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However, I bet that they had a little fuckbuddy action for a while. They'll be on the road together a lot. Pearl is a proud bottom. Detox is a proud top. Detox declared that she had a one night stand with a girl from S7. Detox will say anything to get with cute young twinks and because they tend to be bottoms, well, you do the math. I appreciate De as a queen but for real he is borderline creepy predator whose game seems mostly to involve aggressive pursuit and pressure.

If this pic of Pearl really is from 10 years ago that would mean De was in his early 20s, at least since a lot of people think he lies about his age, and Pearl would have been like 13 or 14 which makes the whole grown ass man taking photo of young teen possibly very creepy and gross.


Lol as Willam always says if someone turns the word top into a two syllable word then they aren't one. Porn is a job, you do what you get paid for. She has made it clear she's a top. I don't see why wouldn't you believe, though. I'm a bottom and pretty much every guy who has fucked me acted more "flamboyant" and noticeably gay than me.

Quite honestly, I don't really care who's the top and who the bottom. I just never considered her a top. To be quite honest I'm having a hard time imagining any of the queens tops ok, that's a prejudice, I clocked that myself. Yes they used to date, but now they are drag sisters. This is why pearl's lipsync has the same style as detox the mouth twitching at 'hey booty' video on wow presents. Detox also visit Pearl often to see her performance! Here you see Detox visits her performance at drag carnage detox is on the corner 1: In her MTQ video Pearl said she got her drag name from her ex-boyfriend.

Who knows what else she got from her "ex-boyfriend"? It's strange that people who don't know or have never met these two come right out and state they used to date or they've fucked. Detox likes to drop suggestive comments online about Pearl but not the other way around. De wants people to think a certain way and I guess she's succeeding. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds.

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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. No spoilers EVER, and no fake spoiler tags. No reposts, please search first. Post titles must be searchable and informative. It is also more than just a physical experience but an emotional and spiritual cleanse as well. Hey love, Goddess Detox is a company about the woman and her self-care. What made you create such a life altering products for women and wombs everywhere? This was something that I tried personally and wanted to share the use of using herbs to heal naturally with women everywhere.

I wanted more women to get in touch with their vaginal spaces.

There are so many women I talk to who hardly even look down there and this product forces them to do that and I love that. Our Goddess Vaginal Detox Pearls cleanse works by a woman stating her intentions over her first detox pearl on what she would like to detox.

Then she uses our applicator that comes with her order and inserts her first pearl. Then she keeps that in for 24 hours, removes it and inserts the next pearl for 48 hours. The purge is when old vaginal skin cells, yeast, mucus and more are released from the vaginal area. What ingredients are in the detox? How often women should use our cleanse is up to them.

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The main goal is for women to be connected with their yoni areas again. From there they will know when they would like to detox again. We plan on offering more self-love inspired products soon so stay tunes. The website for purchase is www. Be sure to follow them on Instagram GoddessDetox. Like what you read here?

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We would love to deliver dope ass news to you. There are so many counterfeits. I do not know that this one is a black owned business. White women aka faithful KKK members have initiated planned parenthood facilities nationwide. How do we know this is not another ploy to damage our wombs and prevent us from giving childbirth?


I met the black woman who makes it. I know the herbs. Follow her on Instagram: Tiaya, I hope this helps.