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Visual associations to learn the Korean alphabet in record time! If you live here, then you already know how valuable it is to speak at least a bit of Korean. Study them section by section, add them to your favorite flashcard deck, and have fun with them! After those, the phrases are broken down by situation.

We also have a free PDF guide of the most common phrases that you can download and take with you:. Korean has many levels of formality within the language.

Because of this, saying simple things can seem extremely complex because of the social hierarchies. That way you can learn some simple phrases without having to know all of the intricacies of the language.

If You Want To Date In Korea, You Need To Know These 10 Phrases

Since there are different forms of Korean, you may occasionally hear more formal versions of the phrases below. Can't read Korean yet? Click here to learn for free in about 60 minutes! Need the bare minimum for talking in Korean? In English, these phrases are much more multi-purpose. How much is this?

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A Korean meal is not just any ordinary culinary experience. Korean cuisine is not only strong on variety, but it also is strong on taste! But beware, some of these may catch you off guard! What time do you close? Do you take credit cards? When you order at a cafe, there are some unique Korean cafe phrases that might be surprising to English speakers.

For example, the way you ask for your order to go will be different depending on whether you order only a drink or if you order food with your drink. Although Koreans think this is normal, even they get surprised when they think about the intricacies of Korean! Use these phrases to get the caffeine boost that will supercharge your day. What is the wifi password? Where are your electrical outlets? For example, did you know that some Korean credit cards give you the choice of paying for your purchase over one month or multiple month installments?

The installment plans have interest fees, so plan accordingly! Use these Korean phrases to add even more fun to your shopping experience. Can I pay with credit card? Koreans are extremely image-conscious, and go to great lengths to make sure their appearance is the best it can be at all times. If you feel the same about your clothing, then you know the dry cleaners is your best friend! Ordinary shirts, trousers, skirts, and suits make your clothing look new again. Not only that, but you can save some of your clothing from certain doom.

We all know what it feels like when you put your favorite sweater in the dryer and it comes out three sizes too small!

Learn to Read Korean in 90 Minutes With Your Free Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet

Best to leave the care of your finest threads to the professionals. The next time you stop by your friendly neighborhood dry cleaner in Korea, use these phrases to insure you get exactly what you want. When can I pick up my clothes? How much is the total? Or perhaps you want to get your banking done at the local branch instead of heading into the one across town that has English speakers. Hopefully they have a big enough vault for you! Use these at the bank to confidently, quickly, and seamlessly get your banking biz taken care of.

Can I apply for a credit card? Use these phrases below to explain to the doctor what the problem is.

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Even if the doctor speaks English, you may find these phrases handy to use with the nurse or the receptionist who takes your name down and asks what is bothering you. If you get a prescription, they will usually be a pharmacy nearby.

Learn the Top 10 Phrases You'll Need for a Date in Korean

Sometimes, there will be pharmacy inside the hospital! The pharmacists in Korea are very helpful. Visit the dentist regularly so you can show off your lovely smile! However, their assistants may not be as able to communicate, so having some Korean phrases may come in handy.

The dentists in Korea are really good, so sit back and relax, it should be a painless and carefree visit! You may be worried about the stylist chopping away at you gorgeous locks of hair. Unlikely it will grow back in time for your big date on Saturday night! Thankfully, there are hair salon phrases to help you get exactly the hairstyle that you want. Study up, and get ready to show off that new hairdo! How long will it take? Below is the pronunciation of the term. It is used to describe someone who falls in love very quickly. Even though it shares similarities to the saying: The term for men in the past was used to describe a man who was like a herbivorous animal, which is why the term grazing is used.

They usually have no hobbies and are lifeless hence the use of stockfish. My, this article is getting steamier and steamier. This is more of natural, and very passionate, Korean language.

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Just in case they ask you why you love them. Love is just love. If you want to tell your boyfriend or soon to be boyfriend how handsome he is in Korean, use this. But you like them. People have crushes all the time. And will want to say it again. This is for the guys that want to tell how great their girl is. How much they want to change for her. But honestly, a good phrase if you care that much.

Some people are just sunshines. They walk into the room and brighten your day. No more basic Korean phrases. Were you thinking of anyone while you were reading this? Leave a comment below. I highly recommend this for Korean learners. Want to start speaking a new language?

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