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The overhaul aimed at giving players more freedom in environmental navigation, and it resulted in major changes in animations and artificial intelligence AI. The studio also abandoned most ideas for story and quests and created them again from scratch. The game was originally planned to release in The game's release date was later pushed forward to January On 28 October , Techland announced that the PlayStation 3 and Xbox versions of the game have been cancelled.

The decision was based on "thorough internal testing" that showed that the consoles could not handle the game properly. However, according to senior game producer Adrian Ciszewski, Dying Light ' s frame rate will be locked at 30 FPS on consoles in order to be able to deliver native p graphics, reduce input lag to minimum, as well as to provide a smoother and more gameplay-tailored performance. A season pass for the game was announced on 4 December offering a range of new content for the game, including missions, weapons and outfits.

An Ultimate Edition, which includes both the base game and the season pass was also announced. On 17 January , Techland announced that physical copies of Dying Light have been delayed to an unspecified date due to a "longer lead time than digital". Techland has announced that the game will still be available digitally on its scheduled release date. On 2 February , patch 1. The company stated that "Modders were a massive part of our gaming community since Call of Juarez 2 and Dead Island , and we wish to continue that with Dying Light.

It includes content such as free parkour lessons, a custom shelter, night vision goggles and a trip to Poland. The DLC includes three new skins and four new weapon blueprints. The DLC is free to season pass holders. The marketing campaign of the game received criticisms from critics for using a quote from YouTube celebrity PewDiePie in an advertisement poster for the game.

On 25 June , in parody of a promotional campaign between Destiny and Red Bull , Techland announced that it would give away codes for premium weapons to players who posted a picture of themselves drinking a glass of water on Twitter. This was later expanded into a "Drink for DLC" campaign, with the planned release of multiple pieces of free DLC for the game if a certain amount of pictures are posted.

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The title will be free to all players who purchased Dying Light' s seasonal pass, but will also be available for separate purchase. The Following will introduce a new story campaign, controllable vehicles, and a new map, the size of which is the same as all the previous maps from Dying Light combined. The expansion released alongside Dying Light: The Following — Enhanced Edition , which includes the base game, all the downloadable content and content updates, and the expansion.

A gameplay demo was released on 26 August , approximately six months after the game's initial release. The demo offers three hour of gameplay content, and supports four-player co-operative multiplayer. Most gameplay mechanics, such as the day-night cycle and the crafting system are also featured in the demo. On March 16, , a version of Dying Light: According to Blaszczak, the music of the game was inspired by movie soundtracks in the s and s, as he considered that the noticeably sadder tone of such music is more appropriate for the game's post-apocalyptic setting than typical horror music.

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Synthesizers are commonly used within the music, so as to "present a feeling of abandonment, emptiness and sadness" to players. When composing music for the night section of the game, he aims to achieve the silence atmosphere of nighttime. The team eventually created a whistling sound, which played during the night section, so as to make enemy encounters at night "more frightening". He also stated that the soundtrack played during the game had made the game "an impactful, ambient experience", and that the music of the game had delivered a unique tone and atmosphere that most other games fail to achieve.

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Dying Light received generally positive reviews from critics upon release. He summarized the review by saying that " Dying Light gradually and gratifyingly evolves into a fast, hyper-violent celebration of vertical freedom and zombie destruction.

It is one of the most engrossing open-world games — zombie-infested or otherwise — I've played in a while. Brian Shea, writing for Game Informer also gave the game an 8. However, he criticized the unreliable parkour system, as well as the occasionally frustrating control scheme. He summarized the game by saying that " Dying Light is a strong open-world zombie game that delivers a good experience on nearly every front.

Steve Burns from VideoGamer. Compulsive and well built Brandon Jones from GameTrailers gave the game a 6. Arthur Gies from Polygon gave the game a 6. He praised its unique setting, as well as the navigational challenges, which he stated "has captured a distinctive sense of scale, height and vertigo" However, he criticized the clunky parkour system, poorly explained crafting system, confusing menus and inventory, excessive gore, overused fetch quests, lack of a fast travel system, lack of depth in the competitive multiplayer "Be the Zombie" mode and the aimless campaign.

He stated that "the sense of urgency to get stuff done during daylight hours and the terrifying experience delivered at night has made Dying Light feel unique". He also criticized the Be the Zombie mode for not being enjoyable. He summarized the game by stating that "the game is a definite improvement on Dead Island but still behind the curve in terms of most games. In the first week after its release, 1. Dying Light has the highest-selling first month of sales for a new survival horror intellectual property, breaking the record previously held by The Evil Within.

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A prequel novel, Nightmare Row , was announced by Techland on 13 January The story revolved around Mel Wyatt and her brother Paul, who were trapped in a hotel after the outbreak. The novel is written by Raymond Benson. A sequel, Dying Light 2 was announced at E3 by Chris Avellone , who will serve as the game's narrative designer.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But in the end, Dead Island was hack-and-slash, killing lots of zombies, and all about making killing fun. With Dying Light , we wanted to create a survival experience. Zombies are a serious threat. We couldn't ever achieve it in Dead Island , because we didn't establish it from the beginning, but it was there at the start of development on Dying Light ".

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