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If I had seen something, I would no doubt have been keen to see the film on the big screen, but the only marketing I can recall to encourage people to see the film did not occur until it was released on video. Video Ezy had gained the exclusive rights to lend the film to their customers and used that fact to advertise on television and in the stores themselves. Compared with other Australian films, Dating the Enemy did not do very well at the box office. Dating the Enemy was up against Now and Then Glatter, , Matilda DeVito, , amongst other films that may not have been as interesting to those who would enjoy Dating the Enemy the weekend it opened.

Megan Simpson Huberman, the writer and director of the film, has not worked on any films subsequent to Dating the Enemy , but did direct the film Alex prior to Dating the Enemy. After using a few search engines, I was able to find very little information about Simpson Huberman's subsequent work given that she has not been working on films. Cinematographer Steve Arnold on the other hand, has worked on a number of film prior and subsequent to the release of Dating the Enemy.

All Men Are Liars is similar to Dating the Enemy also as the main plot line has a male pretending to be female. Since this film, Karvan has gone on to star in such other films as Paperback Hero Bowman, , Strange Planet Croghan, and Risk White, , not to mention having one of the leading roles in channel ten's award winning drama The Secret Life of Us Hodgman, As for films they were in prior to the release of Dating the Enemy , Pearce was one of the drag queens in Priscilla: With actors from films with the acclaim those two films received, there probably should have been a wider release than was actually achieved.

An interesting thing to note is that the producer of Dating the Enemy , Sue Milliken, is on the ScreenWest Board that supports films produced and made in Western Australia. Prior to the release of Dating the Enemy , Milliken produced Sirens Duigan, , a film that also explores alternative sexualities, though it is more obvious in the attempt.

And the most recent film project she worked on was the television miniseries My Brother Jack Cameron, that even co-stars Matt Day and Claudia Karvan. This film is not a good example of what Australian filmmakers can achieve given the minimal release and subsequently not reaching a wide enough audience.

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I know I have enjoyed and appreciated this film over the past five years but I certainly would not recommend it as an example of Australian film if someone wanted to get a good handle on deciding whether or not to watch more Australian films. Judging by the rating of 6. Since I enjoyed the film, and actually consider it to be in my top ten favourite films of all time, I am probably not the best person to judge the quality of this film compared with others without taking into consideration the views of other people. It does not seem any more successful now than when it was first released, whereas some films with similar unique Australian humour like The Castle Sitch, seem to grow in popularity.

Dating the Enemy falls into the category of Australian films that do explore the available sexuality options. I have personally found this issue explored in some films that may not ordinarily be seen in such a fashion. Films such as Picnic at Hanging Rock Weir, and Proof Moorhouse, but have also found sources that agree with my view.

With such an acclaimed cast, it is a bit of a wonder why this film is not seen as valuable as films like Priscilla: Queen of the Desert and Muriel's Wedding Hogan, Instead it sits on the shelf with Australian films that only seem to be cherished by a select amount of people like Mr Accident and Yahoo Serious' other films. Given the synopsis I quoted in the second paragraph, Dating the Enemy is more of a women's comedy and is probably quite disinteresting from a male's perspective. It was written, directed and produced by females, much like The Monkey's Mask Lang, was, and by the very nature of that film, it also happens to be one of the Australian films that explores alternative sexualities.

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It's also a very female film. The Dish box office and business, http: Filmography All Men Are Liars dir. Gerard Lee, The Animal dir.

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