Dating nice guys

It's essentially men with these kind of attitudes I'm trying to avoid as well. This is NOT a nice guy trait. And I would never go out with a guy like this in the first place who can't see past a woman's prime age and looks. Because guess what, if you're going to be so anal about a woman's age and sexual past, then know that not every guy is going to age like George Clooney either or become the next Bill Gates: Hell, hope I never hurt any guy like this!

The bad thing about dating nice guys

I don't think there's any harm in trying to understand why I'm not attracted to certain guys and give them a chance. Women bond and develop feelings of attachment when they have sex. When you have sex with many partners and then leave them, you're training your brain to stop bonding. Bonding ie, love also involves lots of feel-good chemicals in the brain, so you're actually also becoming a dopamine addict. Like a porn addict, you're hooked on novelty and newness, always searching for the next one just around the corner, and vanilla guys do nothing for you.

You've destroyed your ability to bond and to fall in love. You can give men you're not sexually attracted to all the chances you like, but you will always get bored with them and resent them if you continue staying with them. You will end up cheating or leaving them. Not going to go in depth as to why your logic is so deeply flawed. If you're so confident in your reasoning, then share your N count and dating history to any potential new partners and see where that gets you with them.

Good luck, you're going to need it. I'm a bot, bleep , bloop. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit:. If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. I just don't hang around shitheads if I can absolutely avoid it. Has nothing to with dating exclusively. Avoid them at work, cut off family members that are bad people, peace out on toxic friendships.

Drama sucks and shitty people suck. It took me a solid 12 years of dating to figure out the right balance of confidence and niceness. Which, yes, is shitty. Ages , after that whole band thing and I cut off my hair and began trying to adult, all that natural player success disappeared and all my confidence disappeared with it. Had an insanely long dry spell til I met my now ex. Comes with maturity, I guess. Just find someone confident, goal orientated, and genuine.

They should be busy enough to not chase you, confident enough to not let you take advantage of them, and mature enough to treat you well. What you are looking for is a well raised, respectful, confident man. Arrogance comes from being self absorbed. You can have all these things without being your stereotypical boring yes man. I need to alpha up baby. I think a lot of people have nailed it here. Rather than alpha, it's the confidence minus the arrogance. Like in a weird way, the guy knowing that he has options but chooses to date the specific woman I'm a guy and I have the same problem.

I'm attracted to the woman that are not interested in me or are not very nice to me. It kind of sucks. There are guys out there though, just like there are women out there, that are just the right mix. There will be alpha guys that aren't bad boys that will show you just enough interest but not over do it like nice guys.

Just like there are women out there for me. It's a matter of learning what you don't like in the alpha douche and a nice guy. Then ending relationships with those types of people. Meet someone, look at their friends and how they see him and how they act in public and especially private. Most people act like their friends.

Maybe they prefer to play WoW with some old buddies that got to a bar and play pool with a co worker. Sit down for an hour and think about what you really value in yourself and in a partner. Think about the kind of relationship you want. Think about how these traits appear in someone else. Think about how you'd discover these traits in someone else. Then start rejecting people who don't fit this criteria, and diversify your social life so you meet a wider mix. Ehhh i disagree strongly with all your advice. Hes trying to date her. Key word, DATE, not establish a harem with her and her friends. I have personally lost count of how many potentially meaningful relationships i've seen torpedoed because her friends didn't like him.

They couldn't say why, just didn't like him and that was enough for the woman to call it off on every occassion. Learn how to screen a guy online and off line?

So basically treat dating like a job interview? Aside from being a single mom, nothing scares a dude off more than a woman who treats dating like a job interview. Meet his friend and family? This would be a hard pass for me and a big red flag. If she is insistent on metting my friends, i cut her out all together. She can meet my social circle 6 months after she moved in, not before. As far as don't rush in, this whole heartedly stupid advice.

