Giving a girl space while dating

While the phrase sounds like the beginning of the end, this is not always the case.

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Sometimes the phrase "I need space" only means she needs space. Perhaps you are too available to her or she feels she has no free time to spend with herself or her friends or family members. No matter the reason, you are ultimately still left to figure out exactly how to give her the space she wants without upsetting her in any way. When something happens, positive or negative, your first reaction may be to call your significant other.

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  • Why Giving Your Girlfriend Space Makes You Better.

Rather than calling, texting or emailing her multiple times a day, write your feelings and reactions in a journal and save your stories to tell her during dinner or on your next long walk. Giving her space may mean just easing up a bit on your contact with her; by not calling her every time something happens, you are giving her a little space. Telling her your stories when you are together keeps her included in your life so she doesn't feel hurt or like she's not included.

Make plans with your friends or family members. This gives her time to herself to enjoy her space while also giving you time to reconnect with the other people in your life. Spending time with others makes you seem less available to her and helps you both appreciate your time together even more.

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  3. How & Why You Must Give The Women You Are Attracted To… Space.
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  7. Talk about how much space she wants. You will know that she wants space if she is getting irritated at your displays of affection, your constant texts and calls, and if she is rarely initiating anything with you. If you are too pushy and she feels smothered she will back away. Many insecure men react to this by being more demanding, more forceful and more clingy. This often happens very early on in a relationship when, if they really like a girl, men have a tendency to become too intense too soon.

    A much better way to react is to ease off. Call her less, meet up less, let her enjoy parts of her life without you and stop thinking your entire life depends on her.

    Give both of you the chance to breathe and evaluate the relationship without being in each other's pocket all the time. It will make you a better person and a better partner.

    How to Give a Girl Space Without Hurting Her

    Otherwise if you push too hard and don't back off, you might see her disappear. A girl will rarely settle into a steady relationship with you if you demonstrate clinginess from the very beginning. Chances are you played it cool at first, but as soon as things got serious and you started to really care about her, the neediness and clinginess kicked in.

    This is because once you care you become afraid of being rejected. Instead of keeping a cool head the fearfulness takes over and you cling on for dear life. The way to get over this is to wake up to the fact that if the relationship ended, after a short period of mourning, you could quite happily live without her, move on and find new love. Take the pressure off by stopping the charade that she is the only woman in the world for you.

    How to Give a Girl Space Without Hurting Her | Dating Tips

    She isn't and while she might be great, the reality is that there are plenty more fish in the sea. By accepting that if she left you your heart wouldn't explode and would be capable of loving again, you make peace with that fact. Once you have made peace with it the need for suffocating clinginess will gradually disappear. Insecurity and clinginess come about because of the flawed mentality that you are half a person and need a significant other in order to "become complete.

    You are a whole and complete person and your happiness is your own responsibility. Being in a relationship is awesome, but your significant other is there to compliment you and make your already awesome life better.

    Your Girlfriend: Space in a Relationship?

    If you would still like to utilize social media, consider unfollowing her while she needs space. You might be feeling a bit down in the dumps because of this new change in your relationship. However, you can counter this negativity through speaking positively and constructively to yourself during this time. Spend time with friends and family. Though it might be a bummer to you that she needs space, use this time to have a little fun. There is no need to sit around and sulk when you have plenty of other people to hang out with.

    Visit your family, go out with friends, and make plans for the future. Though the two of you are taking space, if you are not in an open relationship, or if you did not agree to see other people, then honor her and remain true to her. This space provides you with the perfect amount of new free time to really buckle down on the job.


    Consider taking on some new projects, doing some overtime, or helping out a coworker with an assignment. This is a great way to use this space constructively to improve your craft and career. Plan out your time. If you were spending a lot of time with her before, you may find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands. Take care of yourself.

    4 Reasons Why Giving Your Girlfriend Space Will Make You A Better Partner

    Hit the gym with some friends or go for a run around the block. Get a haircut and maybe even buy some new clothes. Eat healthy and keep your environment neat. Whether it be that new Indian place down the street or riding horses, begin to explore all of your new interests. Developing these outside of your relationship is healthy and will strengthen your dynamic. Reflect on the relationship. Space is not effective unless some reflection is done during the process.