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And you would certainly not be obsessing over every little thing he said to you like a teenage drama queen. Kay November 18, , 9: That crosses so many lines. WWS definitely, especially the last statement. This was the weirdest thing for me. Like, in what world do you tell your boss you have feelings for him? How have you not looked harder for another job?

Honestly tough love it does not sound like he is into you at all and as you have wisely mentioned even if he were you are married and he is so nothing can come of it. Take it and leave it. He has chosen his wife AND baby, and you chose your husband. Leave it at that. You are both taken, he has not given anything to suggest he is interested in you. You only think he has because you are reading into what he says WAY too much. Also is there maybe a slight possibility that even after telling him your feelings and him not feeding into them, that this continued reaction has something to do with YOUR marriage.

If you are os happy with your husband why do you continue to obsess over every little tid bit that you boss tells you. I think you need to look at your marriage and see if you are truly happy, is your husband giving you the attention, gratification you need? Not good enough, since he should have kept his mouth shut about his sex life around his employees from the beginning.

I have been mulling over this all day and I keep coming back to why she told him about her feelings. I think you nailed in on the head. She is clearly not happy in her marriage and it is time to deal with that issue on its own. Not throw yourself at a dream that is so clearly not going to happen. EricaSwagger November 18, , 9: What good did it do? SpaceySteph November 18, , 1: Like when would it ever be appropriate for you to tell your boss you have a crush on him?

And when would it ever be appropriate for him to take you up on that offer and date you while still being your supervisor? Only on the set of Desperate Housewives. Tremendously inappropriate behavior on her part for any employee, married or not. Addie Pray November 18, , 9: Oh wow this was making me cringe! LW, what Wendy said again and again. You most definitely need out of there, a new job far away, where you can start fresh and NOT repeat any of that inappropriateness. Addie Pray November 18, , And that is, you now know with complete clarity just how inappropriate all of this is.

And that is great, you want to know why? Because now you can fix it. You can get a new job — or move to a new department or whatever is available — to distance yourself from your boss and start over! So move on and do not repeat! I mean, it would be worse if, say, you were in a real pickle and we all were disagreeing, right? Because then it would be more confusing and hard to see what would be the best course of action for you. Except that would be amazing right now for me because I am so hungry. Laura Hope November 18, , 9: Maybe you and your husband could benefit from a weekend away too.

Stonegypsy November 18, , 9: But telling your boss, who is married and has a baby, that you have feelings for him is just not okay. I think therapy is a good answer, but also couples counseling for you and your husband. Are you fucking kidding me? So he must not love his wife and had secretly been in love with you for four years?

Find another job or move to a different department because clearly your judgment is clouded around this man. FossilChick November 18, , I second the suggestion to find another job ASAP. Geez way to read way too far between the lines. I think most guys are kind of funny about having sex during pregnancy cause of all the silly myths behind it.

LW, you sound completely delusional about this whole thing.

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He is your boss. There is no world where you two can run off together and live happily ever after. Reading this made my stomach turn. He has a wife, and a family with her. Back the fuck off. And I can only assume the LW has been doing the same. Fabelle November 18, , What did you hope to gain? Leave this job seriously, keep searching!! About time we got an insane letter. I was beginning to think we all had found our marbles…. Bossy Italian Wife November 18, , LW, if I were you I would back off! Put some of this passion where it belongs—in your own marriage!

The reason he told you he and his wife are going away without the baby? It took me multiple tries to read this letter. So here are some basic points of advice for you… — Knock that shit off. And you appear to be making him uncomfortable. And at the next one, keep your shit more professional. This is not ok at all. We get inappropriate in our office sometimes, but not to this level.

I see two sides of this. But on the other hand once someone makes a fucking awkward confession like that — any joking or sex discussions do have to stop. So congrats LW, you ruined it for the office. Now no one can talk about blow jobs and opposing counsels needing to get laid or other really funny things. November 18, , This reminds me of something that happened to an attorney in my office.

He called up opposing counsel to talk about the case. For the record, let it be noted that this particular opposing counsel has the reputation of being horribly inappropriate. My attorney was mortified. When he told me ths story, he heavily sanitized it with all kinds of metaphors, but I knew what he was talking about.

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Jennifer November 18, , I think you should quit this job or move to another department before this thing blows up in your face. You have acted inappropriately. Your boss could go to HR if you continue to act inappropriately. Do you want that to happen? Do you want to go home and tell your husband why you lost your job? Or do you plan to lie to him about it? Get your shit together. Your job and your reputation is at stake. You are a grown, married woman. Start acting like it. Lyra November 18, , You need to learn how to draw boundaries. This is lust, plain and simple.

If you have even an ounce of respect for your husband, you will distance yourself from your boss, find a new job, and recommit to your marriage. Essie November 18, , When I first read this, I thought the OP was saying she was Which sounded about right to me, given the wildly immature behavior. Your boss reacted the way he did when you told him your feelings because he was shocked and embarrassed, not because he has the same feelings. God, I could never face the man again after making such a fool of myself. And yes, WWS about the therapy.

Please, go talk this out with someone who can help you understand why this was such completely inappropriate behavior. TaraMonster November 18, , Small point of contention. From what I surmised, LW is total whack job who made him massively uncomfortable. Again, this is just how I read it, but he may have seen LW as a good friend and colleague and was unaware of her feelings, and once he was made aware, he stopped talking to her about super personal stuff. LW is dangerously close to bunny boiler territory, IMO. I have this same impression of the boss. What does that even mean. I deeply care for you.

Let me stick my care all deep up in you. He once asked me how my weekend went and I told him about one of my really really crappy dates back in October. No one really should talk about their sex life at work. He is being equally as inappropriate. I would be livid if my husband talked about our sex life to a female coworker. Yeah I would be really creeped out if my boss started doing that with me.

There are plenty of other things he can talk about with out going there. I would immediately and violently throw up all over my boss if he ever said something like that to me. As you are job hunting, please stay away from any job where married men work. You obviously have no clue how to appropriately interact with someone who is clearly rejecting you and your advances. You have officially entered that category of women not to be trusted around my husband. Whether the boss cheats or not has nothing to do with this LW, you know?

Definitely agree with you. I trust my husband around any women, including ones like this. Because I know if they made a pass at him, he would either a not notice or b not follow through with any offers she makes. And if this boss was my husband, I could definitely see him coming home and telling me about the whack job he works with. I definitely agree with you — but there is something extra gross about what this LW is doing. But if you trust your husband, you should trust him even if an inappropriate woman comes his way.

Yeah I guess this LW is so gross I blurred those two issues. Also because you look older, what with all the wrinkles and gray and saggy sagginess going on…. Funny you should say that, last year on my birthday I promised myself I would buy myself botox for this birthday to get rid of this dumb forehead wrinkle I have.

But then this year came around and I thought of a bunch of other stuff I wanted to buy myself. I really think 26 is gonna be my jam. I was planning on getting Botox for my 30th for the exact same wrinkle! They may have changed that though, cause I looked into it a few years ago. So if you get a few friends together to split 20 vials you can all get some. And you would never want to administer it yourself, a doctor would do it. Addie Pray November 18, , 2: Did i tell you about my ex boyfriend whose dad was a ENT doc? He had lots of access to botox. And the boyfriend had a twitch in his eye so his dad zapped it….

I fell in love with my married boss

He looked so lopsided that he had to go back and have his dad zap the other eye. SpaceySteph November 18, , 3: I do trust my husband. If he cheats its totally on him, but she is disrespectful to our marriage for saying these things and I want to keep people who would disrespect my family, away from my family. Its like the thing about diets, you know? Addie Pray November 18, , 4: I was just thinking of that same analogy!

But I dunno, I just feel like if he is going to be even remotely tempted to cheat, that would happen eventually, whether this woman shows up or not. But, no, I get what you and thatgirl are saying. Even the most loyal husband may have a hard time resisting her. Marital infidelity sounds like a good weekend plan. Cupcakes are delicious and make me happy. Cheating on my spouse is disgusting and would make me feel guilty.

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Maybe if we were talking about some gross food, like brussel sprouts? You can always go on a run to burn off the calories. GatorGirl November 18, , 8: Yes, exactly what you both said. There are so many inappropriate things going on with this relationship. Look for a new job. Especially with no intention of actually pursuing him? What was it meant to achieve? Grow up and get a new job and work on your marriage. Copa November 18, , MissyC November 18, , Second, do you share these same feelings for your husband? Because if not, perhaps this is a good time to examine whether you want to put in the effort to revitalize your marriage.

Perhaps those two things should be reversed in terms of importance…. Perhaps he is trying to find some ideas to spend quality time with his wife and is using date ideas with your husband because they seem fun. There is nothing under the surface here.

He is cluing you into the fact that he is doing things with his wife. Nothing like a good trainwreck to bring the dw crowd together. Everyone is being a holes. This letter is totally on the up and up. I feel for the LW. I think for her next step, she should start sending anonymous messages to the wife. Actually, please do send in that kind of update. Again, solely for entertainment purposes. At the same time, if that were to happen, Wendy should call someone and have her committed. LW, I really do hope that all these comments make you see things a little more clearly and that you decide to work on yourself and your self esteem a little bit.

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He made one joke about taking her out on one date four years ago. Can I just say that I needed this brand of crazy today, purely for entertainment purposes. Thanks Wendy for posting. And thanks LW for sharing your problems. Him venting does not equate that he will leave his wife.

It is was not necessarily appropriate that he vented towards you, but it happened. However, someone venting to you does not give you license to think that their marriage is over and for you to pursue them. We all have weird crushes, that if life was different, it would be good to pursue. However, that does not mean we do it now. And I agree, people need to grow up.

We do not need to attach feelings to every person who is nice to us and hope that we can marry them someday. That is just silly and spells trouble. He is gorgeous, smart, and is great at everything he does. He is an excellent businessman and I simply love hearing him talk and watching him work. One day, he asked me to meet him at a restaurant to have a few drinks and discuss my raise.

Just when we were about to leave, he kissed me; it was the best kiss ever. He even told me that he dreamt of us performing oral sex on each other. He asked me what I wanted to do but I told him that I wanted to go home.

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I am a hard worker and I have earned every raise that I have received. But we still continued to hang out and drink and then one day, it happened. Both of us were a little tipsy but we enjoyed it and have now been sleeping together for about a year and a half. He recently told me that we would not be seeing each other at work anymore because he was going to stay home and help his wife with their new baby and work on some other projects. My heart broke into a thousand pieces. Currently, he is still working with me at the same office and we are still sleeping together because I find it so hard to stay away from him, but I know that in a couple of months he will be gone.