How to get sims to form a dating relationship

He's trustworthy and knowledable about all this, so give it a go. Disclaimer This site is not endorsed by or affiliated with Electronic Arts , or its licensors. Trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Game content and materials copyright Electronic Arts Inc. Are you sure you want to report it? You forgot that break up is an option! Just look a little closer or scroll a bit slower and you'll find it. The man feels like she is his soulmate, but she doesnt think he is hers. How can I make him her soulmate as well? How can you tell how they feel towards each other?

I see 2 options but!

Falling in Love, Dating a Girlfriend/Boyfriend or Proposing Marriage

Often the Soul Mate status glitches. Try traveling with your sim to see if that resets it. Also saving, quitting and if all else fails usually time fixes it. Clearing out the cache files is a good idea to do when your game begins to get a little buggy and Repairing Game is also useful. There is a girl Steve is trying to impress but when I open more options, It just has Friendly, funny, mean, and even mischief. The only reason the "Romance" option would be missing is if they're somehow related. I have a couple with in both bars but they're still just best friends and spouses Anything I can do?

If you are trying for Soul Mate status this can be glitchy. Read my reply a few posts up for some ideas.

So both of my sims consider each other soulmates and lovers. They're dating and they are best friends.

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They both have a want to be engaged to each other Make sure both sims needs are high and that they have no negative moodlets in their moodlet stack. An angry, embarrassed or sad moodlet, even if out weighted by other positive moodlets will nearly always result in a rejection.

I play a married couple - girl has a romantic aspiration the soulmate one and guy has the rich aspiration. They own a club and they had a little gathering at their house. I recently joined into a club another engaged couple, so I made the girl interact with the new girl and the guy with new guy, so they would get friends. After I instructed the girl, I "left" the conversation to manage the guy. It wasn't even 2 min after, when I saw the girls go into sauna to woohoo They were barely friends, probably still aquintances and they had no common traits.

I don't get it. And the girl is married, the other is engaged. I don't want them to cheat, but the only way to prevent it is to watch like a hawk what they do? That would make my gatherings so troublesome My first solution was to remove the new girl from the club and just have the guy. Only it was the new guy and the husband who did it!! And neither has romantic aspiration, but they both have the active trait.

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The club vibe also wasn't flirty never even purchased that option. Like I said, everything was going smoothly before I joined that couple. I had a lot of gatherings already and my couple interacted with lots of sims by themselves, but never in a romantic way. There is a game-bug at the moment that makes sauna woohoo a 'friendly interaction'.

Until the bug is fixed maybe lock the door to the sauna or just remove it while your club gathers. Ohhh it's the sauna!! It actually was the first time I gathered with a sauna in the lot! It makes sense now. I have a couple that went from good friends to complete blank even though they are a bf and gf now? Their love and friendship bars are all maxed out and everything but it still doesn't as lovebirds, romantic interest, soulmates, just good friends or anything the part for the relationship just displays as blank for both of them Do u know any fix for this issue as I don't get the serenade with guitar option as it doesn't acknowledge the partner as as a romantic interest: This is unfortunately the new way the game deals with relationships now that groups have been introduced.

You will just have to spend some time working on their relationship again. If you get them to exchange phone numbers this seems to protect the sims from 'relationship culling'. Were you rotated away from playing them when this happened? Thanks for the reply oh that would explain it. When u mentioned spending some time working on it, do u mean resetting the relationship to zero using cheats maybe or deleting and making a whole new sim again?

What I did was I simply created the sim and placed them in another household and then moved her to the current household and didn't really know the new patch came with that issue but yes thanks again for the phone number trick imma try that when I get the chance. I just meant talking and flirting etc with the sim in question. I don't think you'll need to start again with a new sim if you still really like this one.

With some socials and romantic socials you should be able to rebuild their relationship. Of course if you want a new sim I made two Sims with matching traits, but they don't seem to be compatible.. Today they got engaged, woohoo'd and when the guy wanted to make them some dinner at her house she threw him out and got super mad! Is this some kind of glitch or just uncompatability?

living for the next update

I'd really like them to be together but they're just crazy! Is there anything I can do to fix this? A recent patch brought in the ability for sims to be thrown out of other sims houses for 'rude behavior'. Cooking is one of those behaviors tagged as rude. A sim now needs to have the Always Welcome trait for them to be able to do whatever they like in another sims house.

So this will be why your sim threw him out. As to them being compatible, well there isn't really an attraction system in the sims although some sims just don't seem to particularly like each other. If your sims are sighing it could be that you have repeated a friendly or romantic interaction twice in a row which sims hate or that they are just bored.

Once he is in the same household as your sim and you have control of him you will be able to direct socials between them both much better and their relationship will be fine. Or not, depending on how you want to play it!

Are having affairs more difficult? I've been trying to have my slutty sim have an affair with a married sim but he will not accept any romantic options. He's very loyal, lol. But they both have nearly maxed friendship bars, so any tips? If you can get the target sim and your sim in the flirty mood then it should be easy. Just start with flirts and compliments and mix those into friendly socials or jokes. Once flirts are accepted do a few lower end romantic socials until the romantic bar has a bit of pink on it and take it from there. If you have Get Together swapping phone numbers never seems to be rejected.

I've actually been rejected by Mortimer Goth when I tried exchanging phone numbers with him. He scowled when he got the message and tapped his phone, then a negative realtionship popped up above his and my sims head But most of the time it is successful. That would actually be pretty funny to see! Nice to know that it can fail though. Please enter at least one item. Please enter the link of the website. Please enter the link of the image. Here is a listing of all videos released to date, in order of release: By aprilklazema , November 14, 7: See all their Tutorials.

Marriage, Family, and Relationships

The Sims series is a widely popular video game where players simulate life. Part of life is, of course, about relationships with others. Players can make a variety of relationships with others in the game. There are a few different types of relationships in TheSims FreePlay. These relationships are a key to communication between the various Sims in a game. Starting any relationship, whether friendly or romantic, involves similar steps.

Step 1 To begin the a relationship, your Sim must complete certain actions with another Sim.