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That is why such marriage often proves successful. The West makes fun of the Islamic way of marriage, in particular arranged marriage. Yet, the irony is that statistically arranged marriages prove to be more successful and lasting than romantic types of courtship. This is because people are blinded by the physical attraction and thus do not choose the compatible partner.

One can just bring mediators from within the family, i. But we have to emphasize that it is not lawful to compel a girl to marry someone she does not want. Salatul Istakharah the prayer for letting Allah to choose for you , is the most important and most effective way to find what will make you the happiest and give you the best partner for your life here and in the Hereafter.

I wish you read next lines with open heart and mind. Get help from other contributes of the page. Working in groups is encouraged by Islam. Indeeed… we as Muslims.. Still, we behave as ignorant. We do these things so easily that r actually forbidden in our Deen. I really appreciate people or groups like you..

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A proper guidance is required.. Good information and its clear. Islam is actually a very beutiful religious and really teach human to the best ways present n future…. The Islam concept of these things is really beautiful and make you love to be muslim even more and more ….

How Young Muslims Define 'Halal Dating' For Themselves : Code Switch : NPR

But I wish that our community would understand this too. Alhamdulillah am going through the same fitna with my wife after 14years with her we had 4 beutyfull children. When she was going college and get to meet other peolewho enfluence her to come out of our marriage and fall in love with a divorcey whom had a daughter who my wife think she felt sorry for the little girl of 7 and ahalf years old.

While these things are very important, the hijab does not guarantee a religious or pious wife at all. Neither does prayer as many pray out of good habit. Good character is hard to judge on outward appearance. I love a girl we r muslims. I want to marry her. I have told my parents. But she does not. Wha should i do?

Is dating allowed in Islam? Can one have a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Her parents r so strict….. Jazak Allah for this great sharing I want any video of an scholar on these topics which can be understood by the youth…if you have any kindly give me the link.. Islam is the best of the faiths around d world.

After reading the full text I can see that the full weight has been given to the understanding and compatibility of the two individual who are going under marriage rather than physical attraction between the two. But in the text which allowed the meeting of two individual before marriage it has been allowed only to see each other that is physical look only and no check of understanding faith believe and compatibility by denying them to talk separetly Both things seems contradictory , plz xpali. Can We Date in Islam?

Here is The Question: If not, why not?

What is allowed in Islam? First of all, thank you for seeking knowledge and asking from the sources of Islam. Trust Allah — do the Salatul Istakharah….

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August 5, at 9: August 5, at August 6, at August 6, at 1: August 6, at 5: August 6, at 6: August 6, at 8: August 6, at 4: August 7, at 1: August 7, at 4: August 7, at 5: August 7, at 8: August 8, at 3: Matin Amin Sayed says: August 8, at 9: If a young man and woman fall in love and become emotionally intimate before getting their families involved, their behavior may be considered sinful, or approaching sinfulness, but they have not committed a punishable crime.

This can be done months before the wedding. Once this ceremony has been performed, they can start dating like any couple if they want to date but not marry. If they decide to separate before physical intimacy, the women receives half of her dowry, rather than the full dowry, she can also forgo the dowry if she wants. Different Muslim cultures have differing practices. It is ultimately a matter of conscience between you and God.

It is very easy for us to find excuses for our sinful desires and to say that our case is different. In this way you can have a relationship, and if you end up not wanting to get married, you have the option of ending the relationship. If it is the woman who wants to end it, then she will get no dowry. If it is the man who wishes to end it, he must give her half the dowry, unless she says she does not want it.

They would be considered engaged in Islam, and they can publicly announce their engagement, and from then on they can have an intimate relationship like any non-Muslim Western couple. Depending on their culture, however, physical intimacy may be considered highly inappropriate until after the wedding, although technically it is allowed. They mean harm to no one, and they are old enough to think for themselves. The reason is that in Islam, marriage is an extremely serious business, because the survival of humanity depends on it.

Islam creates a system that ensures above-replacement fertility rates, meaning that sufficient children are born and taken care of so that the the population does not start shrinking and slowly going extinct. For the same reason that a factory owner has to worry about not releasing contaminated water into the environment.

This can be highly enjoyable, there is no need to deny this. The problem is that this leads to a society that does not value its future, and that considers having and bringing up children a nuisance that gets in the way of personal fulfillment. The result is that the number of people dying ends up being greater than the number of people being born, so that the population starts to shrink, like it is happening in Japan. They have million people, let it become 10 million instead.

Islam says it is not OK. The result is the same; humanity dies out. Islam says you must. It says you must not kill, you must not use legalized robbery usury to extract profit from society, you must not do injury to others, you must not abandon your children so that they starve. And you must not have casual sex, you must instead build families intended to survive for the long-term. Even if you are made to testify, and your testimony harms those you love or harms the Muslim community, you must do it.

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You must give preference to truth and justice over worldly concerns. But this is what we believe in, because we believe that by following principles, God will ensure our material good. You are part of humanity and you have a responsibility to leave it in as good a state as you found it, and that, needless to say, means that you do not do what leads to its extinction, whether it is by releasing toxic waste into the water supply or by giving preference to your sexual desires over doing the hard work of building families and raising children.

Is nikka interchangeable or? This allows the couple and their families to know each other better and makes it easier to separate if they end up not liking each other. Is it common for Muslim couples to do their nikkah when they get engaged? Also, do people wait to do their nikkah on their wedding day?

Sorry for all the questions. Each Muslim culture has its own practices. Some cultures separate the nikah and the wedding, which can at times be years apart. Other cultures perform both on the same day. It is best to perform the nikah ceremony before you start dating, the nikah ceremony makes the engagement official according to Islamic law.