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For over 80 years, Epiphone archtops have been the first-call for musicians looking for timeless sound and classic style in one guitar. During swing's golden age in the s, New York City was the music capitol of the world and it was also the capitol of the archtop guitar world, too.

1959 Gibson Epiphone Emperor - THE GEORGE GRUHN ® GUITAR SHOW

Artisan luthiers and old world craftsmen were plentiful and many instruments from that era are now serious collector's items, including classic Epiphone designs like the Emperor Regent, De Luxe, and Olympia. Epi was determined to make distinguished and great sounding archtops with quality materials that were affordable to working musicians.

He insisted that a great guitar belonged on stage, not on a wall in a glass case. Posted 02 November - Posted 22 November - Posted 13 November - Posted 05 December - Community Forum Software by IP.

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Page 1 of 1 You cannot start a new topic You cannot reply to this topic. There are basically four distinct formats, also called identifiers, in which order serial numbers occur on Epiphone instruments. For Japanese and refurbished models, which are special cases, see bottom.

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Models from and onwards omit the factory ID letter prefix. Pre productions also frequently omit the factory letter codes and appeared as all digits, e.

Epiphone Serial Number (Guitarsite)

There may be no factory designator for some and earlier models. A single digit month of manufacture may occur for some and earlier models.

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Discussion in ' Epiphone Guitars ' started by Paruwi , Aug 11, Epiphone serial-number-information - identification Discussion in ' Epiphone Guitars ' started by Paruwi , Aug 11, Paruwi , Aug 11, Morscherszenasi , vomer , SGResu and 1 other person like this. This serial number system doesn't exactly tell the year - and doesn't tell the month at all.

They were made by Terada and usually have an Orange Epiphone label. The early Japanese blue labels were left over from production at the Kalamazoo factory and were used on Japanese-made instruments until supplies ran out approximately