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So while you can load modern speakers it will still have a different tone from modern cabs with a horn. The first thing to do before buying new speakers is decide what amp is going to be pushing them. Once you know that then you can start speaker shopping.

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There are a wide variety of speakers even within the same brand. For example Eminence makes a bunch of different 12 inch speakers. Knowing what power your amp will have and what impedance load that amp likes will lead you toward the correct speaker choice. Most modern solid state amps like a 4 ohm load.

So two of the 8 ohm speakers could be wired up parallel for 4 ohm load if you need 4 ohms. Or take two of the 4 ohm speakers and wire them in series for a 8 ohm load if that is what the amp likes.

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It just all depends on the amp you want to use with the cab. Here is a good site with speaker wiring diagrams: They are rated watts each and weigh just under 5 pounds each.

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The regular DeltaLFA is heavier but handles even more power at watts each. You could use them for up to a watt amp. Some people really like the Beyma 12G40 speakers and if money is no object, they are awesome. They cost over twice as much as the Eminence Deltas but also handle a bit more power.

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I'd keep the original speakers and box them up in the boxes the replacement speakers come it and store them in a closet in an air conditioned space. The cab itself is collectible and someone might want to buy it with the original speakers someday. Thanks again Brother Dave! I'll let ya know what I decide on Sat Aug 22, 8: Sat Aug 22, I'm just a bass play arounder Check your e-mail I sent you a little note Fri Apr 23, 6: I know this is a old topic, but It addressed what I have to ask.

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Both produce sound, but neither sound as they should. One cone seems stuck, and the o There is a small tear near the surround but it still sounds great. I wouldn't recommend using it in an amp over watts. This is used gear and is in pe The blue magnet covers can be repainted if you choose; they're made of plastic.

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I think they look cool. Alnico magnets under them. Alnico, using 1 capacitor. We have a vast inventory of thousands and thousands of tubes.

Oxford 12" alnico woofer. One small puncture in cone, see photos. I imagine it can be used for a number of different applications. Oxford 12" alnico woofer. Many of the parts have exceeded the intended life span. Every unit gets thoroughly cleaned and tested with a musical source. Our larger heavy raw speakers have the cones protected with plywood.

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Speaker has not been tested. Speaker cone looks good and unbroken. From the estate of a radio collector. It is an old Oxford Radio corp. Maybe it could be repaired and used again or just use as is.