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Pumps Provide the flow of water through the recirculation system View All Products. Heaters Reliably control the ideal temperature to maximize the swimming experience View All Products. Opening Your Pool Pool Maintenance. How a pool works. Remove leaves and debris from pool cover. Take off the cover, clean it, and store it. Hook up pool pumps and filters and reconnect all hoses and electrical connections.

Remove leaves and debris from skimmers, filters, pumps and drains. Take out leaves and debris from the pool. Fill pool water up to proper level. Vacuum up any remaining debris in the pool.

They use a special sand media that filters from microns in particle size. This sand will last years before needing to be replaced.

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Sand filters require backwashing every few weeks to churn the sand and flush out the trapped dirt. Low maintenance, easy to understand. May not trap fine, silty dirt or dust very well. Cartridge filters can filter particles ranging from 10 to 20 microns and they do so by screening them at the surface of the cartridge element. A pleated filter of Reemay spun polyester that looks similar to the air filter in your car, filter cartridges will need replacement every years, depending on how they are sized and used. When a filter cartridge gets too dirty to allow normal water flow, they are not backwashed, but the cartridges are removed from the tank and manually hosed clean.

Better filtering ability, saves water.

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Cartridge replacement, cartridge cleaning. DE is an organic, porous powder with microscopic pores that trap these very small particles. DE filter grids, which hold the powder may develop holes over time. Lifespan is usually years. Like sand filters, DE filters also require backwashing, to flush out the old dirt and DE powder.

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Regenerative types of DE pool filters come with a bump handle that, when used, mixes and repositions the dirt and the DE powder to resume normal water flow. The ability to bump these types of filters Hayward Perflex enables you to maximize the filtering power of the DE powder and make it last longer between backwashes. This in turn helps you save on wasted water and the chemicals used to treat it.

Best filtering ability, Long element life.

Opening Your Pool

Most expensive pool filter type, manual grid cleaning every 6 months is recommended. When it comes to sizing a replacement pool filter you never want to get a filter that is rated for pools smaller than that of your own. The size of the new pool filter you need directly corresponds to the size of your pool and the power of your pump. While oversizing your new pool filter will allow for finer filtration since the water is flowing at a slower velocity, this will also mean that backwashing will not be as effective — so it is recommended that you follow the suggested filter sizing.

If you are looking at buying a pump along with the replacement pool filter, getting the correct size or power of pump is extremely important.

Technical Specification

The pump you want to buy is going to be the same size that you previously had. Once all the piping is set and the cement is dry, test the system. Note the start-up pressure gauge reading on your new filter.

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You should plan to clean the filter or backwash, when the pressure gauge is reading lbs over the clean, start-up pressure. Your new pool filter is now successfully set up, installed, piped, and sealed.