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By-laws usually have a broad scope and are generally concerned with administrative matters within the college. Beyond profession-specific regulation and legislation there are also several provincial and federal labour laws that dentists must abide by.

Laws, Regulations and Guidelines in Health Care

Provincial and federal labour laws are designed to protect employees and employers. These laws do many things, such as:. There are also laws that prevent employers from treating employees unfairly based on sex, age, race, religion, disability and sexual orientation. The Canada Labour Code provides federal labour standards that employers and employees must follow.

For example, the Canada Labour Code provides federally regulated employees with a number of leaves. The employer cannot dismiss, suspend, lay off, demote or discipline an employee when they are on leave or intend to take such leave.

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Different forms of leave include:. Another prominent feature of the Canada Labour Code is the protection from sexual harassment while on the job. More specifically, the Canada Labour Code defines sexual harassment as:. Conduct, comment, gesture or contact of a sexual nature that is likely to cause offence or humiliation or that might be perceived as placing a condition of a sexual nature on employment or on any opportunity for training or promotion. For information on filing an individual complaint for sexual harassment, please consult the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

It is not uncommon for the provincial and territorial colleges to have specific guidelines on sexual harassment.

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Also, your workplace may offer anti-harassment training. In Canada, people are often called "clients" in health care environments and they expect to participate in decision-making about their oral health concerns Health Canada, Respect for the autonomy and personal dignity of the patient is central to the provision of ethically sound patient care.

Patients must provide informed consent to treatment and it is the ethical responsibility of dentists to ensure patients are fully and appropriately informed about their oral health care Health Canada, This principle is affirmed in law through decisions by the Supreme Court of Canada and in some provinces, specific legislation sets out the fundamental right of individuals to decide which health care interventions will be accepted and which will not. Consultation between dentists and other allied oral health care professionals is common practice.

You will find that dentists will acknowledge to clients when they do not have the information required and either seek it out or refer the client to an appropriate colleague.

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A referral is usually requested by writing a letter to a colleague and by scheduling an appointment on behalf of the client. Legislation in all jurisdictions in Canada mandate that all or the majority of directors of a dental professional corporation must be dentists. All or the majority of voting shares of the corporation must belong to dentists as well. In most cases, there is clear terminology in regulations that specify that no member of a dental regulatory authority can practice the profession of dentistry under the control of or for the benefit, profit or advantage of a corporation, or for any person not being duly qualified and lawfully entitled to practice dentistry directly or indirectly.

Dental offices are encouraged to assist patients in understanding their dental insurance benefits.

In most cases, the patient will be responsible for the full cost of the dental services rendered including what portion may or may not be covered by their private dental insurance. To make sure that billing and receiving payment for your services is an easy and straightforward process try to use the following strategies:. Laws, Regulations and Guidelines in Health Care. Public Oral Health Services As mentioned above, in Canada dental care is largely a publicly uninsured service.

The updated guidelines outlined in the doctors' handbook Good Medical Practice, and which come into force next month, state: Patient groups welcomed the change, saying it was about time the watchdog moved into "the 21st century". Joyce Robins, of Patient Concern, said: Some senior GPs, however, have previously warned that such relationships are always problematic. This is the only profession of which a member can ask a person to take their clothes off and find the request usually met with few questions and no resistance.

The Canadian Health Care System

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