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The most beautiful aspect of pickup is that you get the ability to think independently. You face so much shit out in the field, you read so much to get better, and you meet and learn from so many people, that pickup makes a man out of you faster than anything else. Delhi, I say, is the best city in the country, to practice and perfect the art of cold approach, and to get laid like crazy.

This city is a unending well of pussy flowing abundantly through time and space. I go a step ahead and say that it is the best place in India to live! I went to Mumbai for a week last month.

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After years of sarging going out and meeting women through cold approach , I was really looking forward to meeting and seducing Mumbai women. The rumors were true. Mumbai was a fucking tough nut to crack. Almost 6 days through Colaba, Lokhandvala, Bandra, Malad, etc.

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Approach after approach resulted in chicks indulging in light banter, but running away form any sort of escalation. The only girls I got anywhere with, two of them, both were brought up in, surprise surprise, Delhi. One of them was in Mumbai to spend the weekend with her fiance who had flown in from Delhi to a 10 day Vipassana Medititation retreat on my bucket list too.

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She chickened out the last moment, and took off, but not before she gave me her number. Packed off into the pickup pension list more on that later. The other one, my oh my, was so much fun. Only Delhi girls mate.

Twitter Facebook Google Like this: Gurgaon police had registered 20 cases in and 52 cases almost triple in specifically on MG road. Under the Excise Act drunk and driving , Gurgaon traffic police had registered 65 cases in and 72 cases in After the increase in the drunk and driving cases, the police had formed seven new traffic teams and 23 new police teams in Gurgaon deployed to check the drunk and driving cases in the city. After the strict measures, there is a constant check post every single day on MG road right in front of Sahara Mall to keep a check on criminal activities.

In , the traffic police have registered 30 cases of drunk and driving on MG Road.

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Meanwhile, there were no rape cases in and specifically on MG Road, apart from one case of a year-old who was allegedly gang raped by three men inside a moving car on Mehrauli-Gurgaon Road in February According to police officials, many girls working in the pubs are involved in prostitution and sex trade and end up leaving with the customers after partying in the clubs. Even though no pimps are involved on MG road, the girls themselves manage to attend at least two customers each night. After a girl was allegedly raped by two men in a moving car on MG road, the police started an initiative to maintain a note of the cab driver that picks up the girls, so that if any incident happens, they can be traced.

But as the others, this initiative too lasted only for a week. Cops also feel that since the excise department has given the permission and liquor licenses to the clubs and bars, it becomes impossible to control the crowd from committing crime after consuming alcohol. Since all the trouble that happens in this area is because of liquor vendors outside.

Majority of the girls are living single and on rent in Chakarpur village, Sarhaul, Nathupur village and Sikanderpur.

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Police also says that in a majority of cases when a rape or molestation case is filed, it later turns out to be that the girl had wishfully gone with the boys in the first place, which makes it difficult for the cops to investigate the matter. Ashok Kumar, the SHO of sector 29 police station, who is also the duty in-charge of the check post at MG road, feels that either the government should legalise it which will at least give us a format to control such activities. It is an organised crime, which makes it difficult for the judiciary to take actions on it.

Gurgaon police have taken up a number of initiatives to keep MG road uptight and safer with security but it has failed each time.

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The drive used to book offenders under eve teasing and drinking in public places. An anti-sexual harassment squad was launched who were responsible to keep a check on people creating unnatural environment. The youth booked under this drive were taken to respective police stations and counselled in front of parents and warned not to repeat this.

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The drive which started on September 15 had booked males and two females on MG road. However, there is no trace of the functioning of this drive in The area is not only crowded with youth engaged in criminal activities, but is also home to at least 15, residents living in and around in complexes, apartments and individual houses on MG road.

Locals have been raising their voices for strong police action against women working as sex workers and men who misbehave with passers-by.

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  • Residents living in Sahara Glace apartments face the intrusion of illegal activities around them the most.