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Female friends, early 30s and still very single. | PetalBytes Singaporean Women's Forums

Started by beaverjuice Board Motherhood, Babies and Fathers. I have a group of close female friends who actively go on online dates to know more people. But they say Singaporean guys really cannot make it. Either not handsome enough, not rich enough or not gentlemen enough. Are they too picky or Singaporean guys really cannot make it?

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  • Yes, I have many female friends that are over 30s and not married too, while some looks ok, mostly do not take good care of their body and looks. I also wonder does those online dating platform really works.

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    To be frank my social circle aren't that big and my close friends are mostly males and single. They themselves also struggled to find the right one. And I am thinking of how to ask my ex classmates whom I have not been contact for years or acquaintences for help in this. I am still thinking of what type of classes both suits me as well as I can get to know more females. Other options includes dating agencies. So I don't think I am interested to look for a dating agency for now.

    I have no tried any activities organised by SDN. I wonder does those SDN events effective in finding the right one? Mostly let us ladies talk.

    Have to say the friend is very good at asking questions. That is why I swipe for so long but didn't really meet anyone!

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    I knew that's the issue and therefore take the application with a pinch of salt instead of super seriously like hopin that I would get a life partner there. Having it still allow me to know different people from time to time and I may no know but someone might click with me one day even though the chance is really low. People are looking at each other on a very superficial manner.

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    Only if that's passed then you can have a proper conversation. And even if someone can write well on application doesn't mean he can speak well irl. Apps have their pros and cons and I believe that it did benefit a lot of individuals who found true love, just like my ex getting married to his girlfriend that he met from tinder. Maybe he Is inexperienced and gotten his girl friends who know a lot more about how girls think to ask the right questions!

    I believe in trusting people to certain extent until the trust is broken. Just take it slowly , when the time comes it will comes.

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    Last edited by Charlie Cho; at I would not want to rush things but sometimes also pressured by parents how come I still cannot find a girlfriend and I am reaching mids soon. I don't know if I have not been making enough efforts in the past few years. I have tried online channels like Paktor, OKCupid etc as well as attempting to make new friends outside work but to no avail.