainly cracked me up, This same attitude of Nigerian women over here is certainly troubling the UK Government!!

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Just about days ago into last year, A Nigerian Lady broke bottle on the head of a nigerian man for asking her out in a pub, Never has that in the history been heard of a lady breaking BOTTLE on a man's head xcept she's 9gerian!! You still haven't answered my question. Nigerian men can he man whores just as quick as A. Don't play your ignorant self. And who said I was with a Nigerian anyway? How do you know my man isn't Cameroonian, Liberian or Salone? That's all you needed to say instead of trying to justify it with your rubbish.

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Nigerian women haven't lost a thing! Well for your information that bad habit stopped for like 5 to 6 years ago, No Nigeria male do that anymore, you have to do your research well, and were are you based, hope not in Greece or Bulgaria, you write like a tired lady. I have stated that although values are different that does not negate the fact that men can be whorish and trifling regardless if they are AA or African.

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Angrily, the Ibadan lady searched my friend on Facebook and contacted her via her Facebook inbox, she sent pictures of their marriage certificate and others to her, asking her why she chose her husband of all men to pull her stunt. My friends family out of confusion travelled to Ibadan Local govt. The fraudster then stopped communicating with the Ibadan lady just to justify his false claim to my friend and her family.

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The Ibadan lady and my friend then got to know from research that the guy is involved in duping Nigerian single ladies for money, they found out he had done same to two 2 other ladies in the past. The fraudsters family are currently wondering why and how the guy got involved in such disgraceful act. When he got my friend engaged in January, he lied to my friend that he travelled to Nigeria with only his card loaded with money but his card got stuck in an ATM when he arrived Nigeria, he told my friend to borrow him k that he would send the money back to her once he gets back to London, which she did gullibly.

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The fraudster denied the marriage allegations till the day my friend said it was over, he begged her but of cos she had to get herself out of the drama. The fraudster kept begging my friend until the day she asked for her money, he then blocked her from reaching him. The Ibadan woman is about divorcing him and also wants the fraudster called out.

Attached are pictures of the guy, marriage certificate and other relevant pictures from the Ibadan lady. We want the guy exposed so that the world would know.

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And please call him out to pay his k loan debt to my friend. Hmmm Na wa oooo. The girl said because of his family