Dating someone with severe acne

By suzziee Started April 9, By angelangie Started November 19, By marykarmelina Started July 9, By 0ly40 Started August 9, All Activity Home soompi community soompi hangout Would you date a guy who has alot of acne? Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies. Would you date a guy who has alot of acne? Prev 1 2 3 Next Page 1 of 3. Posted August 11, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Depends on the type of guy, and the amount of acne, no?

Would you girls date a guy with severe acne?

I think I would if he were a very awesome guy. And what do i think of a guy with a lot of acne? Just a kid with acne. Like this wouldn't be very appealing right: I don't mean to sound harsh or superficial and shallow but it's just not attractive. Is it really that much of a turn off for you girls? I mean I've tried everything from having sex, eating healthy, plenty of water, exercise, sleep, been to dermatologist medications pills and creams , but nothing seems to work! I hate it when girls judge and stare and say something, because I didn't ask to have it. For women its easy Because they just cover it up with makeup but Its not so easy for a guy, Only girls I can get are the ones who knew me before I had acne Because they don't judge, I'm a nice guy, funny, intelligent, and have a nice body, but if I go to the mall or a party all the girls judge me Because of my acne before they even get to know me.

Can you guys recommend me a good cleanser to wash my face in the mornings? Any topical gels you guys have used that work real good? Like Retin-a or something? Will medicine work after its expiration date?

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What's your way of dealing with panic attacks? Is it better to eat dates before or after working out? What should I do to rid myself of this loneliness that I'm feeling?

Dating someone with severe acne

No such thing as perfect skin so don't worry about it. There is if you never meet your partner in person and just send them photo shopped pictures like all the celebs in the magazines.

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I've dated a range of people. Honestly I think personality differences are a bigger cause of insecurity than appearance differences. It's hard being around someone confident when you're insecure. A confident person with acne is more intimidating than an insecure clear person. Someone's acne would have to be pretty freaking severe for me not to date them However, if I was already dating somebody who I loved, and their acne got severe, that wouldn't phase me at all.

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Most girls i've dated have huge freak outs and they say "i hate that this kind of stuff doesn't bother you". I feel like nobody will like me since I have bad skin. I don't have acne, but lots of red marks and some new scars. That's why I don't date 'till my skin is almost completely clear. No human is perfect, everyone has bad parts to them, be it physical or personality. Trying to be perfect or trying to get the perfect partner is an exercise in futility.

Stop paying attention to the media and what we are told to look like and just be yourselves. Most important accept yourselves. The biggest problem i come across on this site is that hardly any one can accept themselves. You have to play the hand you dealt the best you can and just do your best to be a good person. Everything else is either a bonus or irrelevant.

I still have acne and yes it can get me down but it's there has been since i was I am no 28, it is part of who i am and you know what? It's made me who i am. The few guys I have dated have not had acne that I can recall. Though I probably would date someone as long as they had an attractive personality.

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I mean my wonderful boyfriend of 2 years has the odd zit but who doesn't? He has freckles galore and not acne. From day one of talking to him, first date, you name it! I was upfront with him about my appearance.

Dating someone with severe acne

I told him and showed him that I have struggled with acne since I was a kid. Even now, when I have breakouts and he is talking to me about how gorgeous I am I have hesitations. I say " Yeah whatever look as these pimples! It really makes me feel better. Though I know I can be myself around him its being in public that makes me feel self concious. But then again, when I am with him, I forget all about my appearance cause I am too busy smiling and laughing.

I would never not date someone because he had acne.

If I liked his personality and enjoyed his company and liked the way he makes me feel then thats ALL that matters to me. There are actually some insanely gorgeous guys out there that have acne, even severe acne I see this guy at my college every so often, he has severe acne, but I find him pretty darn hot.

I do always wonder what guys think of girls with acne, I see alot more guys with acne than I do females. Recently I actually cancelled on a date with a guy I had never met before due to my face, it might sound pathetic but deep down I was afraid, afraid of being rejected maybe? Its refreshing to me to see couples with one or both of them having acne, it kind of shows that we are decent human beings for the most part and can see past our "faults" or whatever.

Beauty is definately "in the eye of the beholder" though, some people will see past it some people just won't but thats fine. Ive actually never dated a guy with acne at all, I have had bad skin since I was around 15 though and my only serious boyfriend never ever saw anything wrong with me. I don't think I could date anyone with acne I've just about got over my own skin troubles haha That's why I don't date ' till my skin is almost completely clear. I have a question for those who found a partner through a dating site. Did you edit your picture and hid scars, red marks, etc?