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So she jumped online to broaden her prospects. She mainly used FindSomeone, and had some serious relationships, including one man with whom she had a child. But the novelty wore off, and she began to feel like she wasn't going to find The One on there.

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So, six months ago, the year-old working mother of one started using Tinder. Joanna prefers the app to websites, for the immediacy it provides, its modern, easy-to-use interface, the absence of long, involved descriptions.


I hate that thing about online dating — notifications that say 'these people are looking at you. You quickly learn the types to avoid, says Joanna: Men who message her with a winking smile or open the conversation with "DTF? That's the good thing about Tinder in some ways; it's so immediate. Joanna would recommend the app, but cautions: What's missing, she believes, is the chemistry that takes place when you meet someone sans screens.

It's not all about their physical appearance or what they do or that they drive a certain car. All that chemistry is lost online. Jill Goldson, a relationship counsellor and director of the Family Matters Centre, says people are afraid of being scammed, putting their privacy at risk, attracting stalkers, and being taken advantage of.

Are people representing themselves as someone they're not?

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Do they really live in a quaint cottage or are they in a shack, up to their eyeballs in alcohol and debt? Dowling says some Stitch users have reported safety concerns.

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We've had countless members tell us of experiences that they've had," he says. I don't think Mum would pick that up. Turns out he wasn't but that would be the kind of thing where Mum would say, 'Oh that sounds nice, that picture looks nice,' where it could be from Getty. But both her and Aitcheson feel that apps like Tinder are better equipped to tackle those kind of problems.

I don't put all my details out there.

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There are a lot of weirdos in cyberspace. Only now, instead of going on three dates a year, you might go on You only get what you give, so don't be discouraged by setbacks, says Joanna. I thought he was quite nice, I liked him, I would've gone on another date, but he said 'You're in the friends' category'. I'm a kiwi but have been living in Australia for the last five years and have just moved back to NZ. I'm looking for a committed relationship but keen…. I'm a kind, positive person with a good outlook on life. Love to laugh and will bring good banter.

I'm Irish and have lived in NZ for 5 years now. Honest love my friends family love having them round me. I lead a busy lifestyle but I'm looking for someone with shared views on life to enjoy the journey. I value honesty and integrity and a sense of humou…. No photo - no reply. I like the sports, nature, excursions. I am into the outdoors and nature, camping, biking, walks and yoga.

Keeping fit is important to me. I enjoy a good laugh, family and friends, going ou…. This is me in a nutshell: I'm kind, smart I like history, science, gardening, cooking, long walks, love the sea, travelling around beautiful NZ by road, geography, engineering,…. Who knew it would be so hard to meet someone in Taupo?!