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Sukaaaaa Ide ceritanya standard aja sih. Max yg membutuhkan sekertaris pengganti, dan Jilly membutuhkan pekerjaan.

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  4. Dating Her Boss (Marrying the Boss) by Liz Fielding.

Mereka dipertemukan lewat Garland Agency milik Amanda, yg adalah adik Max. Selain untuk bekerja, Jilly juga punya tujuan lain. Yaitu bertemu kembali dengan Richie, pria masa lalunya. Dengan tanpa sadar, Max ikut serta dalam membantu Jilly tampil berbeda sehingga Richie akan melirik Jilly kembali. Tapi seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, kedekatan Max dan Jilly menumbu Ini baguusss Tapi seiring dengan berjalannya waktu, kedekatan Max dan Jilly menumbuhkan perasaan2 lain yg mereka berdua sangkal.

Sederhana aja, mereka saling tertarik, kemudian ada kesalah pahaman, lalu mereka kembali bahagia bersama. Cerita ringan, namun indah. Banyak banget kesan mendalamnya saat baca buku ini. Dengan tokoh2 yg masing2 memiliki semangat yg berbeda. Narasi yg menyenangkan, enak dibaca, santai tapi lugas. Buku ini memberikan cerita yang ringan tapi dalam kemasan yang mampu memesona pembacanya. Banyak momen2 kecil yang terasa romantis. Dan, di dalam buku ini, ga ada tokoh yg brengseknya. Aku mikir, penulisnya terlalu baik hati untuk membuat tokohnya, walaupun itu hanya tokoh pembantu sebagai orang brengsek.

Penampilan, reaksi, kebencian, bisa jadi itu semua hanya tameng 5 of 5 Suka banget, Hubungan Max dan Jill awalnya hanya berupa hubungan profesional. Max bahkan membantu Jill untuk mendapatkan kembali pacarnya dengan memberi saran untuk "make over" dirinya.

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Tapi kedekatan mereka membuat hubungan mereka semakin erat, hingga akhirnya keduanya tidak dapat menyangkal hasrat dalam diri mereka sendiri. Buku ini sangat menyenangkan untuk dibaca, kisahnya ringan dan bahasanya mudah dimengerti. I received a paperback copy of this book from the author and I had to read it again. I enjoyed it even more than before, since now I can read it again and again - I own a copy! For those who did not read this book, I heartily recommend it: Pet Maunders rated it it was amazing Aug 02, Angela rated it it was ok Jan 30, Charmaine rated it it was amazing Mar 27, Mel rated it liked it Sep 08, Tukang Kueh Keren rated it liked it Jul 22, Imelda Ns Gumala rated it liked it Nov 22, Erika rated it it was ok Oct 21, Siane rated it liked it Oct 20, Jonita rated it really liked it Apr 22, Ashima rated it liked it Apr 06, Vina Hasita rated it liked it Jun 30, Anastasia rated it it was ok Apr 09, Deanna from Deanna's World rated it really liked it Sep 13, Febrina Novilia rated it it was ok Aug 06, Hilda Hyde rated it liked it Nov 07, Didi rated it it was ok Sep 14, Betty rated it liked it Feb 08, Joni Turner rated it liked it Jul 20, Marlina Joy rated it really liked it Sep 14, Iin rated it it was amazing Oct 05, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

But I learned more about life and relationships in that kiss that helped make me a much better wife. I understood boundaries better I understood that I couldn't have really good friends that were the opposite sex outside of couple friends that both my H and I spent time with So for me, making that horrendous mistake was an immense and important learning process. I still feel awful about it, even after learning about my H's affair, because it went against everything that I wanted to be in life -- a good, honest partner. But if you have a relatively happy marriage, give your wife a chance to prove to you that if it was a one-time thing this sort of feels like a big IF here given how much time they were spending together , that she can be a much better partner to you going forward.

