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Do the same process with the former. Connect the Black wire to the other terminal which is also located at the outlet side of the breaker. Then, proceed to connecting the White wire into the neutral bus-bar service. Finally, you can now connect the Green or the bare wire to the grounding block. Install the half-round receiver, which is found on top. This will be colored as Green.

How To Wire A 50 Amp RV Plug: Here Are 5 Quick And Easy Steps

After that, you can now wire the receiver just opposite of the position of the half-round receiver. This terminal screw will be colored White. Finally, connect the Red wire to the Y configuration and to one of the screws of the breaker. In opposite to this, connect the Black wire to the X configuration and to the other screw on the breaker.

Remember that the X and Y configurations are interchangeable. Use a voltage meter in order to test the outlet before starting out in the RV. Correctly place the probes on the receivers, one in the hot receiver and the other one on the neutral receiver.

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The expected reading should be at volts. Interchange the probes with the receiver placement and the same process mentioned above. The reading that you will get should still be at volts. Finally, try placing the probes on both hot receivers. You should expect the reading to be at volts. If you are able to achieve all these things, most especially the readings on the voltage meter, you can already try it on your RV.

Try using some appliances. If all the switches work smoothly, then you are ready to go out on a camping trip with your RV.

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In just 5 easy steps, you can already try to wire up your RV on your own! But before anything else, I would like to re-emphasize some safety precautionary measures that you should keep in mind when you deal with the technicalities of electrical wiring. As you start, make sure that you shut down everything.

You do not want to be electrocuted, so this is a major priority.

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Locate an unused double-pole 50 amp breaker, or install a double-pole 50 amp breaker in a vacant location. Connect the red wire to one terminal on the outlet side of the breaker, and connect the black wire to the other terminal on the outlet side of the breaker. Connect the white wire to neutral bus-bar.

Connect the green or bare wire to the grounding block. The terminal screw will be painted green. Wire the receiver directly below the half-round, which is at six o' clock on a clock face, to neutral, a white wire. The terminal screw will be painted white. Wire the two receivers to either side of the plug, which are at three and nine o' clock on a clock face, to the two hots, a red wire and a black wire. The two hot wires are phased at degrees from each other, which is how twin volt supplies are delivered to the RV rather than one volt supply.

The red and black wires are interchangeable, meaning that it does not matter which hot receiver either wire is connected to. Switch the main breaker back on, and switch on the double-pole breaker serving the new 50 amp outlet. All RVers should be conscious of having a solid connection at the post.

Consider using dielectric grease on the connector when you plug in. Also, pay attention to your power draw, especially for extended periods of time. If you are approaching the capacity of your rig, you could be causing a problem. Jason travels the country full-time with his wife Abigail, and three children in a converted school bus.

Further Understanding Your RV Electrical System

I could accept the rationale of requiring a 30amp surge protector to be applied to the post by the user with a 50amp RV. Ok I can see the why it could be an issue and maybe the campground should advise the camper of this during the time they are making the reservation. I am currently camping at a place I was seasonal for two year but no longer.

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I call and reserve a site and advise them I am a 37 foot class A and need a full hook up site. Did you bother to tell me it was a 30 amp site?