Disadvantages of dating a younger guy


So, yeah, I've been disappointed by my past boyfriends' lack of scheduling ability compared to my own, but Ben made them look like professional bookkeepers. I started making excuses for him.

Age Gaps In Relationships: 5 Reasons Why You Should Be Dating A Younger Guy!

I memorized a script to tell my friends when he would constantly bail. But, really, if someone forgets they have a date with you because he didn't write it down , that's just sad.

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Embarrassment is not a feeling I'm too familiar with see: I didn't feel feminine. There were even times when the thought of our age difference made me feel taller and heavier then him. But, wow, that was stupid. As soon as I stopped giving a fuck, I felt awesome. I soon wanted to tell everyone, "I'm dating a younger guy, isn't that totally progressive of me!? This younger guy thought my crow's feet were sexy. I do a ton to make sure I don't get pregnant , so I kept finding myself asking, how am I now mothering this year-old?

I was investing so much time teaching him things, being patient with him.

Making him meals and making him plans, teaching him about house decor I even felt like I was spending more money on us then he was. Ben expected me to comfort him all the time without giving much in return. He was loving but selfish, he would throw tantrums without expecting repercussions. His mom loves him unconditionally, but, sorry, bro, my love comes with conditions. And, in the meantime, get curtains! Cook your own dinner! I did learn a fair amount about myself during our relationship, and I can only hope he learned from me. But, most important, I realized only time can really turn a boy into man.

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Cougars on Campus: The Pros and Cons of Dating Younger Guys

You Might Also Like. Remember Cohen gave Mueller all the tapes he recorded. How soon we forget.

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Redbook November 17, He had no idea what I was going through because he's still in high school. Emma Post, a junior at Johnson State College, dated a guy 3 years her junior.

Top 10 Worst Things About Being Married To A Younger Man

The relationship only lasted 2 months. Hilary Ricigliano, a sophomore at Syracuse University, loves dating her younger man. Hilary does not consider herself a cougar. Twenty-two year-old Sanda Micic, a senior at Southern Vermont College, is dating an year-old freshman, and loves it. Thinking of becoming a college cougar?

Cougars on Campus: The Pros and Cons of Dating Younger Guys | Her Campus

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Better watch out boys; the cougars are on the prowl. Who are the Cougars?