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Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Posted 17 May - TV Report via Nate. H recently rose to the top star level, but despite being at the peak of his popularity, his career seems to be high risk due to the dangerous things he's prone to saying.

He was recently spotted being scolded by his agency CEO for saying something that crossed the line. H's confidence is soaring lately due to the amount of praise he's been receiving for his work, but that doesn't stop him from making everyone around him uncomfortable with his spontaneous and 4-dimensional statements. He apparently only says them to loosen up the tension but people would rather prefer that he considers their feelings before throwing out over the top statements like that. Personal choice but Kim Soohyun is merely an average looking guy without any distinctive feature.

Monday, March 25, 2013

All of these are speculation and shipper delusions, not offering any solid proof. So not "obvious" at all. Yoona's always been friendly and touchy-feely with guys, you could cook up more of these with other guys based on just that. Ksone said that the members that got caught right away Yoona and Sooyoung were the ones with the least dating experience. The rest are speculations.

It could actually be they had the least "public" dating experience and had mainly kept it within SME. I still and will always feel like the majority of dating by idols happens within their companies. Yoona is now with cnblue jonghyun, not sure if they're in legit relationship or not but they're together since end of last year. I think they are perfect for each other. He is an asshole and she is a bitch. Plus both of them are mediocre leaders, so they match.

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When did Jonghoon date Jiyoung? I knew about her and Hongki and Jonghoon and Hara, but this is the first I heard of those two being together. Cause they can date freely with whoever they dating now: If it's true then i'm going to be delusional and refuse to believe it happened. Jonghoon is a well known playboy,just like Seungri his bff from what i've heard. Not suprised,both of them are handsome.

Sunggyu of Infinite has also worn Playboy Bunny Earrings before too. Does that mean it's a threesome between Taeyeon, Leeteuk and Sunggyu? Your logic is pretty faulty in itself. But I think they broke up and another infinite member is dating another secret member it was on a rumor mil? LOL I can't at Tiffany is "homophobic". That is only what intl fans know. Those sasaeng uncle taxi drivers have told fans that the two are often spotted on car rides, sometimes with the seats reclined if you know what I mean. There were rumors since last year. And the conversations they have in twitter, it's suspicious though they talked so random.

And omfg my Taembb is also dating ;A; Proud. I've been so out of fandom lately. What is the proof for Onew and Jungah? Most of them are rumors, no pics no truth. Those nitizens said they dated, are dating This is the difference between ifans and kfans. They are supportive and don't want to reveal it, as long as they are happy,. Lol they can't accept the fact that most of their precious innocent girls have been already "corrupted" by most of SJ guys lol.

Tiffany answered to the question: What do you think of homosexuals or something along that line predebut and she answered that they can love whoever they want. Soon as I opened this post and scrolled down the pics I thought: CL and Gdragon are dating Every netizen's favorite couple: But yet, there's ZERO photo of them on a "date" nor any "couple items.

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I put those words in "quotes" because we don't know for sure whether it was a date or not and same with the couple items. Good job at making that shit up. I only saw the word "gay" as in "school has been gay as usual" and I don't see how's that proving her a homophobic at all. Okay I'm over it.

2pm Taecyeon is having dating dinner with SNSD in japan (again?)

If this is true, it makes me happy but also a bit sad because if they get caught they'll go through a lot of hate. Because shippers are nuts.

SNSD - YoonA boyfriend

It doesn't have any implications as to being a homophobic Andi never dated Solbi. He used to date a coordi noona at that time.

They don't have the secrecy that most idol couples seem to be so fond of nor do they try to cover their faces when meeting up. They've mentioned spending time together on twitter and on interviews, taken selcas together, so a picture of them together unless it's like them kissing or cuddling could easily be chalked up to being friends by both parties and their friends. And they have been spotted to have couple items as well as matching lyrics and Yonghwa's ritual bouquet for her if she wins an award while he's there.

They can say whatever they want but until there are proof pictures surfacing online, take those rumors with a gran of salt. Taeyeon and Leeteuk have been spotted wearing the same items many times. If Sunggyu has been spotted wearing all the same items then yes, he's in a threesome with them.

Monday, March 25, [Rumors] Speculated idol relationships. People have speculated Taeyeon to have dated Wooyoung or Junsu but she's actually dating Leeteuk.

[Rumors] Speculated idol relationships ~ Netizen Buzz

Yonghwa and Park Shin Hye are dating. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. Wisteria March 25, at Anonymous March 25, at Guest March 25, at March 25, at Najkki March 25, at Evil Genius March 25, at MissLeeChangsun March 25, at Anon March 25, at PurpleLlama March 25, at AlexaeLunariss March 25, at Cccc9 March 25, at Marie March 25, at Godfather0 March 25, at SS March 25, at No March 25, at Jadee loves YGfamily March 25, at WUY March 25, at BoA March 25, at Shakeyra March 25, at TJ March 25, at Guest March 25, at 1: Proud ummar of Taemin March 25, at 1: