Secretly dating my cousin

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me and my Cousin are falling in love - Help / Advice - Cousin Couples' Forum

I [25M] have been secretly dating my cousin [25F] for years. Jun 29, 1. My family is from New York, hers from Florida, our shared family is rooted in a certain midwestern state. We had only ever met TWICE before our orientation week, but we both decided to make a point of trying to be friends in college because we were family. Off the bat we got along like two houses on fire. Same interests, same sense of humor, same impulses.

Looking back, the irony of our similarity is not lost on me since our parents were raised together. We were best friends for a year, and then, one drunken night sophomore year, hooked up and have been dating ever since. We never fight, we get along so well, we really love each other. We never really behaved like cousins because we had essentially been strangers when we met.

I'd like to add that only our closest friends know we're related either. However, because we became such good friends, our halves of the family decided to start getting together more often for holidays, and saw our friendship as a bridge between the whole family. We now live together in my hometown and both have jobs, and our WHOLE family keeps treating us as brother and sister, essentially, pointing out how close we are, etc, how great it is that the family has bonded again.

Fair dues, we have essentially created a very strong family reunion system. We got a two bedroom apartment for appearances, but sleep together every night. Our family is so thick they haven't noticed. Our siblings know, but that's it. However, we are obviously going to get married. I love her to pieces. We have absolutely no idea how to tell the family. Part of me just wants to run away. I know my dad would be cool with it but I'm not sure anyone else would be. My grandma would lose her shit. What on earth do I do? We want to get married. It's weird because their family seems to be close.

I am so confused by this.

Do y'all think this is okay? Jun 29, 2.

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Thanks x 4 LOL! Jun 29, 3. Your main worry seems to be breaking the news to the others. I can promise you that once they have absorbed the fact of your relationship their minds will immediately focus on the possibility that your children will be disabled in some way. In many British families cousins are like slightly-distant siblings.


They grow up together, play together and regard each other with the mild, proprietorial amusement of people who are close but not that close. Cousins make fun of each other's love interests, share family jokes no one else understands and physical similarities which outsiders notice.

They remember midnight feasts and the time when one of you was sick after drinking a bottle of cider the day after Boxing Day a decade ago. Cousins are people you are comfortable with rather than sexually attracted to. In making public your love for Alison you will disrupt that scenario. Your relationship will throw all others into doubt. Family members will begin to re-evaluate each other and wonder when the seeds of passion were first sown.

They won't find it at all comfortable.

I'm secretly dating my cousin?

MANY people for good reason or none have to run the gauntlet of family opposition to their relationships. If you are both sure this is the love of your life you should go for it. Your family may or may not come to terms with it but from what you say you have no alternative. A reader, anonymous , writes 22 April A reader, anonymous , writes 15 April A reader, anonymous , writes 9 April A reader, anonymous , writes 8 April A male reader, Hugh.


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