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Before the window is set, Whitworth decides to call in the police to move in for an arrest of the drivers of the cars used by Brian and Roman. This results in a high-speed chase across the city. The duo leads the police to a warehouse, where a "scramble" by dozens of street racers organized by Tej disorients the police.

Following the scramble, the police manage to pull over the cars, only to find out that they were driven by Tej and Suki. As it turns out, the duo had switched cars and had escaped in the two muscle cars they had won earlier. As Brian approaches the destination point in a Yenko Camaro , Enrique tells him to take the Tarpon Point Marina exit, instead of heading to the airfield.

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Meanwhile, Roman gets rid of Roberto by using an improvised ejector seat in his Dodge Challenger powered by nitrous oxide. At the airfield, Customs agents have Verone's plane and convoy surrounded, only to discover they have been duped into a decoy maneuver while Verone is at a boatyard several miles away.

Verone reveals he knew Monica was an undercover agent, and purposely gave her wrong information on the destination point.

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As Enrique prepares to kill him, Brian's ejector seat fails, but Roman suddenly appears and helps Brian to incapacitate Enrique. Verone makes his escape, but Brian and Roman use the Camaro to drive off a ramp, crashing on top of the yacht. The duo manages to apprehend Verone and save Monica. With their crimes pardoned, Brian and Roman ponder on what to do next in Miami, with the former suggesting starting a garage.

They are revealed to have taken some of Verone's money for themselves. Moritz makes a cameo appearance as a police officer during a chase scene. Moritz, on greenlighting the project sequel. The director also claimed that the concept of street racing could be something young audiences can relate to.

Latin Speed Dating Miami

They approached it like they did sequels in the '80s and '90s, when they would drum up a new story unrelated for the most part, and slap the same name on it. I might have had a little bit more patience or belief in the long-term of it. Paul Walker , who had just finished Timeline at the time, reprised his role in the second picture as Brian O'Conner. Tyrese Gibson , then known mononymously as Tyrese, also became a part of the cast having previously acted in Singleton's Baby Boy , which was the singer's feature film acting debut; he portrayed Roman Pearce.

According to Singleton, "Ja got too big for himself.

Latin speed dating miami

He turned it down. He turned down a half a million dollars. He was acting like he was too big to be in the sequel. He wouldn't return calls. Principal photography began in the fall of , [12] and Matthew F. Leonetti served as the director of photography. The musical score was composed by David Arnold.

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