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More copying, and it was time to move. Her third new partner was a typical vical part of class discussions. He helped her continue to interpret what was happening with the problem and she begin to understand the procedure that was going on. Then he explained his problem.

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She copied it down. The next person sat down. Her partner was persistent. They looked at it for a while then they switched and the partner begin to explain her problem.

Kate Nowak Speed Dating

As they were going through both of them realized what they were confused about on number There was some erasing and clarifying. The new partner arrived. I want to try it.

This continued for three more rotations before the activity was over. The empowerment I saw as this girl went from hopeless to hopeful and in charge of the mathematics that was in front of her was amazing.


What a great story! You should definitely post it on your blog! I really like using their homework problems as the speed dating material! I have a class where they could really benefit from that. You are commenting using your WordPress. It was fun seeing the confidence level increase in solving these problems after a few dating rotations. Posted by Becky Rahm on April 17, in Uncategorized. Does each person have a worksheet and they switch or is it a recording sheet and each kid keeps a notecard that they move with?

I love this idea I just need some more information. You can really do it how you want. I suppose dry erase boards would work too. But the key is the person sitting across from you has the correct answer.

And thanks for reminding me of this. I found this post today! I came up with the same idea last year. We used it at least once with every unit. I wrote the 12 problems on pink index cards and copied them onto blue index cards. I had the cards laminated so I would be ready to reuse this year.

“Speed Dating” Review – Get Them Moving!

I figured out that you can make the other side rotate, also. Kids would hate moving, so they would try to figure out which side would move and strategize their seat. If I had an odd number of students, I would sit across from the solo and work the problem on a sheet of paper. Two awesome things happen with this activity! I usually group high and low. With this activity, the kids get to work with half the class. Some of my high students begin asking each other questions that deepens their understanding. I am, however, going to figure out another name: They move around the room quizzing dating each other on past participles and trade cards if they both get the other person's verb correct.

Integrating Technology and Mathematics

The aim is to date know the meaning and past participle of all of the verbs on the checklist. The materials are pretty basic, just some cards and a check list: And, it was a hit! I heard lots of great practice going on, and the students thought it was fun. It took longer than I expected - the winning speed dater in my first class finished in about 16 minutes.

Speed dating in the math classroom. | Sum Math Madness

I did have the problem in the second class of students checking off verbs they hadn't actually dated at least I suspect that is what was going on when a student said he was done in 8 minutes. I dealt with this by requiring that a student tell me a definition and past participle at random from the list in order to be declared the winner. If the student can't do that correctly, it's back into the dating pool. I also had some students lose interest after about 10 minutes and spend more time chatting than dating verbs.