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A tattoo machine works basically the same as a doorbell. It moves like a sewing machine, and works by means of an electromagnet. The gun's power comes from the coils. Electric energy alternates between positive and negative charges by means of a capacitor. When this magnetic field is activated, the armature bar moves up and down, which creates a full circuit around the frame.

This circuit then causes the needle to move constantly up and down at a quick pace. The coils are mounted to the bottom of the frame, and above that is a back binding post where the armature bar and the front and back spring are also mounted. Thread the needle through the barrel. Put the pointed end through the back end of the barrel, leaving the looped end toward the back. Load the barrel onto the tattoo machine. Make sure the larger end is the end you attach to the frame.

Attach the loop on the back of the needle to the front edge of the armature bar. This will make the needle move in and out of the tube. Use rubber bands to hold the needle back and keep it tight against the back of the tube.

How to put a Tattoo Machine together

This makes sure the needle does not move around while you work. I definitely prefer these types of PSs.

Getting Started, Setup, and Ready to Tattoo

Do you really need to be an apprentice to become a tattoo artist? That is the lesson for the day. Remember, if you have any questions or comments please post them below and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Talk to you all soon! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Hey i have the same power supply in the picture. What could it mean. I see people write about cycles per second.

But my biggest issue and for the life of me I can't figure it out.. I set the power supply unit at 6. If you have the correct V set on your power supply and your machine is tuned correctly you shouldn't have much hassle tattooing. The only thing I stress about is how to keep the ink in the tip?

If anyone can give me any pointers that'd be great thanks. I'm using a Top Quality double output power supply Friends Here you can find how to make tattoos. But while in Italian very soon we will do our courses in English so sign up to be at the center of events. Soooo I decided to upgrade my machines and power supply. I switched from a liner and shader tattoo kit to a custom built set. My new PS has arrived and I decided to fine tune these two Chinese machines while I wait for the others to arrive.

I then decided to try different grams of tension and was tuning my liner. I decided to see how GoT felt. So after I tweaked my machine I set the armature bar back in place and tried to run my machine at 5 volts which it runs just fine on my old PS at 5vlts now when I press on the foot pedal it just moves slightly towards the coils and stops doing anything.

Do you have any ideas what my problem could be. Also, it seems like my needles aren't moving properly no matter what i do. It's either going to fast and hard or the opposite.

Let's Get Started

If someone could help figure out the source of my problems, I would be so grateful. Should the read light be on when u step on the foot pedal or off when u step on the foot pedal? Sorry it took so long to get back at ya, Rotary machines are something different all together to work with, I have seen other guys work with em, but color seems to fall out which tells me it takes practice, and probably the right rotary set up I don't have enough experience to pass on rightfully, but like anything make sure to work on something or someone who wont mind if their is touch up work later.

Hi finding your blog Great , can you use rotary machines for shading or are they best for lining I have a stigma , bizarre rotary machine but also have four dragon hawk coil machines too which would you advise to be the best for begginers. Can you give me a run down on what the speed,duty,amps,volts, and cycles per second should be on liner,shader,color packer,and soft shader? I wonder why this is happening. I read that everywhere but I live in Holland: Hi I just bought a tattoo kit and I put everything together and my power supply will not come on I ordered another on and the same problem why isn't my power supply getting power?

I tattooed my friend but after I wiped off the excess ink only a thin line stayed in the skin, not the thickness I expected it to be? What am I doing wrong. When I step on foot pedal the armature bar snaps down onto coils. Can u tell me why and how to fix this please.

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Me and my boyfriend just bought a kit from amazon and we are very new to this. I was wondering what the best ink is to use for tattoos and I also recently got a tattoo of stars and they have started raising up on the corners and bc of it I have ripped two off on accident. Do you have any advise for me on the ink and my tattoo scabbing?

I can post a pic if you need me to. But I got it done for free in someone's home bc they needed practice and had a add on craigslist. I bought a "tattoo kit" online everything came and works fine but I'm not sure which machine I should be shading with, does it matter?? I wanted to know when using a didital p.

In lining how many voltage or what is right number? Also in shading much higher voltage to lining? LOL my friend each machine has its own particular sound But the other variables are Lots of variables to look at Can you elaborate on the noises a machine make the humming buzzing and loud rrrrrr a machine makes when turning the power supply up I'm guessing the humming is too low and the rrrrrrr king is too high but for lining what is a good buzzing. If you cannot decide from the catalog you have it may be better to shop around on ebay Hope this helps your cause.

Hello, just a quick question; I wanna buy a tattoo machine but in the reference of the package I have to say if I want a ps15 or ps17, I'm really confuse because I don't know what's the difference between: Man it really sounds like a ground issue You will need to keep your foot pedal plugged in and make sure you are pressing it when using the voltmeter If that side tests good as well..

Hey thank for the response so ok yes I have a duel digital display power supply n usually run it around 7. I would check to see if you have any carbon build up on your post and front spring IF you see rust Its rare but not so rare that a capacitor on your tattoo machine blew Same gig check all points that electricity goes through If you think every thing is in order then start in on the power supply If so what do you normally run your power settings at Let me know if this helped Hey so sorry just wondering if my power supply lights up n seems to run fine but none of my guns wont run at all on it n ive used them alot before n had them for a good while n did quite a few tatts with um n there still quit new just haven't used um in a few months, i was just wondering if u could help me out n let me know what could be the problem on that Actually I just fixed it!

Which Power Supply Should You Use?

