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The suggestion of moving to California is a good one. Irvine, San Diego, and Los Angeles college areas are ideal if you're a something with the preferences you have. Best thing about OKC: Look at your top matches. Look at why they are your top matches. Look at common linkages between them. You'll then have the ability to make a more all-encompassing list than merely the physical and I traditionally dated large breasted women, so I get the physical attraction thing.

It's just not all there is. When you can apply that larger list of likes you can work out where those type of people hang out. Go there, hang out, chat people up.

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Sooner or later you'll get dates with awesome people. Sometimes people who like Asians seem to have a thing for the cultural submissiveness. I'd check for that in my top matches if it's something you suspect about yourself. Are you into Asian culture at all? Since many people get set up by friends, maybe you'll meet a potential soulmate through a friend As an Asian-American female, I'd find it hella creepy that this white guy, though charming and handsome, was volunteering at the film festival box office just so he could meet Asian girls.

You could move to China and have a Chinese girlfriend within a week. I see even un-handsome, un-charming white guys with Chinese girlfriends all the time. If you're serious about this and have the qualifications, go teach english in Korea for a year. Every one of my guy friends who went came back with a girlfriend.

Someone I know ended up getting married and staying in Korea. I think he even met her on an online dating site over there. Moving somewhere where there are more Asian women would certainly improve your chances of meeting women you find attractive and interesting who find you attractive and interesting. Attraction is not a moral act, no matter how racist that small part of your brain that determines attraction is, that doesn't make you a bad person. How you handle it however, very much can.

Your question reads like you don't have very much serious experience with relationships and so I'd encourage you to listen to the other posters here telling you how attraction is only one of the many necessary aspects of a good relationship. All of the white guys I've known with Asian fetishes ended up having very superficial, often drama-ridden relationships with the Asian women they dated. I'm mostly talking about Caucasian guys who almost exclusively dated Asian American women. The problem is the Asian fetishists I've known usually had very little in common with their girlfriends.

I'm sure these guys could have found Asian women willing to date them who were compatible with them, but it was like they didn't even think in those terms. Although I personally find Asian fetishists creepy, I don't have a moral problem with them. But I think for their own sake and the sake of the women they get involved with many of them could benefit from developing an appreciation of deeper traits.

My top advice would be to try to keep it to yourself. When you find the chicks that strike your fancy, approach them as individuals. Nobody gets in trouble for only trying to contact blondes, or women with larger boobs, or who are thin, or whatever. But especially at the start you don't tell the woman "oh, you have quality X , I love that" or "I was attracted to you because of quality X ".

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Every single one is an individual who you may or may not hit it off with, and the fact that quality X turns you on and those women are the ones you want to meet, it needs to be your private thang. The advice about moving - yeah, I guess if you are located where the women do not have quality X , what the hell are you going to do? And as timsneezed says above, be really careful to actually like the person.

But you want a relationship with a girl who you like and who likes you and who, preferably, is Asian - you don't want a relationship with an Asian girl. I think there are a couple of important differences here. I wouldn't personally be offended if I found out a guy I was dating had a thing for blondes. But being blonde is just one physical attribute. Your ethnic makeup in some ways defines a lot of your appearance. So if you find out you're dating someone who fetishizes your ethnicity, there's the sense that your ethnic makeup might be most or all of what they care about.

It seems more plausible that someone could base a relationship on a whole host of physical traits rather than just one. Then there's the whole submissive stereotype associated with Asian women and how that plays in for a lot of fetishists. I am a caucasian male, who has always been very attracted to asian girls.

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Ok, so you're in Colorado, which is pretty darn white. Well, were are Asian people? Probably at Asian restaurants. Thus, start frequenting Asian restaurants. When you come across an attractive Asian woman, then become a non-creepy regular and go ahead and flirt and talk. Non-creepy means you don't show up every day or week.

Make it natural, sort of like when you're hungry for Asian cuisine. Go with friends, to show you have a life and aren't a creepy stalker. If she's not interested, move on. You don't mention the level of attraction. Is it just physical or are you interested in the culture also? Because the latter would make it much easier and more respectable in most eyes. Nothing wrong with being more into a culture that you weren't born into.

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Otherwise, move to a location with a larger Asian population. It is fine if you're most attracted to Asian women, just don't be creepy about it. I think we can give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that there's a good chance he also cares about her personality; he probably just didn't come out and say it because it normally goes without saying.

He seems to think Asian women are better looking than other types of women. OP, are you only willing to date Asian women? If so, you are severely limiting your dating pool, particularly since you live in an area with few people of Asian background. I imagine you will need to make other compromises to make up for this, i. But something's gotta give here unless you get really lucky. Also, have you ever dated an Asian woman before? It's not clear from your question.

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Where have you been? And they get dumped. Back in the day, I personally dumped guys who were complacent about preferring thin blondes. Never had the large boobs so I can't help you there. But there is something so irritating about all of that. If your career enables you to travel, you could use the internet to find people in California or Hawaii, and then go there. Or, start vacationing regularly in Asia or a place with a higher Asian population and get to know local people. But fear rarely stops her, she says. Tricia says her mother had the greatest influence on her growing up.

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Respectfulness, generosity, cleverness, confidence and humility Dislikes: And friends, the people who choose to be family. And Siouxsie, of course! Words she lives by: Cuong , who describes himself as witty, confident and genuine, says his greatest accomplishment is founding Tennis Hope, a nonprofit organization that promotes youth development and diversity within the Denver tennis community.

Cuong attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and works as a systems administrator.

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We must to do this again soon! Qualities that attract her to other people: Indecisiveness, laziness and closed-minded. My family, especially my nieces and nephew. My own quote I made up and live by today: That way you can embrace life fearlessly. Jonathan considers his position as a tennis coach a unique achievement. A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder, Jonathan was able to adapt to any circumstances thrown at him in college, a trait he found very valuable. Confidence, selflessness, sense of adventure and most importantly a sense of humor Dislikes: Playing tennis keeps me sane.

A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder, Jessica says that being well-rounded during her college career was a valuable experience. She was always involved in multiple organizations and athletics, and worked throughout college. Good sense of humor, drive, ambition and someone who is genuine Dislikes: Arrogance and ignorance Words she lives by: Steve , who describes himself as responsible, fun and hardworking, says his greatest accomplishment is getting his engineering degree from University of Colorado at Denver, which he achieved by paying his way through college, studying hard and maintaining determination.

In his free time, Steve jogs, swims and hikes. He also enjoys watching movies and TV shows, playing games, hanging out with friends, listening to music, drinking and cooking.

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An Italian food lover, Steve says his perfect date would simply be dinner and a movie. People who are independent and can take care of themselves Dislikes: I seem to be listening to music throughout my day and sometimes even to help me go to bed.

A graduate of University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in accounting, Dennis found meeting friends throughout college valuable because they eventually became his family. He also learned to chase his dreams. His favorite activities include golfing, snowboarding, camping and fishing. Down to earth, genuinely nice and open to try new things Dislikes: People who are mean and inconsiderate of others. Delicious food Words he lives by: