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Every relationship carries risk. My wife has never been really hurt by a guy whom she dated only a few times. Being "serious" with a guy didn't save her from heartache.

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So the trick is teach them to view sex as a part of the intimacy between two adults in a burgeoning relationship To the first part Yes, I think it is okay for a man to have sex and not want a commitment There are plenty of guys and girls out there who indicate upfront that they just want sex. That's not my preferred game, but I am fine if that's what other people want. Be honest that you just want sex, and then let the other person decide.

If you just want sex and say so, that's fine. If you truly wanted a serious relationship, but then decide after a few sexual encounters that she's not the one you want to be with, that's fine. A guy who purposefully lies to a girl about wanting a long-term relationship just so he can trick her into a quick lay is NOT okay in my book.

There are plenty of women out there who are game for a casual fling, go find one of them.

Likewise, it's fine for a girl who is feeling lonely to seek out someone whom she just wants to spend an evening platonically chatting with Going on a DATE with someone you have no interest in doing anything other than just passing time with is just plain mean and dishonest. I mean, hell, if all these girls really just want a friend, then they should be hitting up all the other women on the dating site and asking them out.

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Which brings me to the second part I don't bring my basketball to a golf course, stand on the first tee, and ask who wants to shoot some hoops. I don't go to a McDonald's drive thru window, park my car at the front of the line, and ask someone to come rotate my tires for me.

There are plenty of other good places to go looking for platonic friends Bombtastic Send a private message. Wow you really pulled some assumptions out of what he was saying. Going on a dating site to find emotional fluffers is unethical that's all he was saying. And he's right any girl that is squeamish about sex and gets paranoid about it However, I can make my own decisions and choose the way I want to live. Edited on July 7, at I agree with you but I still think it's okay for a woman to look for friends on dating sites if that's what she want to do.

What you are saying is "I still think its ok to misuse a platform for an alternate agenda" by using that logic, its also OK to troll dating sites purely for sex partners? But people wanting the world to bend to their whims is rather unrealistic expectation. Like using a 'dating' site to bait and switch men into platonic relationships. They aren't signing up for that - like CaliMan said - if you want friends, reply to the other women's ads and invite them to your house to watch Oprah or something.

I mean, in my post, I explained my position that women who look for friends on dating sides are effectively being dishonest, rude, and obnoxious. So, if you AGREE with me on that--you agree that women seeking out friends on dating websites are being dishonest, rude, and obnoxious--then how do you claim that such behaviors are "okay? If they are in yours, then we'll probably have to just agree to disagree, but I am still really curious as to why you think that kind of dishonest and rude behavior from women is acceptable.

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This is just typical femlogic bullshit, an excuse to be on there and avoid the "stigma"? No woman ever wants to date a friend and no woman goes to a dating site looking for some chummy puppy boy to go shoe shopping and latte sampling with. Thats what gay men are for. If you see women on a dating site saying this, avoid them. They have a fear of being in touch with themselves and will be a complete waste of time.

George Send a private message. Well you could do what I do and just have sex with them. Easy to remove yourself from the situation as well. I do the same sometimes, with the interesting ones. But there's a lot that aren't. They're a waste of time. Some women feel incredibly pressured while dating about the sex question. Pressured that if things do not progress physically they are going to get dropped, and disturbed by thoughts that the men that date them are only being nice to them for sex.

They would like to date, find an incredible guy that turns them on, and they can push for sex on their own timetable and with fewer mistakes. But they are poorly communicating that they are not available romantically, and many good guys are saying,"Why bother? Cynicus Send a private message. Saw that on Tinder too.

Women on dating sites looking for friends? Really? - guyQ by AskMen

Always found it hilarious. Well then, you sure you're in the right place? Besides - it usually just means "only hit on me if you're mighty confident and have something to back that confidence up". I've slept with "friends only" on the first date, they usually just don't want to be judged. There's nothing wrong with looking for a "friend" on a dating site but it is like looking for spare parts for your car in a car dealership. Theoretically, you could find what you are looking for, but in reality, you are in the wrong department. Cali and hiero are making a lot of sense so instead of looking at it as an attack on the entire gender, try reading and comprehend what they are trying to say.

If you want to look for friend, that's perfectly fine, but you have no grounds to be mad at men for not wanting to just be your friend. They are seeking love, not friendships. However, that is not to say they don't intend to be your friend. They do, but they want more than the friendship and that's perfectly fine. Hiero is right, there are a lot of women out there who are a plain pain in the ass, using sex as a bargaining chip or a rewarding tool. No wonder men are not interested in dating. I have stopped dating several years ago because the downsides outweigh the benefits.

