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Please login or register. Matchmaking battle of arnhem inbicgelo. Smash User Inactive Registered: Fukuoka Japan Fukuoka Japan. Driving a King Tiger in Korea isnt really immersive. You've got my vote.

Battle Events – Apeldoorn (update matchmaking)

Sometimes I begin to wonder where has this WW2 feeling gone, cause most of current maps simply does not deliver it. Also I'd love to see more fast paced city maps.

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Since the beta, a whole bunch of new maps has been introduced, but not a single one like Himmelsdorf or Ensk. Or I missed one?

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  7. JayJay 4 Posted 23 June - I'm guessing the Asian maps are to appeal to the Asian playerbase, but I agree, I'd like to see a few more grim, war-torn European maps. I like your suggestions- they could all make for interesting maps. Also, how about a Northern France post-D-Day map, with sunken roads and the "bocage" hedgerows? Could be a TD player's dream! I'd like to see a few more grim, war-torn European maps. The Berlin map should contain some of the sights of Berlin likte the Reichstag building or the Brandenburg Gate.

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    PeaceWalker1 8 Posted 23 June - Gehoth 9 Posted 23 June - I think i read somewhere that Stalingrad and Berlin will be added. They might be those huge maps WG wishes to implement. I don't see why WG doesn't make more city maps, Himmelsdorf was a huge success, and people want more paved roads! You got my vote. Stalingrad, want it, iconic to any game in this period, they said they'll eventually make it, but Judqment8 14 Posted 23 June - Should have been in the game since day one. Macedonian dating agency Tampa bay gay dating Cannabis dating sites.

    Battle Events – Apeldoorn (update matchmaking) | Round1Network

    Matchmaking battle of arnhem Flame User Inactive Registered: Sticks User Inactive Registered: Fukuoka Japan Fukuoka Japan. Fukuoka Japan What is the panther upon the signal as interpreted vice the genealogy of battle of the choice! Forum statistics Total registered users: