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So if it's likely for you to get bottom tier, then it means it's likely for someone else to get top tier does that make sense? So how could it be possible for the playerbase assuming these stats represent the playerbase as a whole to get more bottom tier matches than higher tier matches, when by definition a bottom tier match needs higher tier players to facilitate it? I understand what you mean. Consider this , a post made a few days ago, trying to explain the issue, taking into consideration how much each tier is being played.

Also remember that with , there simply are less people able to be top tier. Add to this that tier 8 specifically is being played a lot AND is right below tier 9 and tier 10, which cannot be true bottom tier and I hope you start to see why it is possible. I do agree that T6 looks very bad considering that we never saw T6 ourselves with T8, but more of my T6 games were platooned and seemingly the matchmaker does not like to put platoons as top tier.

I made a forum thread about this but the typical troglodytes came out to voice their largely irrelevant opinions. I would wait longer for a match if it meant having only two tiers in a game. And SPG's should be limited to 2 per match, not 3. Having 3 LeffffffffuuuuckU's in a match because MM constantly hiccups is just a throw away game. I have been platooning, and seeing top tier seems rare. I don't recall seeing top tier in a match. Even after they fixed the solo platoon bug. For past few days ive been playing with a newbie friend of mine..

We play only tier 5, 6 and 7tanks. Tier 5 - out of 15 games, we were top tier 2 times It was full tier V game and once we were in tier VI battles.. Other 12 battles were against tiers VII but luckily, there is a pattern so i am kinda fine with that but unfortunately my friend is not fine with that..

I think matchmaking is amazing. Maybe it can use some tweaks, but nothing you posted is really that disastrous. There is 3 top tier tanks every game Or 1 in 5 games you should be top tier. I don't really have a problem with the tier's I have the problem with idiots and WG cannot fix stupid. Really I see 5 guys in meds trying to take on 7 heavy tanks at the same time in a city map head to head.

Then they bitch when they loose. This is also called suicide. I also see td's camping at the back. Then the players complain when they die because they held the enemy back behind something where the td's cannot shoot them. I have seen people "push" towards me across open ground with a passive scout spotting as a platoon mate and both myself and the other guy are in an e3 both unspotted and between us we nailed 11 guys They just came like lemmings. While playing slow tanks. I have seen the entire team in front of me suicide. Then blame me for not being able to actually make it to the battle fast enough full speed shortest path Literally they suicide in minutes.

Then I get 2 shots off, get flanked and die. Not a damm thing I can do about it. But this is people not thinking "Hum Lets wait for the guy with armour? Your math is flawed. Also I suspect that matchmaking weight is still in effect and is somehow having an influence. Check it out yourself: At the start of the battle it says e. Maybe this is what is screwing up the MM for Tier 8. Yeah but should does not mean will. But this wasn't really about the MM. This is more about people being stupid. Which is what actually messes up the MM and makes game unbalanced.

Examples from last night. OR a better example Erlenberg in the normal game mode. Almost any player knows not to cross the river. As it will result in death. So 8 people cross the river All of those people were dead in the first 3 minutes. So you now have a team outnumbered 2: Then there is 2 mediums who are refusing to spot on either edge of the part of the map we do own. Camping waiting for them to cap so they can be reset.

I say this because tiering was not a problem. They were unable to keep up with the battle and actually did little to no damage. MM is not a tiering problem as per say. More of a problem of stupid people.

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WG need to punish for this more. But this would also encourage camping early in the game. Or something like pushing players to shoot twice late on and die to prevent camping. Really just a loose thought A completely different ranking system for tiers might actually be better. Must have more than x amount of average damage over games or so to advance to the next tier.

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Basically you have to prove you have at least skill of x of better to advance. But of course WG could not ever change to that sort of system as its far to disruptive. I don't get how every tier from could be bottom tier all the time. That statistically doesn't make sense. I've had a lot of fun in my Cromwell since the patch as it feels like I'm top tier in it half the time.

All in all I like the new MM more than the old one. What makes it worse is the leap in alpha and penetration, one or the other would be fine. Trying to grind to the e75 currently and it is unbearable. The only time i see tier 8 at top tier is when i play tier 6 or 7. T44 can't really pen a Jap Superheavy frontally unless lucky and you hit the machine gun port. The Tiger II is rather mediocre, so you're not going to have a great time. Saying that 'making the most of your armour' is only a good strategy if you can bounce shots.

If you know they're going to pen you, then it's best to not get shot in the first place. You can still sidescrape, about the only thing you can try when any td a tier above you can pen your ufp. That was me even before the MM change for the most part. Though I have noticed the difference in lower tiers though.

One of the issues is also If you run a pref mm tank, your platoon mates can't take n a tank 1 tier lower anymore Just do not buy tier 8 premium tanks. Wargaming cares about one thing more than anything or anybody else and that is Money. For this to work, you would first need enough awareness on this issue that even the least involved wot player hears about it. And unfortunately it seems as if the new non-pref-MM premiums fare better in the new MM than the old pref-MM premiums.

