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Consider your mind blown! Had Chinese for dinner tonight - of course this was my fortune cookie Monster dittowizard February 4, Might be the most honest fortune cookie ever. Well if this isn't the most ominous fortune cookie I've ever gotten. Look at ericdecker87 fortune cookie!!!!

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Oh fortune cookie stop it youre making me blush twitter. I just got this, was like having Chairman Mao whisper in my ear.

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Worst fortune cookie ever. Say it ain't so. Nice try fortune cookie. Its for you DoctorWho. Best fortune cookie, this from my friend also playing now at kencen in Billy Elliiot , Cynthia Darlow: Check out the fortune cookie I just got! If ur ever feeling cheated or ignored just remember there is no fortune in my fortune cookie twitter. Image via iStockphoto , DNY I had a pocketful of my personalized fortune cookies with me when we arrived at the restaurant.

I had arranged earlier for a pedicab to pick us up on the corner and to take us on a tour of Chinatown. We had a great meal, and the waiter brought the fortune cookies with the bill, as usual. But instead of leaving just one cookie, he put a pile of them on her place mat. I suggested she better see what lay in her future, and, fortunately, the 3 personalized messages were in the first 5 cookies she opened.


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