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There are 33, subscribers on the ex-Mormon subreddit, a community where church controversies and grief over leaving the religion are mostly aired freely. Mormon church leaders announce support for LGBT rights — with a catch. The credibility of some of the documents has come into question, as has the level of interest they even sparked. There's a giant leak of internal Mormon Church documents at Reddit and they're as hilariously boring as you'd expect https: Among the documents were seminar schedules and recommendations for a representative to the UN.


It was mostly a pile of not so groundbreaking discoveries, like the fact that the church really doesn't like porn. In fact, the church itself brushed off the leak. Loyal members of the subreddit were initially excited, and many later disappointed, by the apparent leak fail. But the resilience of the group remained.

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In recent years, the church has published essays attemping to clarify its position on a number of difficult controversies, like issues of racism, prejudice against LGBT communities , polygamy and teen marriages condoned in the earliest years of the faith. But some say the essays have just caused doubtful Mormons to seek more information online, and not like what they find. One person who thinks the essays did more harm than good is Jeremy Runnells, a sort of crusader of the online ex-Mormon community.

Runnells wrote an page letter to a church leader in that went viral. Turner wrote in the.