Nearly entirely tier 8 games, only ever got single tier games as my 'top' tank. Never saw a tier 7 tank, never saw a tier 6 tank. Saw plenty of tier 10 and nearly every game was a tier 9 with 5 of them. WarGaming, How can you fuck this so badly? Perhaps there is something they're not telling us. Do well Win wise and guarantee yourself bottom tank time and time again? Platoon bug was the greatest bug I've ever seen in World of Tanks, it actually took skill to be good in a one tier only game.

It wasn't just about how much alpha your tank two tiers above everyone else could do to delete the opponent. I wish they would just give more tanks preferential matchmaking. For a tank like skorp g, getting a tier 10 game is not the end of the world.

World of Tanks (Matchmaking sucks)

For a kv 4, you might as well just afk not really, I don't do that because it's almost a guarantee you won't do shit that game. Even the Skorp G is getting hit hard by the new MM. I'm making far less credits per hour. I agree that it's been affected, but KV4 is unplayable now. Brand new player here, only started a few days ago and honestly this is pretty disheartening since I started playing specifically to play with my friends. It's something my noob eyes have noticed though.

When my friends have been at work and I play solo highest tiers I have is a t5 and t6 unlocked a few hours ago I seem to do far, far better than when I'm platooned with them. Once we platoon up it seems that we're pretty much always the bottom tiers and we just get roflstomped match after match. Yet, when I play solo the matches seemed way more fair. I wasn't sure if it was something I was imagining or something was actually happening, this proves without a doubt that our grinding of t5 to earn me money has been a complete detriment to the enjoyment of the game.

My M4A3E2 hasn't fared any better having just unlocked it with them, of the 12 games we managed to play tonight we got stomped in 9 of them. I'm guessing at this rate, if I boot up the game tomorrow and play solo for a while my stats will dramatically improve. What a huge disappointment. I'm almost reluctant to share this with them, but I'm sure they've noticed it as well.

Why is matchmaking so bad? : WorldofTanksConsole

Don't worry, the recent matchmaking change hasn't ruined the game or anything. It's just that in the process of fixing some old problems it introduced a few new problems is all.

And since the old problems were stuff everyone took for granted and the new problems are, well, new, everyone's having a bit of a bitch about it. Well, if you only started a few days ago you should really ease into the game more, don't get yourself obsessed with stats etc yet. You will have enough time to get worked up and bitter about it later. Also technically you should still be winning more when platooning, if you are coordinating well enough with your friends.

Stupid matchmaking

The MM affects winrate less than the enjoyment of the game in my opinion. Its actually not that bad. Since there is a maximum of 3 tanks that are 2 tier higher, it is not really a issue. I think your problem has more to do with the unbalance of some lower tier tanks than with a bad matchmaker. You also have to consider that your winrate will always go down when you unlock a new tank and start to drive that while you learn to use that tank and you still have not unlocked every module of your new tank.

That is by design. That is why the stock tank grind sucks and people who play for longer will unlock modules with free xp as soon as possible. I have been pushing my T hate it trying to get the T I am so worried about the grind to get that thing upgraded. Its going to be a huge pain in my ass but tier 7 actually isnt that bad to play. Plenty of lower tanks to shoot at I feel. Makes the thing bearable with an average dmg of a game.

Someone please tell me the tier 8 9 and 10 are worth the hell of the tier 8 stock grind. Tier 8 is nearly always bottom tier currently, Tier 9 however is in the goldylocks area. At worst, you see 5 tier 10's. All it comes down to after that is if your tier 9 is competitive or not. Amazing heat rounds later on with decent alpha. The T grind is fucking awful, friend. And this is coming from someone that loved the T grind.

I honestly don't mind it too much. Though pen does sound pretty nice right about now. The grind for modules on both the T and T are long and tedious. T stock is worse than a T That helps quite a bit. Years ago it was a really good T8 tank, now it's a bit meh. Should still work well, though. T is a nice tank, at least when elited. Grind is not horrible compared to the T, but bad enough. Avoid using the D gun, as it's inferior to the DT2S in every way except AP pen - and generally mm penetration isn't that much better than If you see an armored tank, you'll likely have to flank or simply load the 'skill rounds' - mm-pen HEAT that really makes you wonder.

To add to this is pref tanks got fucked as well, I think out of 30 games I've played with pref tanks since the change, only 3 didn't have tier 9 tanks.

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Tier 8 now is a chore to play and at least for me makes any new prem tank they want to print irrelevant until they manipulate the numbers some. I also havent played T7 but it would seem like the best place now. I face them a lot in T5 and cant recall last time I saw them in T9 or even T8. That said I still like the MM, you are never competely fucked, being top tier actually feels rewarding and bottom tiers still have something to do, compared to old 13top-1mid-1bottom shit where noone could be happy. The point of new matchmaking was not to give you more top tier battles, it was to give you more battles where you could actually do something.

