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Ultimately Griswold closed the Erie, PA plant in and sold its molds, tooling, patterns, patents, proprietary rights, and trademark rights to Wagner the same year. Enormously popular among collectors today, Griswold pieces can have slight variations that affect their value. For instance, a skillet with the large block-lettered logo and a raised heat ring on the bottom is worth several times more than the same sized skillet with the italicized-lettered logo and no heat ring.

Apparently the heat ring pieces are less common. Griswold used this logo from Some sources say this logo was used as early as , while others say it was registered in In either event, Griswold apparently used this logo until Griswold also used this logo until Griswold used this logo from - All other copyrights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners. A gate mark appears as a raised scar or slash across the bottom of pans. Gate marked pans are the oldest of the old cast iron cookware; almost certainly antique.

In around , this casting process was mostly discontinued. Absent markings on the pan, it is often impossible to identify the maker of a gate marked piece. If you have a gate marked piece, you have an old and valuable piece of history; you just might not know the maker. Lodge cast iron skillet circa s — Pans of recent vintage have thicker walls than do antique pans.

They are also heavier in weight. Note that the thickness of the wall of the more recent vintage Lodge on the left is twice that of the antique ERIE spider skillet on the right.

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This pan was manufactured in the s. This skillet, in excellent condition, can be worth thousands of dollars. The spider skillet is one of the most — if not the most — collectible of Griswold cast iron cookware. A more common unmarked Griswold line is Griswold Iron Mountain pans. These pans were manufactured in the s. Iron Mountain pans are fantastic cookers! I love my Iron Mountain pans. The distinctive handle shape easily identifies Iron Mountain skillets.

They also have a heat ring, pan number and 4-digit product number in a slightly italicized font imprinted on the bottom. Number 7 cast iron pan manufactured by the Griswold Manufacturing Company as part of the Iron Mountain line, circa s. Iron Mountain skillets have a heat ring and 4-digit product numbers and the pan number in a slightly italicized font on the bottom. Some of the Victor pans have the Griswold name on them and some do not.


The later Victor pans also carried the Griswold name. Victor cast iron skillet number 9 manufactured by the Griswold Mfg.

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If the pattern number is on the Puritan or Merit skillet it was manufactured by Griswold. If not, it was manufactured by Favorite. If a pan has one or more notches in the heat ring, it is likely a vintage Lodge.

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  • Unmarked pans with a heat raised letter on the underside, along with a raised number on the handle, may have been made in the late s — by Blacklock, the foundry that preceded the Lodge foundry. Vollrath Manufacturing Company, Sheboygan, Wisconsin: Vollrath manufactured many items of kitchenware from the late s until today. Some of the Vollrath cast iron skillets have the Vollrath name on them, and some do not. If you run across a pan with an underlined number imprinted sideways on the bottom center of the pan, you likely have a pan that was manufactured by Vollrath pan in thes and s.

    Vollrath cast iron skillet no.

    Vintage Cast Iron is Highly Collectible

    BSR manufactured many pieces of kitchenware. BSR manufactured non-enameled cast iron pans between about and Take a good look at the underside of the handle of your no-name skillet. Is there a ridge that goes all the way to the outer wall of the pan?

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    This is a telltale sign of all unmarked BSR pans. There are three primary BSR lines of cast iron skillets. All have the ridge on the underside of the handle that goes directly to the side wall.

    These skillets typically have only a number, often followed by a letter, incised in the bottom of the pan near the handle. The pour spouts on these skillets are smaller than seen on other skillets. Beneath the number is the diameter of the pan in inches, i. They are marked the same as the s Century skillets, but the name of the piece — i.