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And sexual tension is where the real magic happens. October 18th, by Nick Notas 8 Comments. How has your coaching and the advice you give to clients changed?

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They want to know about my self-improvement journey. They want to know about the people I work with and the problems I try to solve. I want to give you all a behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of a dating coach. I tell you all the time to get out there and have real-world experiences.

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Those experiences then challenge you to grow and adapt. The same goes for me as a coach. Working hands-on with people has transformed my abilities to help others. I do things a lot differently now than when I first started. My values have changed and my advice has been re-prioritized. September 24th, by Nick Notas 12 Comments. Sometimes we carry scars from past relationships for years.

Those experiences can be traumatic and leave a permanent mark on us. But that automatic response can also be dangerous. Often in the process of trying to protect yourself, you carry around your emotional baggage and crush your future relationships under that massive weight. So instead, I want to show you how you can do your best avoid future pain without poisoning your relationships along the way. August 30th, by Nick Notas 7 Comments. Even then, I got yelled at for daydreaming and playing in the dirt as the rare ball whizzed by me. While I did ride my bike around town and climb trees in the woods, that was the hardest physical activity I endured until about 21 years old.

I messed around in gym class. I never lifted weights. I drank sugary juice drinks with silly faces on the bottles and devoured potato chips. Damn, they were good though. I had no interest in unnecessary physicality. My youth was often spent running around digitally in video games instead. At 21 years old, I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia.

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I decided I had to start eating right and being active. I lost 60lbs and have stayed at a healthy weight for ten years. About six years ago, I started taking cardio seriously. Then three years ago, I started strength training and building muscle. And I have a ton of fun being this way. If my unathletic ass can do it, so can you. August 9th, by Nick Notas 8 Comments.

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The reality is that women are still the gatekeepers in dating. This is exacerbated by online dating where women have endless hordes of men throwing themselves at them. The first words you say to a girl you have just met determine whether she will dismiss you as a creep, friend zone you, or consider being your girlfriend. Many guys are utterly clueless about what to say to a If you are married, no doubt you want to have an amazing sex life with your partner.

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You want to, but it just doesn't seem to be happening. You've been getting along great, you feel loved and supported in your In the sea of online dating and nightlife establishment options, you have access to a number of singles. Those who are in the first days of a promising relationship and want to reassure themselves that they're not messing things up will find plenty of excellent advice on this blog. Joann Cohen is a Phoenix-based matchmaker and dating coach, and her blog is geared toward singles in Phoenix who are in need of a little dating advice.

Phoenix singles who are looking for the perfect dating app, a great first date, or any other love life advice should definitely check out this blog. The Guyliner is a blog of about relationships, dating, being gay and society in general, written by an anonymous U. For insightful and hilarious commentary on living in the dating scene as a gay man, check out The Guyliner.

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Time to cage the Daily Beast within Follow theguyliner. Aimed at women daters, Battista's blog is guided by its namesake philosophy. Learn how to date with dignity, empowered by advice that encourages self-awareness and full responsibility for actions, feelings and thoughts. Comical dating stories will inspire you to embrace your independence and think: Who needs a soulmate anyway? If you need some comic relief with a side of relationship pop-culture videos, this is the blog for you. This advice site complements Linx, the thoroughly vetted, invitation-only offline dating and social network for singles in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This site posts cleverly written select clients descriptions—perfect for fantasizing about someone new or for playing matchmaker to your BFF. Navigate to the Anthropology section to read Kat's amusing tales of dating, co-habitating, and relationship experiences. Wendy Walsh takes a psychological approach to dating and relationships, helping both singles and couples maintain a healthy mindset toward romance.

Wendy Walsh is a Top Dating Blog: This blog is perfect for anyone who wants to get to know themselves and their dating and relationship tendencies a little bit better. Why Consum-mate is a Top Dating Blog: Commentary on psychological studies and The Bachelor make frequent occurrences in this blog. In other words, down-to-earth content with a cerebral touch. The Clover blog is produced in support of its free dating app, and includes light-hearted, entertaining articles all about relationships and dating.

Why Clover is a Top Dating Blog: The Clover blog provides a fresh take on dating commentary with fun, hilarious infographics based on user polls. Try Something More is the advice blog of the Texas-based matchmaking, date coaching and image consultancy Something More. This blog packs a punch! You'll find hearty, bite-sized dating advice for both men and women, with a focus on dating in Texas. This site is the blog of Spiritual Singles, an online dating site that caters to those who practice holistic living, spiritual growth, meditation and yoga.

For thoughts on relationships from an introspective, personal growth, astrological or even metaphysical perspective, delve into Spiritual Singles Articles. Best-selling author and celebrity dating coach Julie Spira offers relationship advice for attracting love through various platforms. Cyber Dating Expert provides versatile, engaging content, with Spira giving "Dear Abby" style advice that can be addicting to read whether or not you're in the dating pool.

Cyber-Dating Expert Follow juliespira. This relationship blog gives advice to users of the What's Your Price dating site, which encourages bids for first dates. Ever wanted to know how much a first date is worth? Taking data-driven content to the next level, What's Your Price features riveting dating insight generated by statistics from it's pay-to-date business platform. Agape Match is an award winning matchmaking and date coaching service that caters to busy professionals. This NYC based matchmaking service utilizes their blog to give dating tips to their singles and reviews different locations for the best dating spots.

If you're considering a matchmaking service over an online dating service or just want to know the best date spots in NYC, spend some time at the Agape Match blog. Heartbreak happens, and Laura Yates' blog covers how to get through it with your head held high. The eFlirt Experts excel at ""digital dating"" and have been in the world of online dating since Why eFlirt is a Top Dating Blog: How do you look to the interwebs?

NineGPS streams advice alongside the marketing efforts of its date coaching and matchmaking namesake company. NineGPS founder Karla Moore gives straightforward, to-the-point relationship advice for daters of all ages. Podcasts, editorials and couples' stories provide guidance on how to better your relationships and yourself. Ready for some introspection? This blog doles out nourishing advice to help you develop relationships that are based on good emotional and mental health yours.

With That Being Said Motivated to Marry is a blog for those looking to settle down, featuring plenty of advice on dating, long-term relationships, proposals, and more. Anyone who is feeling the itch to get married will find a lot of great advice on what to do and what not to do to find the perfect partner on this blog. What do women want?

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The Professional Wingman blog is a regular guide for the single man who wants to understand women and how relationships work. Get relationship advice from multiple sources all in one spot, with helpful videos and articles plus wisdom from the Professional Wingman's "elite social strategies. Here's advice for all phases of relationships, whether you're trying to secure a date on Tinder or working to build intimacy with your current partner.

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No need to sift through posts aimed at the other gender - there are two entirely different blogs for both men and women. At last, an ounce of simplicity in the dating game. How to build intimacy by being playful Follow kristileeallain. The Jzoog blog is centered around providing dating tips for Jewish singles, as well as tips for using its online, strictly-vetted dating services.

Why Jzoog is a Top Dating Blog: Give your stalled dating journey a boost with quickie advice and answers to burning dating questions.