Dating smith and wesson grips

Most of the finishing is off, was wondering the value.

S&W Model 64 with Elk Horn Grips

Since yours would have been made toward the last, it would probably date to With so many made, there is collector interest only in ones in top condition, although the target grips do add some to the value. Check if there is a "step" in the backstrap under the grip. If so, the gun is a Regulation Police and would bring a few dollars more.

Your grips look longer than my grips. Yours, dating from WW1, most certainly would fall into that category.

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There is hardly more recoil than a. Yes the 5 numbers were on the butt of the gun. I am not sure what you mean by a step on handle? The grips cover the butt have to take off to see numbers so they are not stock grips?

model 10-8 date

They were wood grips like I see on others? July 9, , If those grips are in good condition they could be worth more than the revolver. These early I frames have become popular with shooters and collectors, the prices have gone up in the past few years. Find More Posts by madcratebuilder. Yes those are some pretty nice guns you got there very nice.

I would have to say the grips on my gun are in better shape than the gun finish. I fired it and you don't need 2 hands to shoot. It would be a nice plinker gun. I had old bullets to go with it that I guess the powder was old cause I had some misfires. I don't know if I will shoot again I know its not worth much but I could get something off my next purchase which would be a Glock Sorry, I wasn't thinking when I asked about the step but obviously, if the grips needed to be removed to see the serial, the gun would not be a Regulation Police.

If anyone has a standard not RP I frame with the number on the front of the grip, can you post pictures?

Smith and Wesson serial number search - Page 16 - The Firing Line Forums

But on other guns, the serial was on the butt. While some grip styles covered the number, it would not be known until final assembly what grip would be installed, long after the serial was put on. So getting back to my original post these hand grips are plastic not rubber so does someone think these aren't original?

July 10, , If original grips they would be a very hard rubber. They may feel like a poured resin type of plastic similar to Bakelite.

Maybe this helps?

This hard rubber well chip or crack like plastic. The stuff is like a very old, weather-beaten tire; it is very hard, has a glossy exterior appearance, and is not pliable like most modern rubber products. I suspect that most people under the age of 40 have little exposure to this material; it seems to have rarely been used on postwar consumer products, probably because it is more expensive to produce than similar plastics. FWIW handles of old tools and some parts of old toys were made of similar hard rubber.

Folks always seem to want to change something.

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Sometimes Special Order Stocks were not numbered and were fitted to the gun at the warehouse prior to shipping. These stocks are not numbered. The process of polishing the wood to the frame requires that the stocks and the frame be seperated for final finishing and then reunited at final assembly. This is the reason that stocks are numbered.

Any stocks fitted outside that process did not require these markings and therefore Smith didn't do it. This is the reason that Targets are so rarely serailed.

How to date my Model 10 - 8

Prior to stamping the numbers, Smith used pencil markings. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements. Thanks Chris and Drew. When did they start stamping numbers? They were not marked except by him when he took them off. I have no reason to believe they are not as he claimed to be original.