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He sought out A. Pratt, an inventor in Newark, N. At the speed of rings per minute, these machines were able to perform the cutting, splitting and joining - all tasks formerly done by hand. The Twenties brought in Art Deco and geometric designs.

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Some of the brand's most popular handbags, still sought-after today, were introduced in this decade such as the Princess Mary, El-Sah, Picadilly, Delysia, Sunset, to name a few. The designs were adored by women across the country, from Hollywood to the everyday woman. Even were they not the accepted thing among modish women, I confess to the fear that I would possess one simply to revel secretly in the fascination of its gleaming silken-textured mesh. They called it the famous "Whiting" soldered mesh. The women danced in silver and golden mesh dresses as an enormous mesh handbag hung in the background scenery.

Charles Whiting reminisced in the company newsletter, "It was no unusual sight in the summer to ride through the country and see groups of women and girls sitting under the trees in their yards making bags just as you would see them spending an afternoon sewing. The collection was introduced through a dramatic full-page ad in The Jewelers Circular, announcing the colorful, painted handbags featuring Dresden, flat and Beadlite mesh. The handbags featured Art Deco frames and were lined with a structured silk fabric, giving them a more pouch-like shape.

From there, the first glove was made of the same brass ring mesh used for the handbags and due to its success, quickly grew in regard within the food industries. Mesh scarves and collars became popular styles, worn around the neck, head, shoulders or waist, and Art Deco influences continued into this decade with bright reds, oranges, blues, black and white often on geometric and zig-zag patterns. The styles were pouch-shaped finely crafted in flat and beadlite mesh, featuring rhinestone clasps with finishes in gold, studded silver and iridescent pearl white.

The company was able to subcontract with Raytheon Manufacturing and produced electronic equipment, including radar transmitter-receiver sets, wave guide assemblies and various components for radar and electronic equipment. As orders came in, employees were afforded the opportunity to assemble handbags in their spare time for small bonuses. Since metals were sparse, jewelry and handbag styles were often designed with alternative materials such as Bakelite. Cocktail parties were a growing trend and with it, brought bold, showy designs known as cocktail jewelry.

Popular styles included cameo pendants and earrings and charm bracelets.

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Cameos returned and statement rings, mother of pearl and colored mesh scarves were big sellers. Department of Commerce "E" for export excellence. Take a look at this one, and see if you might find tell-tale signs on yours of rings where the handles would have been attached: Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply! It does have stiff side body underneath the mesh- almost like cardboard. There are no signs or any indication that were handles.


It seems it was intended as a small clutch. Very fun to see yours as well- they are very similar!

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Then it definitely must have been meant to be a clutch--the handbags are soft sided and quite unstructured, so would be unwieldy to carry like a clutch. Yours is the first clutch in this style I've seen then--very sweet bag! This must have been such a popular style for them that they made it in more than one version.

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I think there was probably a small change purse that went with these as well. It would be fun to have an entire ensemble of them! I found this ad in and in the Newspaper Archives. It looks like the same bag - except it does have a strap.

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The only clutch I found is from - and it doesn't have the wide banding like you bag does. Linn , Feb 23, It's a lovely bag! Linn-Wow- what fantastic finds! I love old advertisements- they make vintage feel even moreso like a physical piece of history.

Even my 8 yr old son told me it was too cool for me to sell it. Well, we gotta eat too, honey.