This was attempted and semi-accomplished by making it so a game could only have 3 top tier tanks at most while favoring middle and bottom tier tanks. It's normal and expected for you to be bottom tier more often. That was the point. I'll take this matchmaker over being the only bottom tier tank 10 games in a row any day. IMO this is far better than 22 games in a VK In addition, carriers are way out of whack.

To even things out for them, I would suggest matching them based on the level of the aircraft they carry, rather than the ship itself, and modify it so that everything up to t9 is always mid tier. Finally, players should be matched in teams based on their game stats. For instance, a player that has played all of 5 games, and went and bought a tirpitz or alabama, should NOT be put in a game that has experienced players with thousands of games played and high win-loss and ships destroyed ratios.

They need to be in a match with other equally unskilled players where they won't be a burden or a liability to their team. And the same formula should follow for all players. I'm not saying exact same stats, but something at least close to it. This includes game bans and chat bans. Frankly, banning people from chat for cussing out their team is [edited]. If the team is useless, or if someone is being stupid, they should be told as much.

Allowing players to complain about they're being called out just allows more stupid players to continue being stupid, and that ruins the game for everyone who is actually trying. Start banning the people who actually deserve it. The players who consistently damage teammates, the ones who consistently take minutes to load into the game, and the ones who are always at the bottom of the score board.

These are the players who should eventually be banned form the game itself. I would say allow a trial period where they are matched only with similar players, and if the behavior continues, their account is deleted and their IP restricted for an amount of time before they are allowed to try again.

Stop making the rest of us deal with these idiotic people who have no real interest in the game and are just wasting our time. In what world makes you the Judge of others? Just out respect for others and simply acting like an adult, cussing or berating others should have repercussions. There is a wrong way and a right way to try and help a team mate or suggest something. Throwing profanities is not the way to do it. Like the old saying goes "treat others the way you'd want to be treated.

This is a game, not a life and death struggle. Games are supposed to be fun. Allowing players to complain about they're being called out just allows more stupid players to continue being stupid Stupid players are going to continue being stupid, regardless of whether or not they get called out. Calling out a player only helps the one doing the calling out, allowing them to blow off steam. It has no rehabilitative or corrective effect on the player being called out. Which will be all of us eventually, if you were to keep banning the worst players.

Thus, a stupid idea. Also stupid is continuing to play a game where you continually encounter "idiots" who "waste your time". Finding something else to do that doesn't waste your leisure time would be a far more effective way to avoid frustration than lobbying for what you suggest. I don't like anyone who doesn't play exactly as I want them to and anyone who says otherwise is stupid. As well, I should be allowed to have a hissy fit at anyone who doesn't play exactly as I want them to without getting banned. Also ban people with bad internet or potatoes, because we all know Wargaming doesn't cater to potato computers.

Putting t7 ships against t9 ships is the best way to ensure that the low tier players have a bad time , especially considering the extreme power difference between them, not to mention the difference in firing range and detectibility. Let's start with MM, if you can't play more than one style with a particular ship then you are not worth your salt as a player.

Chances are its not going to change and im just going to uninstall having not played for that long and the only reason i popped 40 dollars in was to get the tiger 1 but even with a upgraded tiger facing tier 9 tanks is no point in playing as i could give a crap about any of the higher tiers because those tanks just dont interest me.

You can talk strats all you want but tier 9 tank is always goign to boss a lower tier Thanks for nothing. RespectTheMemes 2 Posted Sep 21 - Disregard the above thread because battles in 3 years of the accout being active. You're going to hate when you get to tier 8 tanks It's either accept it for the crap it is and push through or try something else. GeorgePreddy 6 Posted Sep 21 - I mean you cant even enjoy a tier 7 match because ever tank is higher No, when your tier 7 tank is in a tier 9 battle, there are 7 tanks on the enemy team that are the SAME tier as you, not higher.

Skill based match making SBMM is a terrible idea for Random Battles mode, mainly because it punishes players who improve their play beyond average and rewards baddies. Baseball seems like a simple sport. Hit a ball with a stick. I really have never played. If I decided to take up the game, where would you suggest I start? I'd like to play for the Blue Jays since they're close. Or should I should be put on the Buffalo Bisons? Let this game be a journey not a destination.

WOT never care and will never about their paying customers, it's a terrible video game company, i use to buy premium tanks and premium account. For the first time in 5 years i am not paying a dime for this game anymore, i don't care, a company thats says it will take 6 months to fix the dam ultra frustrating MM, the game is garbage in its current state, don't buy anything from WOT until they fix the MM. Kehox 13 Posted Sep 21 - If the Game Devs cared about all there players VooDooKobra 16 Posted Sep 21 - I agree i just want to have equal equipment Tank have a fair fight that is decided by a players skill not because some person dropped a bunch of money to win.

Im not saying those people should be punished but maybe put them on a different matchmaker then me. If the Game Devs cared about all there players they would make it so everyone can find the type of game they are looking for inside WOT. Don't get me wrong the game itself is fantastic. The graphics are great.