Dating mistakes after divorce

I dated two men who shared these qualities. One was an executive who spent most of his time trying to impress everyone with his muscles and money. The other was a politician who once asked me not to talk much and fetch him a drink. I am not suggesting there is a hard and fast number that indicates that a relationship will not work. What I am suggesting is that we have two ages: All of my life, I was characterized as an old soul.

I often struggled to communicate with my peers but excelled with adults. My outlook on all things was much closer to that of my parents who were older than my peers. I have met others who share this state of mind, and then I have also met those who are ten to fifteen years older than I am that share the same maturity as my freshmen in college. What this means while dating is he shares this mindset with someone older. I value people who value the same things I do, regardless of age. My dad was a lucky guy: He had good genetics that were at play and he worked a job that required him to stay in good physical condition.

Thankfully, I was not privy to this information as a teen! At first, I thought that maybe the extra ten pounds that have taken residency around my body, was the issue, and I was not as attractive as I once was. I learned rather quickly that many men over 45 have difficulty performing well as they once did.

Overall, this added stress in the bedroom meant I started thinking about long-term health issues like stroke and heart disease and snoring! C-pap machines are not sexy! And older men are not for me! I often found that friends wanted to fix me up. But that is not the norm. Nevertheless, I went on these dates. The first was a widower and I was his first date since his wife had died.

Finally, we talked about the loss and decided he was not ready to date. The second date was a handsome man who was successful and kind; the only problem; his voice. The final date was much more interesting: One aspect of divorce that I struggle with almost daily is guilt. I waited until I was 27 and I thought very wise to marry, so I took my divorce as a personal failure—an example of my poor judgment.

It was none of these things. Even though my ex-husband did not turn out to be the man I thought: When I approached dating, I tried earnestly not to choose potential partners out of guilt or insecurity, but out of real admiration and attraction. I spent no time meditating or going inside just to be still and present to my highest self. It never occurred to me that someone I once loved was right here inside of me. So, I consciously made a dramatic change in being with myself. I got up early in the morning before everyone else and sat with myself.

I would meditate, read or journal. That 30 minutes I gave myself was an unbelievable gift. It gave me the space to turn off the noisy dialogue in my head and just be present with me. The practice of finding time to be with yourself is your spiritual wake-up call. You get an opportunity to rediscover who you are and create the life you want. If you can get through each day, then you're bound to start feeling better. If you are anything like me, you may be isolating yourself, reading, or listening to personal growth books.

I just kept hoping those positive feelings would stick, but they never did. By refusing to get some kind of help, you prolong your misery, and you don't get the support you need. I really needed to move on. I wanted to get out of the quicksand of misery and feel capable of doing stuff and feeling something good again. The kind of help that I eventually found was a coach. I was done with therapists because I just didn't want to talk about it anymore. I wanted action steps and accountability. Only you can decide what kind of help is best for you, but getting help is important.

You need someone else to help wake you up. Not only did I get a chance to wake up for minutes a week, but I got to check in on the drama of my situation. I got to figure out the parts of my story that were fact and the parts that were fiction. Thoughts can create so much doubt and worry that fiction becomes fact and we get trapped into believing things that aren't even true.

Have you noticed how often you think about your present circumstance? How much time do you spend thinking about what you could, would, or should have said to your ex? These thoughts and dialogues run non-stop if you are anything like me. It's the endless loop of fear, regret, and heartache. I was continually playing this bad movie over and over in my mind, rewriting the dialogue slightly each time. But playing the movie was nothing like the pity party I organized and attended day after day.

This was a hard pill for me to swallow. Until you choose to accept your life exactly as it is, you are going to bake your misery recipe every day. If it's revenge you want, then choose to become the happiest woman on the planet. Not only will you show him, but you'll show yourself. Being happy is a lot sweeter than all those spiteful dialogues you run in your head. You get a psychic payoff by making him wrong. But if you remain unwilling to see your marriage differently, you give your power to him.

Your rigid righteousness enables him to control your emotions and your joy. That's the bittersweet reality of righteousness in a relationship. As long as you hold on to being right, you will also limit your access to all of your positive emotions. I was so frustrated because happy things would happen to me, but I wouldn't feel them like everyone else—it was shallow and temporary. Holding on to my righteousness just didn't allow happiness and joy to reach my soul.

When you are willing to own the part you played in your failed marriage, you take back your power.

8 Mistakes You’re Making When It Come To Dating After Divorce

When the divorce dust settles and you divide the spoils of your life together and move forward to your separate life, let go of as much stuff as you can. Stuff has energy and emotional connections to you and your heart, and it is liberating to release those connections as soon as you possibly can. Some of the things you have acquired represent a significant investment, both financial and emotional.

This process of releasing stuff is often the most difficult. With feelings of anger, blame, resentment and failure entangled in a divorce, the bed becomes a symbol of your heartache that is easy to release. If you are like me, I hold on to everything. Not only am I a pack rat, but I hold on to clothes, shoes, papers, and dishes with a stubbornness that is stronger than the muscle man grip on the Strongest Man in the World competition.

But, when it came to the bed I wanted it gone as quickly as possible. I would have called Salvation Army to come pick it up, but my ex took it and I was free of that significant connection to him. For months, I slept on a small trundle bed that I moved from the guest room before I purchased a bed of my own. But it was easy to let go and get it out of my life. My letting go stopped there for a long time.

When I finally began to let go of more, I began with my closet. I worked with a closet organizer. I would call her a closet therapist rather than an organizer because the process of cleaning and clearing my closet was so frightening. I was stressed out for days before she came. This was so incredibly liberating. And the momentum to get rid of stuff was initiated at last. When you let go, you get in touch with who you are underneath all the stuff. And that woman is the woman who will help you move forward to a meaningful life.

