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August 9, - Author: Hop harvest is approaching and growers often ask how to determine the optimum time for harvest. Several factors need to be considered.

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The best bet is to send samples for each cultivar to a lab for analysis. Percent dry matter is often used as one of the primary factors to determine harvest timing. In the major U.

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Growers can expect dry matter content to increase by 1 percent every four to seven days depending on variety and environment. While percent dry matter can provide an indication of technical ripeness, it is not the only factor that should be considered.

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For example, Menary and Doe found that dry matter content can vary from year to year and may not be a stand-alone indicator for optimum harvest date. Murphy and Probasco found that alpha acid levels reached a maximum level when percent dry matter was percent. However, beta acids peaked at dry matter levels less than 22 percent, and total essential oils increased throughout the trial period. Optimum harvest date really depends on what you are measuring and for what purpose. If you do this, you will receive a decision about your admission by January 15 with maximum scholarship consideration.

MSU student creates dating resume after being rebuffed in school cafeteria

Choosing to apply by November 1 does not make it easier to gain admission to MSU and the Office of Admissions promises no special privileges to early action candidates in the admissions review, such as giving your application a higher priority or a more lenient review. Applying by the early action deadline is simply a way to receive a decision on your application by January 15 and increase your scholarship consideration.

Early action is non-binding, which means that you do not have to attend Michigan State University if you are admitted. We must receive your complete application admission application and all required materials by EST on the application submission deadline to be considered for early action or regular admission. Students who require personal assistance for dressing, eating, carrying items, communications or moving around should discuss these needs with RCPD. While it is unusual for a student to be injured while attending NSO, Michigan State University reserves the right to call for emergency assistance, including an ambulance, should an injury occur.

Dates and deadlines | Office of Admissions | Michigan State University

If transportation by ambulance is necessary, the student will be responsible for meeting any expenses. Your account log in. Academics Majors, degrees and programs Honors programs Living-learning communities Research Study abroad Academic support.