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Spiritual Awakening in St. North Florida Glass Art Meetup. Saint Augustine Members. Palm Coast Ukulele 15 Members. Fireflies Dance and more Performance Group. Fireflies Dance and more Performance Group 21 Members. Kayak St Augustine 51 Yakers. Augus- on the grounds of what is today the Fountain of tine, as well as the initial site of the Franciscan Youth Park Hann The mission, named mission of Nombre de Dios, which was established Nombre de Dios, was occupied by Timucua in AD and endured in this location until converts, but by the midth Century, the major sometime in the 17th Century.

Before the arrival part of the mission had relocated southward, of Europeans, however, the site had been occupied closer to the Castillo de San Marcos and the for more than 1, years by the Timucuan walled city Deagan b, pp.

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Indians, and before that by the Native American Archaeological work at the Fountain of group associated with the late Archaic period Youth Park site has been undertaken intermit- Orange archaeological culture Goggin, ; tently since the s Deagan a. The Deagan a, b. Cypress sample 8SJ left and pine sample 8SJ right showing the original metal axe cut ends.

Sample 8SJ is 18 cm in width. Two waterlogged posts were excavated from the Fountain of Youth Park site and preserved using polyethylene glycol Brunning ; Bleicher The posts were discovered during the excavations at the site Woods at the base of posthole features that extended below the water table, and labeled 8SJ and 8SJ Our study had settlement, have been subjected to considerable two objectives: We then sawed a ca.

We sanded each an artifact was fabricated Bauch and Eckstein section with a belt sander using progressively finer ; Baillie between and , that sandpaper, beginning with ISO P grit — could help distinguish the post Mission mm and finishing with ISO P grit Crossdating We began the process of absolute dating of the tree rings from the two samples by first crossdating each measured series against the other measured series for each post. This process ensured that all rings were properly identified to minimize potential misdat- ing problems.

We then crossdated the rings on Figure 4. Pine sample 8SJ after being sanded to reveal each sample using skeleton plots Stokes and the interior ring structure. Smiley ; Swetnam et al. The graphical crossdating finished surface using grit 9. Holmes ; Grissino-Mayer COFECHA removed all low-frequency growth trends, such as those caused by normal physiological aging, local Measurement or stand-wide disturbances, or by biological To begin the dating process, we used a inertia i.

We To accomplish absolute crossdating, we used two carefully examined the entire outer edge of each nearby reference tree-ring chronologies Figure 1. Miller trees collected at the possible year of construction. Each radial transect Lake Louise Biological Station located 15 km south was marked with a black felt-tipped marker. We of Valdosta, Georgia, just north of the Georgia- then began counting from the innermost complete Florida state line off Interstate These samples ring beginning with the relative year 1 and were obtained primarily from stumps and other continued until the end of the transect was pieces of remnant wood found around the periph- reached.

Each 10th ring was marked with a single ery of Lake Louise Grissino-Mayer et al. This chronology extends from AD to We scanned the surface of each section using an The second reference chronology was developed by Epson 10, XL scanner at 1, dpi using Dr.

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Stahle of the University of Arkansas WinDendro software. We then measured the from bald cypress Taxodium distichum L. If the software misidentified cypress chronologies throughout the Southeast a ring boundary not uncommon using scanner- Stahle and Cleaveland Each value represents the ring width in 0. Each row contains 10 annual measurement values. Crossdating was verified surround the pith, indicative of the ability of when the correlation coefficient between the longleaf pine to exist in a grass stage for up to 6— floating chronology developed from the posts and 10 years.

The second sample, 8SJ, was the anchored reference tree-ring chronology was more troublesome to identify.

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We consulted statistically significant usually p , 0. The thin latewood preceded by abrupt transition from earlywood to latewood, in addi- tion to the lack of resin ducts, conclusively RESULTS identified this sample as a cypress Taxodium sp. After cutting sections from the post, we The skeleton plot of the pine sample showed found that sample 8SJ was a pine with that six narrow marker rings stood out and we 49 rings. This sample likely represents a longleaf focused our dating on this unique ring pattern. Circles accentuate the unique pattern of narrow rings common to both plots.

Skeleton plot comparing the Lake Louise narrow rings bottom with those from sample 8SJ top , highlighting the unique pattern of six narrow rings common to both series. Nowhere else along the master chronol- Lake Louise reference chronology. The marker rings and was unconvincing. The skeleton correlation for series 8SJA was 0. In the significant at the 0.

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We observed that the rings on the the list method and skeleton plot, anchor the tree cypress sample displayed double bands of late- rings for pine sample 8SJ from AD to wood that often wedged into a single band of Figure 5. Because the sample did not latewood. This characteristic means that the ring contain bark, the outermost date is not a cutting widths are not concentric around the entire date for the post. Circuit uniformity is a necessary prerequisite measurement series from sample 8SJ for successful crossdating Fritts ; Speer against the Altamaha River reference chronology The lack of circuit uniformity means that were unsuccessful.

None of the shorter segments the ring widths vary even between nearby radii on tested from the year long series correlated the cross-section. We observed no statistically Table 3. Our and building after and possibly later. In , inability to date this sample was unfortunate a smallpox epidemic was reported to have virtually because bark was present on this post, which wiped out the population of Nombre de Dios would have provided a cutting date. The artifact materials associated with sample 8SJ has implications for strictly the posthole into which the post was placed archaeological interpretation at the site.

The included no European items but were exclusively posthole in which the dated pine post was local indigenous St. The posthole did not conform to any undated cypress post contained obvious European evident structural pattern, but it did intrude into a materials such as iron and an olive jar. The depth feature that is currently thought to be a log sleeper at which the two features became apparent is also sill support a pad on which the large bottom quite different Table 5.

The dendrochronological date for the than the cypress posthole, and its base was 25 cm post, combined with the stratigraphically intrusive higher than the base of the cypress post.

The position of the posthole, suggest that the building different elevations, as well as the different wood represented by the sleeper sill was destroyed before varieties, suggest two distinct building episodes. However, ple 8SJ furthermore verifies that the because the upper layers of soils in this part of the Table 5. Provenience information for the two features from which the posts were extracted. The dendrochronological Deagan, K. University of Florida, Gainesville. Native American ceramics at the Fountain soils as originally assumed.

In From Santa Elena to St. Indigenous Ceramic Variability A. The dating of this one pine sample represents Dean, J. Tree-ring dating in archaeology. In Miscella- one of the first absolute datings of any timber neous Collected Papers 19—24, edited by J. This successful dating DeWeese Wight, G.