Material possessions have energy and emotional connections to you and your heart, and it is liberating to release those connections as soon as you possibly can. He has a different body and a different name. But if you spend any time with him, his "dating" mask will fall away, and you will discover you are in a relationship with the same man you just divorced!

Until and unless you change, you will attract the same life lessons packaged up in new lovers, friends, or business partners. You have, no doubt, been cautioned about getting into a relationship on the rebound. The reason that advice is so profound is that you have not invested time in doing your spiritual work. You must face the lesson your divorce taught you.

Until you understand and accept the part of you that attracts a man like your ex, you will continue to do so over and over. It is our soul's calling to evolve and come to the altar with ourselves. The relationship you create with yourself and your truth is what determines your magnetic attraction. If you are anything like me, you are finished with guys like your ex! I wanted something completely different this next time around. To do that, you must take the time you need to have a quality relationship with yourself first. Kids go through periods where they dislike you.

And divorce can be one of those times. Your children will learn to live and grow in a broken home, and it's up to you to shape what that means for them. If they look at their family life as ruined, chances are that's how you look at it. Your fear and apprehension create the reality in your home.

You can't sugar coat this feeling in a family. You can't push it away and pretend it's not there. And you can't possibly buy enough treats, toys, or electronics to make everyone feel better. Your children can live and grow in a healthy family with one parent who honors and respects herself. When you live your life in accordance with your truth and when you speak your truth openly, that's what your children learn.

If they grow up in a family where the love between the parents is sketchy, resentful, or manipulative, they take that into their relationships. Make it your first objective to speak your truth to your children whether you are disciplining them or rewarding them. Stay true to yourself and you will have children who understand how to communicate and how to give voice to their feelings. Almost one year after the day my ex moved out, I made an accidental discovery that changed everything for me.

There were a lot of sleepless nights, numbed-out weekends, and trying all kinds of support and self-help programs, some that are even embarrassing to admit, but I finally figured it all out. I found a deep, spiritual process that I pursued for several months. I am now happier than I could have ever imagined.

I have more energy and enthusiasm for everything I do and everyone I meet. I have better health and physical fitness than when I was in my twenties. And my kids accept me for who I am because they see I am someone besides their mom or a business woman. It has been a rewarding experience. I no longer live with that sad, insecure, guilty feeling of being such a failure. I have the life and health that makes me feel good about myself. And there is no way that I will ever attract a man like my ex into my life again.

It is truly a blessing to share what I have learned with so many women who are treading water with no direction or land in sight. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters. Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. This time it was unbearable. This hit me real hard. I really related to this information.

Thank you so much for this article. Today was finally the day that I understood that there was no going back. After reading this I believe I can! I'm in a marriage that is very lonely. I'm told to shut up and give any resources or money I have. Then, he will all of the sudden feel gitty and friendly. It's damaging and only shows the most ultimate disrespect.

He says, I was a perfect wife the first 10 years. Because, I was quiet and never said a word.

How to Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Women Make After Divorce | PairedLife

Then when I had my four blessings. I told him that life will change when you create a family. My love is shared with my husband, my children, family, friends, co workers and anyone who is in need of just listening. I'm just very lonely. I have been divorced for 3 years and am still going through the stages of grief.

I am not enjoying my life and my two kids as much as I want to. I continue to live in the past and I'm ready to move on. This article is inspiring and I plan to follow the advice found here. Thanks for writing such a great article and sharing your wisdom with us. Mistake number 8 keeping the bed.

Most of us have so little money after paying legal fees we are just grateful for what we have not had to sell. My daily winter coat is 17years old. My car is 14 years old. At least I am fortunate to have friends who run a charity shop who put bits and pieces aside for me until I can afford to pay.

I am just recently going through a divorce I initiated. After 35 years I am happy to be out on my own and learning to be the person I was before. Happier, appreciating life and people. Learning to be by myself and making my own decisions.

Don't get me wrong, its been hard. A of rushing through changes and financial worries. I've learned in the past months to slow down. Very good advice as stated in this article. I did start dating again but have learned to enjoy the relationship for what it is, not to rely on anyone for my own contentment and to be in charge of myself. A lot of changes, but the slower I take it, the clearer things become. Feel the hurt and let it go. Let friends know it is hard but don't wallow in the pain.

Have a life plan but dont be afraid to add changes or delete something that isn't working out. Fear can hold you back, but don't be careless. Do activities that make you happy and linger with positive friends. Life is just to short to be unhappy. I like to use the word content. Happiness comes and goes. Contentment is more of a continuous state of being. Contentment is what to strive for, happiness follows it around!

Thank you for this article. I just found my husband cheated on me or perhaps has been cheating on me. I always pick wrong guys may be. This time I knew I was hurt badly. But then staying alone or lonely is better than figuring out bedsheet stains and proofs of some other person being in your bed. I really loved this article. Just what I needed to read this afternoon, tonight, in the morning If women are so happy after divorcing their husband and they love themselves.

Why do they need any man at all why not stay loving themselves. I have found that nothing has helped me more through my divorce than finding online communities, reading books, and talking to others who have gone through a similar situation. She also shares relatable stories from other divorcees and how they healed. Good luck to all who are going through this. It gets easier I promise. My husband of six years left me for another girl because I accuse him of seeing another girl and since then i have been trying to get him but he refuse to come back to me, he was not responding to my call or emails and he even unfriend me on face-book and he told me that he is done with me.

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Top 10 Mistakes Women Make After a Divorce

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