Can you hook up on a cruise ship

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Sex at sea among the crew is even naughtier, with competitions staged for the most conquests and even a points system broken down by department. A male crew member, 28, who wished to remain anonymous, added: Partner-swapping was rife among the crew, the male crew member said. There were always little parties happening in the crew areas. There were two on the bunk bed having sex, two in another bunk bed naked, a person waiting to have sex and one person just sat on their phone.

The door was open.

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Another time, two guests invited my friend for a threesome. They were a couple in their thirties. He went in their cabin and they just started taking their clothes off. Another former cruise worker, Laura not her real name , 27, was invited for sex just seconds after boarding ship on her first contract. Cruise ships are no longer just for quiet retirees. That was my first introduction to the below decks shenanigans.

Laura, who worked for several years on the entertainment production team after graduating from university, slept with six people on her first six-month contract.

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The cramped conditions crew share force some to get creative in search of a private spot for sex. You could always tell who had been having a cheeky one on the floor of their cabin, as the carpets were so rough the girls would have carpet burn on their knees. With all the bedhopping going on, it is little surprise that some crew ended up with an STI to go with the sun and the sea.

Laura, now married with a young child, said: There were always lots of crew at the doctor on board, waiting to have an STI test. While cruises can be a great way to meet new people, not everyone is looking for a night of passion. Cruise lines are bringing what people want on board their ships or taking people to exactly what they want to see. The four-day trip sets sail from Los Angeles in October and will feature outrageous on-deck action including naked bodypainting, kinky sex toys and hour nudity. Grinding varies by director. Some are cooler about you hooking up on the dancefloor than others.

Difficulty of hookup depends a lot on you and your tastes. You might be able to get a different person every day, or none at all. Don't judge the success of a cruise based on numbers or on whether you hookup on the first night. Don't make yourself seem to desperate, but don't be reserved either - outgoing yet checked ego seems to work best as Ryan pointed out.

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  • If you dont have fun on your Cruise do not blame us.
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  • If you dont have fun on your Cruise do not blame us.

This is a subject for a book. A very long book. Sea days are your friend. The more the merrier - no "excursions" or anything keeping you away from friends. Success may or may not come quickly. That's part of the fun for most of us. Sometimes if you get lucky, dinner or the lido restaurant are great places too. Don't restrict yourself to one group. Join as many as you want Make sure you sparkle Advertising major term meaning talk to everyone in sight and make yourself known.

Save the high school drama for elsewhere.

Nothing ruins a cruise more than drama. If you got a talent, show it. Dancing, piano playing, make the best of your talents, but again, keep that ego in check.

Going on a cruise to... ahem... hook up?

If you need more help with game tactics feel free to pm me or Ryan. Find all posts by mmerali. Cruise Questions and Answers! All times are GMT The time now is Teen Cruisers Teens - meet here, meet onboard.

Pick your cruise line carefully.