Starcraft 2 matchmaking locked

However, if leagues are locked, when will I be able to next get promoted?

  1. Starcraft 2 League Lock?.
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The leagues are only locked for the rest of the current ladder season. After wards, all ladders will be reset, and you will be able to continue playing, and moving up divisions like normal. From what I understand, the ladders themselves are not locked, it is just the divisions.

Status has been locked?

In other words, you can't move from silver to gold, however, you can move from rank 20 silver to rank 1 silver. Interesting to hear its going to reset. This website uses cookies. By further browsing you consent to such use. If you're pursuing a league promotion, then you still have a chance to get there.

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The Season 4 lock will go into effect on Wednesday, October 24 at The ladder should no longer fail to place players into a league after they have played their placement match es. Players should not inadvertently have a bonus pool with a negative value.

Starcraft 2 matchmaking locked - Came srl

I've gotten this message 10X times over the course of 2 hours. It doesn't allow me to play anymore games, and I have to log out and log in for it to let me.

Learn Starcraft! New Player's Guide to Matchmaking

Please blizz fix this!! Thx again, we're currently investigating. I'll do my best to provide an update as soon as one becomes available.

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I also get this. I can't queue again until I restart sc2. Shouldn't be too much longer before this is fully resolved.

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  • Status has been locked?.
  • This only happens to me when I press the join matchmaking button on the score screen, but yeah, it's really annoying. It's something that I also somtimes run into in Heroes of the Storm. I'm a bot, bleep , bloop.

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