Why should I bust my hump trying to get a girl who thinks that the only thing I'm after is sex???? If you think so little of me or my gender in general, why should I waste my time with you???? If all men are pigs who are just after sex, then why do you bother dating us? If I give you attention, I'm a horny pig. If I don't give you any attention, I'm probably weird, gay, super ultra shy, asexual, scardy cat. There's no way to please some of you so the best choice is to not do anything at all. If I'm not valued for my efforts, I'll simply move on to something more rewarding such as my career or hobbies.

Yeah, though this isn't online dating situation. There was this one woman complaining in her profile that she had a guy over at her place, they were watching TV together on her bed. Apparently, he was getting handsy with her and she complained about it on her profile, stating that HE said, "I can't not want to sleep with a woman if I'm laying next to her in bed. I commented, "Oh, and if he didn't try to make a move, you'd probably think he's gay or something wrong with him. Either way, he loses! We all have our problems and yet most of us don't feel the need to make it public knowledge.

She was just looking for sympathy. I tend to distrust women who try to make themselves look like the victim. There are always two sides to each story. She was laying on bed with a guy watching TV.

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For most guys that's like a huge green light saying "I'm here, kiss me please". I mean, what did she expect??? I'm not sure who this chick is, but I don't go lying in bed with girls I have no interest in for this very reason. This chick sounds like trouble. That kind of whining on social media would make me steer clear from her.

TheGirlCode Send a private message. Okay so here's the thing. I am seeking a relationship 2. I am seeking a long term relationship 3. I want to date but nothing serious 4. I am seeking friends etc etc etc I'm sure you get the point. I was having a conversation with a male friend of mine one day and he was very frustrated.

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He have been on tons of dating websites and apps FREE and had no luck. Finally he broke down and paid for an upgrade on one of the dating apps. Usher s been doing a lot of electronic music lately, so datimg s such a pleasant surprise for firendship to go back to a more R B funk sound courtesy of super producer Pharrell. Minaj is also great friendshp her short verse. If this doesn t become a No.

I, for one, am extremely excited. Plus, her dance moves are less slick than a typical pop star s and more like a dating for friendship only version of Mayim Bialik from the Blossom opening credits. But, in all seriousness, Hideaway is a fantastic song that dating for friendship only being played at probably every single club in the country right now. Um, yeah, if Time. The lyrics aren t exactly the most inspired motorcycle is a metaphor from male junkbut the instrumentation and hand claps are beyond infectious. OK, name one time in fro past few years that Calvin Harris has gone wrong. Well, it s time to add Summer, as it has reached No.

It is the perfect summer song light, breezy, and makes you want to dance.

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I guess that dating for friendship only what happens when you put two vocal powerhouses like Lambert and Underwood together dating for friendship only have them sing a rollickin song. Here s hoping this isn t the last time they join forces. Shocker of the century, right. We all knew this was going to happen. Fancy has been dominating airwaves and showing up in commercials since it was released in February. So, let s dating for friendship only to it one more.

Released earlier this week, this song is quickly taking over the airwaves and will no doubt be played for the rest of the summer. You have two vocal powerhouses in Jessie J and Nicki comes in with a great rap. Looks like this is the next Lady Marmalade. Can t wait to see the give up on dating. Alrighty, what did you think about this list.

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The United States of America is the undisputed heavyweight of online dating. Online dating in Dating for friendship only, Colombia, Argentina and other countries just friencship compare in terms of sheer numbers. The best online dating sites in the United States have millions of members. Even the second tier online dating sites pack a punch with hundreds of thousands of members.

If you are willing to put forth the effort it takes to browse through a lot of profiles and send hundreds of messages, you have what it takes to meet a lot of singles in the U. The abundance of choice though has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage dating for friendship only online dating in the U. The disadvantage is that there onlu a ton of bad online dating sites full of fake profiles and empty promises.

I created this post as a guide to help you find the best online dating site for you. I ve done online dating extensively in the United States, read a ton of reviews, and listened to the experiences of friends who have tried out the various sites below. As I mention in my keywords for dating sites dating e-bookwhen I started out, I had no clue what I was doing, and my money was going down the drain each month with no results or girlfriend to show for it.

I realized over time that I was signing frienndship for the wrong sites and, therefore, was not putting myself in the best position to succeed. The websites I recommend below by niche group have been thoroughly researched and are the ones I recommend as you embark on your online dating journey.