Thank you for the fast replies and for posting your very helpful lessons!!! Also check your rear spring for too much tension Yeah I've been messing with the contact screw as well as the front spring in order for it to run. My machine won't run if it's under Trust me if your new to this you're gonna probably be like what the hell is he talking about, also what is your power ratio when your running the tattoo machine on your power supply I'm sorry I wasn't very clear haha what I meant was that if I take my foot off the pedal and press on it again it won't turn on again I would have to do that whole contact screw routine.

Hi there Amber, so read through this lesson again, but I will tell you that you need to simply keep your foot pressed on the pedal to keep the machine running I have lessons talking about how to set your machine up from the very beginning. Hi, I wanted to know why my tattoo machine shuts off after I take my foot off the pedal?

To make it turn on again, I keep my foot on the pedal and I screw the contact screw to the end of the front spring until it clicks and I screw it back to the middle of the front spring and it works fine again. What should I do to make my tattoo machine keep on running???

Bob please refer to my other lessons, there is a ton of in formation on that specifically, pics included. I just got my machine and I hook it up and there is no power getting to the machine I am not sure what to do. You may need to check the capacitor that is on the machine, it may be incorrectly soldered or faulty altogether I just bought a new clip cord because my machine was not getting any power but its still not getting enough power to run the machine what else could it be?

Not sure what the electric variances are, but most tattoo shops will run v for their power supplies. So first get me the variances and tell me a few things. As far as lining general rule for outlines is liner bug pin or long taper which ever you prefer and lining should run at 6. Hi I bought a new kit from one of the sites I'm from south africa I have a small problem with shading an lining I'm not sure wat voltage shud I use wen shading an how many needles shud I use an wen out lining I also have a problem with ink not chatching I have to go over my outlines twice in order to get it dark an please help.

Step-By-Step Tips for Tattoo Power Supply Connection

My brother recommended I may like this website. He used to be totally right. This post truly made my day. You can not consider simply how so much time I had spent for this info! Your liner will have a shorter front spring and a bit of a steeper pitch about 45 degree angle or so and your shader will have a longer front spring and the pitch is more shallow, more like 30 degrees I have the same power supply and during the tattoo the voltage deviates back and forth I've tried different cords to make sure that wasn't the problem.

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Also used the gun I was using when this occurred, on a different power supply and it did perfectly. So I bought a setup from my aunt who has been a tattoo artist for about 3 years.

How to Assemble a Tattoo Machine | LEAFtv

We cannot figure out why the machine only clicks. We have tried looking it up and have done everything we can. So we decided to try a different machine, and its having the same problem. When I push the peddle the light comes on, but machine will only click once each time I push the peddle.

Any help would be great. I had the impression that both shader and liner contact points angles had to be at one o'clock,am i wrong??? Sounds like your spring tension is to firm Let me know if this helps or need more information. I bought a tattoo kit. I very excited but I hooked every thing up. When I hear someone say practice paper I am assuming skin. You left out some key components that will help maybe trouble shoot your problem. Hey, I have a question. I bought a set not too long ago, and have started practicing on practice paper, and my bestfriend let me do one on him, but when I did it on skin, everything was tuned correctly, On my power supply I used around 6.

The machines seemed to sound correct and everything was running smoothly. But when I started to do it on his skin, I found it hard to outline the contour line of his tribal piece which took multiple turns to run over every line just to make it stay in his skin. Afterwards, I started shading it in with black, and it took going over each shape roughly 6 or 7 times just to make that stick in his skin.

Now after I was done, he took a shower the next day, and when he wiped it off, the shapes have spots that are not fully colored in, and the lines weren't fully there. What can I do to make nice, solid one sweep lines? And how can I shade better with just normal black, or any color for that matter? Skin textures and how your machine is set up dictate this number. I don't have a specific magic number because many of tattooists use different machines and different power supplies, along with different shading techniques, this does not include ink type, spring tension, what kind of contact point you are using brass, copper, or steel.

Once you have tuned your machine though what ever the voltage number is should be consistent through the tattoo, keeping in mind you should never be running above 7 volts unless you are pushing a massive group of magnums, and if you are just beginning, you will want to stay away from those until you have plenty of experience with a variety of shading techniques.

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Most of this will depend on the size of the rounds and magnums, but ideally yes it should be consistent voltage that you run your machines at. Again if anyone is tuning your machine and your using more that 7 volts, I would be very hesitant on using the equipment. Most professionals will tell you the same thing I am. If you started off cheap then you may have ended up with a bunch of equipment that does not work. It is rare but I have seen it on several occasions. If it were me I would just start from the beginning, set your machines up, as I suggest in the lessons, also check for that carbon build up especially after having run your tattoo machine as you have.

There could be a few problems, and its not always going to be power supply related. Every professional tattooist I have ever met run their machines in the 6. If you are having issues with your machine not running at these lower voltages then it could be related to the gauge of your spring, your contact point, is it brass or metal? Have you checked to make sure the contact point has no carbon build up from running at high voltage? Also if it is a cheaper machine it may only run at those higher voltages but the quality of the tattoo will be hindered.

There are many things to pay attention too. First make sure that your contact points are at the right angles as I suggest in the mini lessons. Your liner will be at one 'o' clock and your shader will be at about three 'o' clock. Liner with a dime width gap and your shader with a nickel width gap. Trust me I asked these same questions and I even doubted the information. Most cases it wont be your power supply that is the problem it will be how your machine is tuned.

Hope this helped, please revisit those lessons they might have more to add. Hey there edge Craog B basically had the same question as you, so follow the instructions I gave him, see what I can do for you guys. Ok if your doing a tattoo and the skin isn't taking the ink very good at all and u gotta go over it a couple times could that be the machine settings or could the needle be set wrong or what could it be I would live some helpful hints on what I'm fling wrong.

Hi there Despina, if your like me and can afford it, buy a new one.