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By understanding the ethical concepts, practitioners are better able to craft person-centred approaches rather than simply taking legalistic approaches to policy. Advertisers and the media continue to associate sexuality with attractive youth, which reinforces the image that older adults should be sexually retired Bauer et al. Promoting a discussion on later life sexuality: Lessons from sexologist physicians. This study examined factors at the structural and individual levels that can facilitate discussion of sexual matters between physicians and older patients.

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Fifteen physicians from differing medical specialties, who are also certified sexologists or qualified in human sexuality, were interviewed for the study. Open-coding analysis was employed, consisting of comparisons within and across interviews. Three major themes emerged: The findings highlight that the communication between physicians and older patients needs to extend beyond practical guidance, and that ageist beliefs that assume older adults are not interested in sex should be challenged. After acknowledging older people as sexual beings, increasing the knowledge of later-life sexuality is essential, and practical guidelines for open discussions can be developed.

Although many older adults reportedly maintain an active sex life, limited research has focused on the reasons they engage in sex. The present study identified and described sexual motives in the second half of life reported by 47 older adults. In-depth interviews were thematically analyzed using the theory of motivational approach-avoidance and personal-interpersonal motivational framework.

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Five main themes were identified: Drawing upon interview and journal data from 28 women aged 55 to 81, it considers diverse recollections of their sexual pasts and their current subjective expectations of sex and intimacy in old age. Applying a critical gerontological lens to these data, this article demonstrates the presence of obstacles in the sometimes over-simplified and linear interpretations of generational change. Der Beitrag fasst den sozialpsychologischen Forschungsstand zusammen und geht auf zentrale Fragestellungen, Theorien, Methoden und Befunde ein.

Es zeigt sich, dass bei der interpersonalen Online-Kommunikation psychosoziale Chancen und Risiken meist Hand in Hand gehen. Jul Eur J Cult Stud. This article aims at developing the critique of its heteronormative underpinnings. Clinical Perspectives on Elderly Sexuality.

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An Introduction to Elderly Sexuality. Knowledge of Elderly Sexuality. Attitudes toward Elderly Sexuality.

Elderly Sexuality within an Institutional Context. Elderly Sexuality and Disability. Women's issues in elderly sexuality. Men's Issues in Elderly Sexuality. Looking to the Future of Elderly Sexuality. Sexuality and Sexual Health. Within the context of inpatient psychiatric settings, the sexuality and sexual health of patients remains a controversial issue in both clinical practice and the research community. To fully address this issue, this chapter will cover the history of sexuality within the context of the psychiatric unit, examine existing tensions between staff attitudes toward inpatient sexuality, discuss current hospital policies, and identify risks associated with sexual autonomy on the inpatient unit.

Additionally, several issues relevant to sexual expression, namely, the impact of psychiatric symptoms, substance use, and psychotropic medication on sexuality, will be explored as it relates to the recovery model of mental health. In keeping with the principles of the recovery model, this chapter will also cover other factors that affect patient quality of life and sexuality, such as past and current research on different aspects of sexuality, reproductive health, and family planning in individuals admitted to an inpatient will be explored.

The chapter concludes with the call for continued research and discussion upon the sexuality and sexual health of patients within inpatient psychiatric settings. Singles have many places and spaces available to them to find a romantic partner. This chapter argues that some of these spaces allow individuals to gradually get to know one another, while other spaces expect individuals to reveal a wealth of information about themselves prior to any oneon- one communication with potential dates.

An online dating site is an example of the latter.

Is your strategy getting old? – LET’S TALK ABOUT SEX

In other words, there is an art to selling oneself on an online dating site. Silence at the newsstands. Cosmetic surgery and cosmetics: Redefining the appearance of age. Newspapers reach a large audience and play an important role in promoting or inhibiting public views of active and dignified aging. By examining newspaper articles, it is possible to study how portrayals of older adults in the workforce reflect positive or negative public perceptions of older adults.

Findings indicate negative portrayals of older workers predominate in U. Growing older without aging? Positive aging, anti-ageism, and anti-aging. Powerful rhetorical and marketing practices support ideals of timeless living.

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  • Online Dating in Middle and Later Life. Rising numbers of single middle-aged and older adults encouraged a proliferation of online dating websites targeting this population. This study uses semistructured interviews with 18 online daters aged 53 to 74 and 2 romance coaches to examine how aspects of their online expectations and experiences are shaped by age and gender. Analyses reveal that men seek committed relationships, whereas women desire companionship without demanding caring roles.

    Different barriers to dating increase the appeal of online strategies: Men face narrow social networks, while women face competition from younger women and friendship norms limiting the pool of eligible partners. Both genders screen for youthful characteristics and attempt to convey youthful images of themselves.

    In constructing profiles, women focus on their looks and sociability and men on their financial and occupational successes.

    Aging, embodiment and the negotiation of the Third and Fourth ages. Most researchers use their institutional email address as their ResearchGate login. Amy Webb could give her a few pointers about looking for love. A storyteller, serial entrepreneur and digital strategist, Webb is the bestselling author of Data, A Love Story: Webb started telling her story about creating a system for finding a relationship on South by Southwest panels, a conference that highlights emerging technologies, big thinkers, original music and independent films.

    The session became so popular that she was encouraged to write about her strategic search for a partner. You can trust chance to help you find people to date, but not necessarily for finding a life-partner, says Webb. Webb knew from experience that trusting serendipity to find an ideal partner was risky and frustrating.

    After a failed relationship that lasted longer than it should have, and lukewarm success with blind dates and online dating sites, Webb decided she needed to change tactics.