I wish we'd started counseling after my mistake though I think my H and I would've learned some valuable things about relationships, etc. I'm very sorry for the pain you're feeling Sorry to hear about your situation. It sucks, but I want to point out one thing. Originally Posted by Fishermanj. Have to agree with StandTall, people do not get undressed to make out for 4 hours and not have sex, I mean you're an adult, you've got to the point where you're touching each other and things have progressed in intensity to the point where the clothes are off to do what? She has to tell you that but you know they did, so she is still lying to you and you can never heal unless the whole truth comes out.

So sit her down and make her realize the seriousness of the matter, either she comes clean or she goes, no middle ground. You know they had sex, no need for feeling sparing. Tell her that trying to "protect your feelings" is what will kill her chance with you. Be aware of her body language. Any hesitation, any waivering, even a moment of silence will tell you everything.

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  • I'm very glad for you that she came and told you the truth that "something happened" without you having to discover it. That speaks for your chances. The biggest thing she destroyed was trust. Only truth will begin to get that back. Originally Posted by standtall. This part is highly suspect, and I would not believe it. She is merely trickle truthing you in the misguided belief that it will hurt you less. Most likely she had real intercourse with him the entire weekend I mean come on, he's not 16 yrs old where they will make out on couch for 4 hrs while he has a raging boner.

    I know it sucks to hear, but that is why she clammed up when you pressed her for details. Tell her that if you want to get over this, that she has to provide all of the information that you ask First of all, you have to really know who your wife is. Whats is her true character and persona? The one you're married to, or the one who's cheated on you? Beware, because they're not one and the same.

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    One is the core personality. And the other is a "social facade". I did press her and I told that I know that she is still hiding information and lying about the details. I asked her "what truth have you left out? What is attractive about staying with a woman of her low morals and character? How long have you been married - kids?

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    I was unaware of the term "trickle-truth" but that makes perfect sense and is exactly what is happening. In hind sight, I noticed her somewhat pulling away from me emotionally a while back but had no idea what was actually happening. I guess I thought she just wanted a dog because she seemed to bring that up all the time. So far, she indicate it was a one time thing. I tired to read her messages, and although she gave me permission, she also told me that she had deleted the messages leading up to it.

    So no emails or messages helped show me truth. She still had to message him yesterday after she put in her 2 weeks because, well she has to for 2 more weeks. He is in Florida.

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    I felt like I knew him well myself since he and his wife and their child hung out with us a few times. He has a wife and child that he just moved to Florida. She even sent my wife messages about what a hard time the move was and asked my wife to pray with her. That was the week before the incident. My wife's messages with the funny fat guy were that "he just had the talk with wife, now the only question is, what next?

    The day before my wife told me about the incident, the messages they sent back and forth included sending beach house advertisements back and forth saying which one they would prefer. My wife told me she did care for the funny fat guy, that they had grown close because they could talk. She said we didn't talk anymore and made reference that our end of day conversations were only about work. I guess she wanted to dream about beach houses with someone, but she didn't do it with me.

    I have to agree It may be hard for you to process right now because the wounds are all so fresh.. The guilt is killing her.. It's kind of like getting her feet wet without having to jump in and swim!!! She is telling you little by little to try and break it to you easy and try to see how much she can tell you without you turning and running I wish there were any easy answer to make this all clear up and go away, trust me when I say I have searched for that easy road as I am sure most everyone else searches too and I never could find it! I am 35, my wife and I have been married a little over 3 years and together 2.

    I moved out east from Michigan and once I met my wife, her family and friends became mine. Almost all of my relationships here stem from what was a pure, honest, and good marriage. Without her, I lose all of my family and our circle of friends because they were her friends first.

    I love my wife deeply and only ever wanted her to be happy. I still want her to be happy. As she cries over what she did, I want to comfort her yet at the same time I am repulsed by the thought of touching her. She screwed him on numerous occasions - you know that, right? And the trophy wife To sit and be pretty isn't accomplishing anything!

    Her LOOKSwill fade - and she'll still be left with being that gal who was ugly enough to cheat and hurt many people.

    She needs counseling - the inside isn't one bit attractive! We're these messages with him prior to her telling you? Or we're these after?