Men have acess to tinder, pof, and match as well so if she keeps him at arms leigth and doesn't put out or show interests, he is just going to cut his losses, stop wasting his time, and move on to the next girl who will. This is womens archile's heel. I know its a meme but it is very true that women have horribly high standards but all they bring to the table is another guy's kids.

Hey, NexusInd, just a quick heads-up: You can remember it by two cs, one s. Have a nice day! The parent commenter can reply with 'delete' to delete this comment. It's funny because my fiance has been considered one of the nice guys all of his life. He was married once before and it only lasted about a year before they got a divorce, and it still makes me angry to hear about how she missed treated him and took advantage of his love and generosity.

He is in the IT field and has always been a bit of a nerd. He taught himself how to code and now works as a risk analyst for JP Morgan making pretty good money. He likes video games and thinks of everything very technical way. He is also very into philosophy. As he grew up in matured he began to develop more internally as a person, which is when I met him. He has matured and grown a lot since him and I first became friends and I am really proud of him, but all that being said, he is not at all and Alpha. He's not what most of the younger generation would consider hot.

He just needed time to mature and grow into the man he was destined to be. My point is, from what I have seen most of the alpha guys at a young age tend to grow into Total jerks when they are in their mid thirties and forties. But the nice guys who we would classify as Geeks or nerds tend to have a much higher value on human interaction and personal commitment. I would say, if you're looking for a serious, long-term relationship, look into the geek guys and nerdy guys because they will ultimately most likely make a very good long-term spouse who will stick with you during the hard times.

But if you're just looking for fun for now, scanning the alpha crowd won't do any harm. Just make sure before you fall head over heels that you know exactly who you're falling for. Are you mad because I revealed the truth behind the long asked question on why bad boys always break a woman's heart?

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Or are you a bad boy who is annoyed you've been outed? Either way it's ok. Life goes on, I promise. I revealed the truth behind the long asked question on why bad boys always break a woman's heart? Yea appreciate there's a middle as well. I meant more as in charismatic guys who would come across as arrogant but are bolder, smooth talking.

I've called them 'bad' in the sense that I've been lied to and cheated on or rejected by the same guys much later on. They're not exactly bad but have some huge deal breakers.

13 Reasons Why Nice Guys Never Win Dating Toronto Girls - Narcity

That's a deception I was a prey of myself. It took me way too long to figure it out and see that romantic love is a very fleeting state and once it's gone max. I am not blaming women personally, as this is just their biological nature, but men nowadays must be vigilant and mindful that the legal system, in case of divorce, is firmly on the side of the woman. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Toronto girls aren't into these kind of guys. We're into the badass who drives a nice car, texts you once in a while and is so hot, every time you see him, you melt to the ground. The guy who doesn't talk about meeting your family, and rarely makes plans without your help. Why are we attracted to the bad guys?

Who the heck knows, but we do know that nice guys never win. So nice guys, we want to help you out. These are the reasons why you never win trying to date a Toronto girl. Although playing hard to get can get annoying, if you're always free to hangout, it is simply just TOO easy. If it's been a few weeks and you already want her to be your girlfriend, you need to slowwww it on down buddy.

Dating The "Nice" Guy - Three Reasons NOT To!

Seriously, put your foot on the brakes. Impressing a girl and going too far are two different things. Nice guys will go balls in with a girl if they really like her. Sometimes it comes across as too much. If you text all the time, what the heck am I gonna say to you in person? If you're overly nice to me, I'm not gonna want to rip your pants off. Bad guys are hot, so give me something to work with plz. No one can possibly be as nice as you. You have to be borderline crazy underneath it all.

Until I find the dirt, I'm not believing any of it. Lurking other girls that you think are swerving in on your man gets amusing. If you're too nice, what girl will be chasing you? Without any drama, there really isn't much excitement.

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I will get bored too easily. Where are your friends?!

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I would love it if you ditched me for your friends once in a while. It's not ok to only hangout with me. It's possible that it's nervous talk, but regardless it's annoying. Bad guys give me a challenge.