Am i dating a crazy person

My God, they will hold it against you forever. They put themselves on a pedestal. They can do no wrong, while everything you say or do is wrong. When someone is constantly pointing out your flaws but wrapping it in a compliment so you cant really get mad.. To me the most toxic people are the ones who do it so well. Sometimes your too close to the situation to realize whats going on. They try to control your life, ex: They always try to one-up you, ex: They will always try to get the last word in, in an argument.

I was raised by a narcissist. Everything is always a complaint or everything consists of something bad happening to them. If lying has been made habit, it means they have done it a lot. If you hear a lie, where the truth has no consequence, you can never trust another word out of their mouth.

Everything is your fault. Is there a misunderstanding between you two? Was it due to them miscommunicating to you?

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Did they provoke you to do what it is you did? Did they entrap you in any way? You made them act the way they did, and there is no consequence for them making you act the way you did. If you ever apologize to this, they own you. This is where they insist that your memory is wrong. This is meant to train you to not question their judgement, since you no longer trust your own. If they get you in this trap they can feed you lies, that you know are lies! But then you think that what you know is wrong, so they must be telling the truth.

Did you have to cancel spending time with them to see your family? You will make it up to them like an indentured servant. Sadly, some of this negativity can be truth. They have some judgmental comment about any person other than themselves that they bring up. They make you feel bad for it. Anytime there is juicy drama gossip around, they have to use it till they wear a hole in it. These people need hunted like a wild animal and their skin used to make a leather jacket. When they twist and turn your entire life to their needs and desires.

As other have said, the narcissistic quality of blaming others but never themselves. When they make you feel like complete and utter shit for not helping one time, for not being there at the right time. When they make you focus each and every fiber of your limited being to their satisfaction.

When they force guilt on you for you being the reason they want to off themselves because one thing you did that they did not like…leaving you so, so confused. Continue to be kind…but never let someone take advantage of you. But alas…I cannot be blamed, not after that.

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Nothing terrifies me more than being so close to someone and then watching them become a stranger again. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. Often the stories become even more dubious after some fact checking or even by listen to the person contradict their own story. Many people have a history of doing this and often even do it on social media. People like this can be inconsistent and have a very difficult time keeping any commitments.

T hey also flit in and out of different jobs and occupations unable to hold anything down. People like this have constant falling out with friends and family. The world is against them. Much of it also depends on when you meet people. Crazy places, crazy people. This often rings true for women in particular. Many people often stay for this reason alone. When someone sounds too good to be true, they often are.

It can save you months of trouble, believe me. The most important part here is to leave before they cause too much damage. This is fallacious thinking, because you have to look at the time cost. It would be better to look for new prospects than to stay with a bad investment. More and more lies and other things that were said about them are consistently not matching up with what other people tell you. You might often find them up close and passionate at one point and then distant the next.

7 Signs the Person You’re Dating Is Crazy.

This hot and cold behavior is often the sign of someone who is either unstable or likes control by making you feel distant. In some extreme cases their instability gets out of control and they become jealously possessive. As you can see this instability can affect your life more and more. Life will be more like walking on constant eggshells. The next section gives you some ways to do that.

10 Signs That He's Crazy

You want to do it while causing the minimum amount of damage possible. If you have mutual friends or the crazy person has entrenched themselves into your personal life, then you might have a more difficult time doing this. This makes it even more imperative that you get out. Do not let them leave things over at your place.

7 Signs the Person You're Dating Is Crazy. - Infinite Transcendence

This is a classic maneuver to have a reason to come back after an argument or when you get rid of them. Tell them to always take their things when they leave.

If you need a reason just say you tend to throw things out a lot by accident. If they keep leaving things behind. If the person is causing you serious trouble you might want to keep a paper trail or a record of their voicemail or other interactions for you in case you need to call the police or get a restraining order. Just keep in mind that if a person is extremely violent and willing to do something crazy, a piece of paper might not be enough.

Have them sent to jail. The cops will in many cases arrest you anyways in a domestic dispute simply for being male. One of the most important things to remember is not to date someone who is in your social circle, customer, or at your job.

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